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Challenge mode is a new event mode which will be added in Sizzle Season 2023. Officially a replacement for Splatoon 2's League Battle,[1] Challenges are limited-time competitions of standard modes with unique in-match conditions. They can be played solo or with a team, and feature a two-hour ranked play window similar to League Battle, but unlike League Battle's constant rotations, the windows only occur at a few specific times during a season. The monthly event battles that appeared in Splatoon 2's League Battle mode were confirmed to return as Challenges.[Citation needed]

List of Challenges

Upcoming Challenges

New Season Challenge
Modes Turf War
Description Compete on a perfect level playing field - everyone will be trying out a new stage together!
  • Develop stage-specific strategies and tactics in real time.
  • Only primary gear abilities will be enabled in Turf War battles.
    Secondary gear abilities will have no effect!
  • There will be no limits on gear abilities in Anarchy Battle mode!
Additional details Only the new stages (Barnacle & Dime and Humpback Pump Track) will appear in Turf War rotations
Announced 17 May 2023
Introduced Sizzle Season 2023
Too Many Trizookas
Modes Tower Control
Stages Museum d'Alfonsino and Humpback Pump Track
Description It appears that only weapons with Trizooka are available, and the special gauge seems to fill automatically, allowing players to use the Trizooka "almost endlessly".[1]
Announced 31 May 2023[2]
Introduced Sizzle Season 2023

Previewed Challenges

Three types of Challenges with unique conditions were revealed as part of the Sizzle Season 2023 announcement: "Too Many Trizookas!", "Foggy Notion", and "Extreme Jump Battle".

Foggy Notion
Modes Turf War
Special Effects Fog appears on the stage, greatly reducing visibility.
Introduced Sizzle Season 2023
Extreme Jump Battle
Modes Tower Control
Special Effects Players jump much higher than usual, allowing them to traverse parts of the stage they would not normally be able to.
Introduced Sizzle Season 2023
Monthly Event Battles
Modes Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker, Clam Blitz
Special Effects Top 3 teams and the 100th ranked team will be published on the @SplatoonJP Twitter account
Introduced Sizzle Season 2023


Ballistics aside, we have an update about the League Battle feature from Splatoon 2. A similar feature is coming in Sizzle Season with a new name - Challenges! These are an exciting new way to battle with special rules for a limited time, and you can join solo or with friends.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]
A new mode - Challenge - is coming to #Splatoon3 in Sizzle Season 2023! Look forward to monthly challenges and events with special rules. Test your Turf War talent on a brand new stage in the first event, taking place 03/06!
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[3]


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese イベントマッチ
Ibento Matchi
Event match
Netherlands Dutch Eventgevecht Event battle
France French (NOE) Matchs Challenge Challenge Match
Germany German Event-Kampf Event battle
Italy Italian Partita evento Event match
Russia Russian Бой-событие
Event battle
SpainMexico Spanish Combate evento Event battle
China Chinese (Simplified) 活动比赛
huódòng bǐsài
Event match
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 活動比賽
huódòng bǐsài (Mandarin)
wut6 dung6 bei2 coi3 (Cantonese)
Event match
South Korea Korean 이번트 매치
Ibeonteu maechi
Event match

Too Many Trizookas!
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ウルトラショット祭り
Urutora shotto matsuri
Trizooka festival
Netherlands Dutch Trizooka-trammelant Trizooka fuss
France French (NOE) Lance-rafales pour tout le monde ! Trizooka for everyone!
Germany German Trizookaracho From Trizooka and Karacho (to crash into something with full throttle)
Italy Italian Troppi ultraturbinator! Too many Trizookas!
Russia Russian «Трезубец» изобилия!
«Trezubeta» izobiliya!
«Trident» of plenty![a]
SpainMexico Spanish Certamen del tintazuca triple Trizooka contest
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 終極發射狂歡祭
zhōngjí fāshè kuánghuān jì (Mandarin)
zung1 gik6 faat3 se6 kwong4 fun1 zai3 (Cantonese)
Trizooka carnival
South Korea Korean 울트라 샷 축제
Ulteula syas chugje
Trizooka festival

Foggy Notion
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 霧の中の戦い
Kiri no naka no tatakai
Battle in the fog
Netherlands Dutch De mist in [go] into the mist [b]
France French (NOE) Bisbille dan la brume Quarrel in the fog
Germany German Trübe Sicht Cloudy Vision
Italy Italian Nebbia a volontà All-you-can-fog
SpainMexico Spanish Refriega nebulosa Misty skirmish
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 迷霧之戰
míwù zhī zhàn (Mandarin)
mai4 mou6 zi1 zin3 (Cantonese)
Misty battle
South Korea Korean 안개 속의 전투
Angae sog-ui jeontu
Battle in the fog

Extreme Jump Battle
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ハイジャンプバトル
Hai-janpu batoru
High-jump battle
Netherlands Dutch Op springen Jump on [c]
France French (NOE) Une victoire, et que ça saute One win, and make it quick [d]
Germany German Sprunglaubliche Sätze From Sprung (to jump), unglaublich (incredible) and Sätze (leaps)
Italy Italian Salto estremo Extreme jump
SpainMexico Spanish A saltos al asalto Leaping assault
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 沖天跳躍對戰
chōngtiān tiàoyuè duìzhàn (Mandarin)
cung1 tin1 tiu3 joek3 deoi3 zin3 (Cantonese)
Soaring jump battle
South Korea Korean 하이 점프
Hai jeompeu
High jump

Translation notes

  1. From гранатомет «Трезубец» granatomyot «Trezubets» ("grenade launcher «Trident»", the Russian name of Trizooka) and рог изобилия rog izobiliya ("horn of plenty").
  2. From de mist ingaan ("to go wrong")
  3. From op springen staan ("to be about to explode/burst") and opspringen ("to jump up")
  4. Literally: "[...], and make it jump"