Acid Hues

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Acid Hues
Artist Off the Hook
Vocals Rina Itou
Alice Peralta
Pearl (in-game)
Marina (in-game)
Game Splatoon 2
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Heard in
Splatoon 2
Splatfest Regular Battles
Squid Beatz 2
Album Splatune 2
Track list no. 4 (Splatune 2)
14 (Octotune)
4 (First live, Octotune)
Genre Pop
BPM 146
Key signature C Minor
E♭ major
Length 3:15
3:38 (Splatune 2 and Octotune)
Audio file

Acid Hues is a song performed by Off the Hook.


Acid Hues is an electronic pop song, with both singers trading lines back and forth over a frantic yet energetic beat. It was one of three songs that had a chance of playing during Splatfest Regular Battles (more specifically, the "Splatfest match" version described below). It can also be heard in Squid Beatz 2 after hearing it in a Splatfest at least once, though this requirement has been removed as of Version 5.2.0.

See also: Acid Hues

The song is also featured in the soundtrack for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and by default, it has a chance of playing on Moray Towers, where a special Splatfest version of the stage is used if played. In World of Light, it can be heard in the sub-world Power Plant. It can also be heard in the Sounds section in the Vault menu. In Splatoon 3, the song can be heard in the jukebox as of Version 7.0.0 if the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass has been downloaded.


The booklet included with Splatune 2 gives the official lyrics for Acid Hues. The lyrics are nonsensical; the Japanese hiragana and katakana simply give the pronunciation. According to a Famitsu interview,[1] the former is used to indicate Pearl's lyrics in Inkling language, whereas the latter is used to indicate Marina's lyrics in Octarian language.

Japanese version

ラキノ ラキノ ラキノヨ リビッリビッタサネ
しゃらみ しゃらみ しゃらみよ みがったのにそう
ウィザロ ウィザロ ウィザロネ ディラッディラッタパンケ

マワディ ルワリ ジャルナシャデ
みわた よはら うぃにせらめ

ガイナパティ メドゥチ
ダスタニラチャ ワクタモナサ

しわか ちゃろた にめらやそ
ミケロ ヘジェロ ユナコラソ

いぇろうなめ れわか
ダスタニラチャ ダスタニラチャ

ちゃす ちゃす ぱす
ぱす ぷらす いどんていこ
ちぇみこり でぃげのんのん
しざみな らたとぅや ばらねらのねのと
さいふぁい ざつげろん

ぱす ぷらす よけんど
ならうぃ ならうぃ ならうぃじゃ でぃぎんなとぅりそそ
みらに みらに みらによ
さいふぁい ざつげろんと ふぁいないばい

Romaji version

Rakino rakino rakinoyo ribirribittasane
Sharami sharami sharamiyo migattanonisou
Wizaro wizaro wizarone diraddirattapanke

Mawadi ruwari jarunashade
Miwata yohara winiserame

Gainapati meduchi
Dastaniracha wakutamonasa

Shiwaka charota nimerayaso
Mikero hejero yunakoraso

Yerouname rewaka
Dastaniracha dastaniracha

Chas chas pas
Pas pras idonteiko
Chemikori digenonnon
Shizamina ratatuya baraneranonenoto
Saifai zatsugeron

Pas pras yokendo
Narawi narawi narawija diginnaturisoso
Mirani mirani miraniyo
Saifai zatsugeronto fainaibai

Other versions

Acid Hues (Splatfest match)

During Splatfest matches, the version that plays removes a portion of the vocals from the verse after the song's two-minute mark, presumably to ensure a better transition to Now or Never! at the match's one-minute mark. Therefore, most of the changes can never be heard in-game.

Acid Hues (Live)

During live performances, an extended version of Acid Hues is used. Although each performance is different due to the live bands, they retain the same strong structure. The main difference from the regular version is a new rap verse by Pearl, along with a definite ending to the song. A recording of this version from their first live concert at Haicalive at Tokaigi 2018 can be found in Octotune.

At Tentalive at Tokaigi 2019 and Haicalive Kyoto Mix, the song is shortened and a different ending is used to segue into Color Pulse.

Remixes and covers

Origin of Order

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Origin of Order
Game Splatoon 3 (Side Order only)
Heard in
Splatoon 3
The cutscene when Marina explains the Memverse
BPM 108
Length 0:53 (before looping)
Audio file

A remix of Acid Hues plays in Splatoon 3: Side Order when Marina explains the Memverse to Pearl and Agent 8 after the first climb of Spire of Order. This remix is simpler with much less instruments and an instrument replacing Pearl's voice.

This song was first heard in the overview trailer for Side Order.


Acid refers to Acid music, which Off the Hook's music has influences of. Hues likely refers to the colors of ink seen during Turf Wars.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese リップル・リフレイン
rippuru rifurein
Ripple Refrain

Origin of Order
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Oorsprong van Orde Origin of Order
CanadaFrance French Origine de l'Ordre Origin of Order
Russia Russian «Рождение Порядка»
«Rozhdenie Poryadka»
«Birth of Order»
South Korea Korean 질서 세계의 비밀
Jilseo Segyeui Bimil
Secret of Order World


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