Eggstra Work

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Eggstra Work
S3 Icon Eggstra Work.svg
Enjoy a team-building work exercise with friends and coworkers!
Type Online multiplayer mode
Players 2-4
Ranked No
Release Date 15 April 2023 (playable only during event)[1]

Eggstra Work is a special event mode in Splatoon 3. The mode was revealed on social networks on 20 February 2023.[1][2] Similar to Big Runs, Eggstra Work events are limited-time contests where players compete as part of a team to collect the most Golden Eggs in a set scenario of five waves.


Described as a "team-building event", Eggstra Wave shifts follow the same pattern as regular Salmon Run shifts, occurring on regular Salmon Run stages, though players face five waves instead of the typical three.[3] As the scenario is pre-set, the initial hazard level - as well as order and location of Salmonid spawns - are the same for all teams, allowing players to learn and optimize their strategies.

The starting Hazard Level is set to 60%. Therefore, wave 1 always has a quota of ten Golden Eggs. Reaching 1.5× or 2× the quota in a wave increases the Hazard Level for the next wave. The amount the Hazard Level increases depends on the number of players within the current shift.[4]

Number of Players 1.5× Quota 2× Quota
1 player +5% +10%
2 players +10% +20%
3 players +20% +40%
4 players +30% +60%

Prior to Version 4.0.0, Eggstra Work shifts could only be entered alongside members of the player's friends list, or via a Pool. This lead to participants being able to compete in the event without having a full group of four players. Following the update, matchmaking similar to Freelance mode has been implemented to bring each group's member count to four. As such, players are now able to enter the event solo.


The sticker awards from the Eggstra Work event

At the end of the Eggstra Work event, exclusive locker stickers are awarded based on the highest team-wide Golden Egg total the player achieved in any one shift. This score is ranked relative to the high scores of all participating players, with different stickers awarded to players whose high score is in the top 5%, top 20%, or top 50% of scores. All players receive a basic version of the sticker.[3]

Reward High Score Event Dates
Participation The Top 50% The Top 20% The Top 5%
Salmonid sticker S3 Sticker basic Chum sticker.png S3 Sticker bronze Chum sticker.png S3 Sticker silver Chum sticker.png S3 Sticker gold Chum sticker.png 15 to 16 April 2023
122 & Under 123 - 168 169 - 202 203 & Up
Steelhead sticker S3 Sticker basic Steelhead sticker.png S3 Sticker bronze Steelhead sticker.png S3 Sticker silver Steelhead sticker.png S3 Sticker gold Steelhead sticker.png 1 to 2 July 2023
142 & Under 143 - 177 178 - 216 217 & Up

Eggstra Work shifts

Main article: List of Eggstra Work shifts in Splatoon 3


Mandatory update from SRL Corporate! Starting with Fresh Season 2023, Grizzco is pioneering a business initiative called Eggstra Work. It's a team-building event where you and friends try to collect the most Golden Eggs! We suggest you ready yourself to participate in April.

Please allow us to clarify. Each Eggstra Work session will have five waves and share the same job scenario, so it's imperative for you and your coworkers to plan ahead and maximize efficiency. All participants will receive a sticker. Top workers will receive a better sticker.

— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1][3]
A new event - Eggstra Work - is coming to #Splatoon3 in Fresh Season 2023!

Team up with friends and compete for the high score (and in-game prizes) in set Salmon Run scenarios. Look out for the first contest in April!

— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[5]


Badges are available for reaching each tier of high score in any Eggstra Work event.

Image In-game description
S3 Badge Eggstra Work Top 50 Percent.png Top 50% in Eggstra Work!
S3 Badge Eggstra Work Top 20 Percent.png Top 20% in Eggstra Work!
S3 Badge Eggstra Work Top 5 Percent.png Top 5% in Eggstra Work!



  • According to datamining, 914,887 registered accounts participated in the first Eggstra Work shift[6] and 968,546 for the second Eggstra Work shift.[7]


Eggstra Work is a pun on extra work and egg, emphasizing the importance of collecting Golden Eggs in this event.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese バイトチームコンテスト
baito chīmu kontesto
Part-time work team contest [a]
Netherlands Dutch Bedrijfseitje Small company egg[b]
CanadaFrance French Défi œuf sup' Supplementary egg challenge[c]
Germany German Team-Wettkampf Team-Contest
Italy Italian Sfida tra colleghi Challenge among colleagues
Russia Russian Икорный овертайм
Ikornyy overtaym
Caviar overtime
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Recolección extra Extra harvest
Spain Spanish (NOE) Alianza alevínica Golden Eggy alliance
China Chinese (Simplified) 团队打工竞赛
tuánduì dǎgōng jìngsài (Mandarin)
Team Work Competition
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 團隊打工競賽
tuánduì dǎgōng jìngsài (Mandarin)
Team Work Competition
South Korea Korean 아르바이트 팀 콘테스트
aleubaiteu tim konteseuteu
Same as Japanese

Translation notes

  1. In Japanese, "part-time job" is called "arubaito" (from German arbeit) and is generally abbreviated to "baito".
  2. From bedrijfsuitje ("company outing") and diminutive of ei ("egg")
  3. From "heures sup'" ("overtime working") and "oeuf" ("egg"). "Sup'" is the shortened version of "supplémentaire" ("supplementary")