Abracadabra Station

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C10: McFly Station
Deepsea Metro Line C
C12: Matchmaker Station

Template:InfoboxMission/OctoExpansion Abracadabra Station is a test in Splatoon 2's paid downloadable content, the Octo Expansion. This station is unlocked after clearing either McFly Station or Matchmaker Station.


The player must clear either C10 McFly Station or F07C12 Matchmaker Station to access this test. The shortest way to access this station is to clear F07C12 Matchmaker Station.


Abracadabra Station Stats
Area Enemies Armor Main Weapon Special Weapon Sub Weapon
Checkpoint 1 1x Sanitized Octotrooper N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 2 3x Sanitized Octocopters
1x Sanitized Octocommander
1x Sanitized Octotrooper
Checkpoint 3 5x Sanitized Blobby Octocopters N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 4 5x Sanitized Octotrooper N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 5 2x Sanitized Octotrooper
1x Sanitized Octosniper
1x Sanitized Blobby Octocopter
Checkpoint 6 3x Sanitized Octotrooper
6x Sanitized Octocopters
Final Checkpoint 1x Sanitized Octosniper N/A N/A N/A N/A

Checkpoint 1

When the player begins the stage, they find themselves on a small platform looking at another platform divided by an Invisible platform. When they ink it and reach the other side, they have to use two non-parallel moving invisible platforms, and a stationary one on the left, to get to the other side. After the player reaches the other side, an Octotrooper spawns which does not notice Agent 8 because of an invisible block blocking the path. Climb over it and either splat or ignore the Octarian to reach the second checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2

To the right, there is an invisible platform that connects to a regular platform. Walking upon it causes two Octocopters and one Octocommander to spawn, with the latter being out of reach. Follow an invisible platform that curves to the left with a ride rail that loops around the Octocommander. If the player decides to loop around, six balloons and a Squid Ring spawn, which can be splatted and collected on the way. To make progress, the player has to reveal an invisible platform and jump off the rail. When they land, an Octocopter and an Octotrooper spawn, which the player can splat while going across three non-parallel moving invisible platforms and two stationary ones to reach the Octocommander. Splatting this Octarian spawns a Launchpad which launches Agent 8 to the third checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3

The path in front is invisible with only some crates "floating" in midair. Shooting in this direction reveals an invisible wall, but also makes five Octotroopers, which are located further ahead, notice Agent 8. Climb the wall to find a small platform and non-parallel moving invisible platforms that connect the other side, which might already be partially revealed by the aforementioned Octotroopers. Crossing these slightly sloped platforms activates the fourth checkpoint.

Checkpoint 4

The player can look down to see three balloons floating around which cannot be splatted because of an invisible platform. Follow the platform, fall down onto another platform, and turn around to splat the balloons from that side. Going ahead makes three Octotroopers spawn on invisible platforms with one Octarian hiding behind an invisible wall. Hitching a ride on a vertical moving platform spawns another two Octotroopers. After climbing the aforementioned invisible wall, the player encounters the last spawned Octarian and the fifth checkpoint on the right. If the player wants, they can turn around to splat the hiding Octotrooper as well.

Checkpoint 5

Moving down a sloped platform to yet another invisible platform has the player hitting the nearby Ink Switch to make the invisible platform move to the right and another one, with an Octotrooper riding it, to the left. When the player rides the first platform to the right, they encounter an Octosniper which makes trying to ink the invisible wall to the left difficult if they do not splat it. The player has to swim along the wall, with Power Eggs for collecting, to the other side and use Ink Switches to move the aforementioned platform. Hop onto another invisible platform to reach an invisible wall with a ride rail on top that leads to the sixth checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6

From here the player has to use Ink Switches which move invisible platforms in position. Certain platforms have Balloon Fish on them which upon inking, explode and leave the Ink Switches spinning for a long time. Reaching the first next platform makes three Octocopters and one Octotroopers spawn, and behind them is another platform that the player needs to reach. Use another Ink Switch to move the invisible platforms into position and when reaching the second next platform, three Octocopters spawn. Splat them and ride towards two Octotroopers on another invisible platform. Taking cover behind a wall activates the seventh and final checkpoint.

Final Checkpoint

When the player reaches a grated walkway, Agent 8 is immediately targeted and shot at by an Octosniper. Get to the goal by hitting an Ink Switch to the right to move an invisible platform with three Power Eggs. Reach the other side and ink another Ink Switch which moves a stair-like invisible platform, and use the Balloon Fish on top to ink them and splat the Octosniper so the player can, finally, reach the goal.



Mem cake

File:S2 Mem Cake Goldie.png
Each glittered scale shines so bright.
You're my last ditch to strike it rich
And tilt my bank balance aright.

Completing this test awards the player with the Goldie mem cake.

Enemies and mechanics

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Previously introduced


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File:S2 Icon C.Q. Cumber 2.png C.Q. Cumber 's Quotes

Please beware of invisible objects.
Beware of invisible walls also.
Stay calm and don't get flustered. Slow and steady is the key.

File:S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish.png Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

Shoot and shoot until you can see the path forward!
Launchpad confirmed!
Goal confirmed!

File:S2 Icon Marina 2.png Marina's Quotes

You can't see the ground here, so take it slow and ink as you go!
Hey—a ride rail!
They get along so well...

File:S2 Icon Pearl 2.png Pearl's Quotes

Huh?! What is this?
That's a rule of the battlefield!
Let's GO!



  • The subtitle is a reference to the phrase "now you see me/it, now you don't" which dates back at least as far as the 1960s.
    • Much like the subtitle, the title is also a phrase used by magicians, befitting the stage's gimmick of invisible platforms.
    • "Abracadabra" might also be referencing the song with the same name by Steve Miller Band, released in 1982.
  • The Japanese title's "Shakai-no-mado" (社会の窓; literally "Window of society") is slang for "zipper of the pants".
  • Shinkai 6500, the submarine that inspired the design of the Autobomb, can be seen floating in the background of this mission.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 道を切り開け! ファスナーは閉じろ!
道を探しながら ゴールせよ!

Michi o kirihirake! Fasunā wa tojiro!
Shakyi nomado ai teiryū
Michi o sagashinagara gōru seyo!
Clear the path! Close the zipper!
Find the path, and goal!
Netherlands Dutch Houd je inkt op de baan
Luchtbruggen bouwen
Zoek het pad dat naar het doel leidt!
Keep your ink on the course[note 1]
Build sky bridges[note 2]
Search for the path that leads to the goal!
CanadaFrance French Attention où tu mets les pieds !
Cité Patabulle
Trouve le chemin vers l'arrivée !
Careful where you put your feet!
Bubblepaste City
Find the way to the end!
Germany German Den Weg finden ist das Ziel!
Villa Obskuro
Finde den Weg, der zum Ziel führt!
Finding the way is the goal!
Obscuro Mansion[note 3]
Find the way that leads to the goal!
Italy Italian C'è sempre una strada!
Fermata Celata
Cerca il sentiero che conduce al traguardo!
There's always a way!
Hidden Stop
Find the path that leads to the goal!
Russia Russian ...Не верь глазам своим!
Найди путь к цели!

...Ne ver' glazam svoim!
Naydi put' k tseli!
...Don't trust your eyes!
Bathyscaphe Town Station
Find the way to the goal!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Más allá de lo evidente
Pulpos Cósmicos
Localiza el camino hasta la meta.
Beyond the obvious
Cosmic Octopuses
Locate the path to the goal.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Las apariencias engañan
Villa Pomposa
Localiza el camino hasta la meta.
Looks are deceiving
Pompous Villa
Locate the path to the goal.

Translation notes

  1. Possibly comes from "dat is van de baan", a Dutch expression meaning "it is off the table".
  2. Comes from "luchtkastelen bouwen", an idiom known in English as "building castles in the sky", and "bruggen" (bridges).
  3. "Obscuro" likely comes from the adjective "obskur", which means "obscure".