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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
The European Championship of Splatoon

The European Championship of Splatoon

Organizer Njok
Type Online
Location Squidboards
Format Round Robin
Modes Splat Zones
Tower Control
Date 4 March 2016
Winner Team USA 1

Messtival! presents: The European Championship of Splatoon (EUCOS) was a Splatoon online tournament held on March 4th, 2016.[1] A smaller scale Messtival! tournament, the event featured 10 predetermined teams from several countries made up together of different members of the competitive Splatoon community. As stated by its title, the tournament was mainly composed of European countries, however, two teams from the United States and one from Canada were invited to compete in the championship.

It was the fifth tournament in the Messtival! tournament series.


The standings for the event are as follows:[2][3]

Place Team
1st Team USA 1
2nd Team Finland
3rd Team France
Team United Kingdom

Most Valuable Player

The tournament introduced a Most Valuable Player (MVP) point system.[4]

Place Player Points
1st fuzzy (Team USA 1) 330
2nd DUDE (Team United Kingdom) 170
3rd Tim (Team USA 1) 155


Teams were divided into two groups (GROUP A and GROUP B).


Team USA1 Team Finland Team Germany Team Netherlands Team Spain
fuzzy (Captain) Sendou (Captain) Katsuie (Captain) Riolu (Captain) Ergodyne (Captain)
DTM Loota Echo Brian DarmanInigo
EvulSoldier Nico D Hunter Burnburn J0rd1
rezb1t Nikey Kagutso Mae Paul
Tim Samura1man Savage Nktn:3 VanDerTT
WALKMAN04 Vallu Shadow SchismSeed Wolfenus


Team United Kingdom Team France Team USA 2 Team Italy Team Canada
DUDE (Captain) Kiver (Captain) Pixel (Captain) Kirito (Captain) DaBoss (Captain)
Dragonuto Agito 2dos ArtiglioVR CryptikSpoon
Druid Andy マナベ hero CzarDB
Horsebot3k Sorin Dog Face iNeMeZz Pinna
James Twarz Jeff Rael Oakcapy
L-3(D)onut Zolairx Toufфl Shining ult