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An 8-Ball.

The 8-Ball is a mechanic in the Octo Expansion.


The 8-Ball is a plastic sphere, made to look like an eight billiard ball. It is a black ball with round pink neon on one side and the number eight marked on it.


The 8-Ball is guided through shooting it with ink. When it is shot with ink, it makes a trail of ink. It can also ink elements such as Inkfurlers. It slows down faster on softer surfaces, such as a sponge. There are switches that can be activated by pushing the 8-Ball into it, which are called 8-Ball Switches, similar to Splat-Switches. An 8-Ball goal is like an 8-Ball Switch, except when it is activated, the level is cleared. If a player makes the 8-Ball fall, then they fail the test and have to restart from the last checkpoint.


The 8-balls are used in all of the following stations in the Octo Expansion. Most of them are to guide the 8-Ball to the goal while the others are mini-games. Some other dedicated props may appear.

Level Use of Ball Other Dedicated Props Stoppers
Extra 8-Balls Switch Launcher Bumper Cushion Sponge
A03 B01 Wassup 8-Ball Station Dedicated goal
A08 C03 Bumpin' 8-Ball Station Dedicated goal
B07 Fly 8-Ball Station Movable launchers to hit bumpers
B11 Tubular 8-Ball Station Dedicated goal
C07 Totally 8-Ball Station Clear bumpers to reveal launchpad to standard goal 2
C09 Bodacious 8-Ball Station Dedicated goal
D05 All That 8-Ball Station Billiards-like game to hit switches 2
E04 Heinous 8-Ball Station Dedicated goal
E06 Swass 8-Ball Station Bingo game to make a line of 3 3
G09 Wack 8-Ball Station Dedicated goal

Unreleased ranked mode

Datamining revealed that an 8-Ball Ranked Battle mode was in development.[Citation needed] This mode would have included an 8-Ball at the center of the stage and the players would have had to guide it to the other team's goal.



  • The 8-Ball station subtitles are references to the sayings on real-life Magic 8-Balls.

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