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Agent 8 encountering an ∞-ball

The ∞-ball is a mechanism in Splatoon 3: Side Order.

Guiding a set number of ∞-balls to specific designated locations within Floors is one of the possible randomized objectives to choose from during a Spire of Order climb.


The ∞-ball highly resembles the Octo Expansion's 8-balls in terms of both appearance and gameplay. It is a large off-white plastic sphere, though, unlike the 8-ball, it features an infinity symbol in place of the "8" insignia and slightly hovers above the ground.

∞-balls must be moved towards designated goal points by being shot at with ink or by being pushed by Eight. The designated goal points appear similar to 8-balls' equivalent points, and will magnetically attract the ∞-ball if it is sufficiently close.

Unlike the 8-balls, the ∞-balls cannot fall off the stage under normal circumstances and will respawn if they are forced to fall off. ∞-balls also acquire a temporary inky coating when shot with ink, which coats surfaces that they slide along and damages enemies on contact. Jelleton's attacks can knock away ∞-balls. Battering Lentos will prioritize ∞-balls on sight instead of Agent 8, potentially pushing them in inconvenient directions.



  • Despite not being able to fall off of floors, an ∞-ball can fall off the edge of the floor in the foyer. When it hits the water, it disappears while emitting several golden triangular effects before respawning at its pedestal with similar effects. If the player stands on top of its respawn point before it respawns, it will not respawn until they leave.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ボール
Netherlands Dutch ∞-bal ∞-ball
CanadaFrance French Boules ∞ ∞ balls
Italy Italian Palle ∞ ∞ balls
Russia Russian ∞-шар