Easy Ride, Tricky Targets

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04-07: Charge Now, Splat Later
Return of the Mammalians missions
04-09: Flying Worst Class

Easy Ride, Tricky Targets
Destroy the targets and reach the goal.
RotM Easy Ride, Tricky Targets Spawn.jpg
Site Landfill Dreamland
Fee Power Egg Alternas 30
Lives 3

S3 Weapon Main Jet Squelcher 2D Current.pngS3 Weapon Sub Burst Bomb Flat.png

S3 Weapon Main Rapid Blaster Pro 2D Current.pngS3 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb Flat.png
 Try this! 

S3 Weapon Main Hydra Splatling 2D Current.pngS3 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb Flat.png
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 1500 Power Egg Alternas 1600 Power Egg Alternas 1700
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 500 Power Egg Alternas 600 Power Egg Alternas 700
Music Ride or Fry
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Easy Ride, Tricky Targets
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Easy Ride, Tricky Targets is the 38th level in Splatoon 3's story mode, Return of the Mammalians.


In this mission, the player must ride a series of ride rails while popping target balloons. Each ride rail will only appear if the player successfully pops every balloon. Otherwise, they will fall into the water.

Enemies and Mechanics

Previously Introduced



File:S3 Icon Callie.png Agent 1's Quotes

Hope you like splatting targets, Agent 3!
Those bombs pack a punch when they pop, so they can trigger all kinds of stuff!
— Using Jet Squelcher
Try to keep this up in the second half!
Nicely done, Agent 3!
— When hitting the targets fast enough

File:S3 Icon Marie.png Agent 2's Quotes

Ooo, a ride rail. I like those because they move automatically.
Toss a Burst Bomb with !
— Using Jet Squelcher
That's it! Keep going!
Big finish coming up! I can feel it!
That was impressive!
You'll get yours sooner or later, targets...
— When a target is missed

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 見つけた。「駅直結」という未来への近道。

Mitsuketa. "Eki chokketsu" toiu mirai e no chikamichi.
Mato o kowashite gōru shimashō
Found, a shortcut to the future - "being directly connected to the station".
Destroy the target and reach the end.
Netherlands Dutch Surfend surveilleren
Vernietig alle doelwitten!
Surfing supervising
Destroy all targets!
CanadaFrance French Fil d'enfer et ballons gonflants
Fais éclater toutes les cibles et atteins l'arrivée.
Hellish wire and inflating balloons
Break all the targets and reach the end.
Germany German Schützenfest in Supertempo!
Zerstöre alle Zielballons und erreiche das Ziel!
Shooting festival at full speed!
Destroy all the target balloons and reach the goal!
Russia Russian Легкая прогулка с трудными мишенями
Поразите мишени и доберитесь до цели.

Lyogkaya progulka s trudnymi mishenyami
Porazite vse misheni i doperites' do tseli.
Easy walk with difficult targets
Hit the targets and reach the goal.
SpainMexico Spanish Tiro al blanco ferroviaro
Alcanza la meta eliminando blancos.
Railway target throwing
Reach the goal by eliminating targets.
China Chinese (Simplified) 找到了,通往未来的捷径——"直通车站"。

Zhǎodào le, tōngwǎng wèilái de jiéjìng - "Zhítōng chēzhàn".
Pòhuài biāobǎ bìng dǐdá zhōngdiǎn.
Found, a shortcut to the future - "Direct Station".
Destroy the target and reach the end.