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For the Splatfest, see Get Fit vs. Get Rich.
A player applying a fit to their current loading in the Splatoon 3 Direct

Fits, also referred to as Freshest Fits, are player options in Splatoon 3 found on the equipment screen. Gear, weapon, and control settings can be saved as presets, similar to how amiibo functioned in Splatoon 2.


Players may save up to five configurations of Freshest Fits in game, with amiibo offering more configurations if a player has them. If a player saves a Fit, all equipment on it will automatically update if they receive new Ability chunks, get "scrubbed", or re-rolled with Super Sea Snails. Multiple Fits can share the same equipment and main weapons.

During a Splatfest, equipping an existing Fit will not replace the Splatfest Tee, and any Fit saved will contain the Tee. After the Splatfest ends, the Splatfest Tee will be displayed with Ability Doubler and no filled sub ability slots, rather than showing the abilities it had when the Splatfest ended. Trying to equip the Fit will not replace the player's equipped Clothing, although all other components will work as usual.

Players can also use SplatNet 3 to view and edit all of their Fits. Individual Fits can be shared, with the user obtaining an image with the selected Fit, their Splashtag, and date of sharing.

All current Fits can be saved to amiibo (along with currently equipped gear, Player Settings, and control settings) by scanning the amiibo on the gear selection screen. Rescanning the amiibo will automatically apply the equipped gear, player settings, and control settings stored to the amiibo but will not overwrite your current set of Fits; instead, the five Fits stored to the amiibo will be temporarily added to separate tabs until the gear selection screen is closed.


Fashion Desk is hovering nearby, begging us to mention the Freshest Fits feature. While we, the User Interface dept., would have called it "Gear Saver 1.0" instead[sic] "Freshest Fits," we acknowledge the utility of being able to save your weapon, gear, and camera options as a set.

Now, this is completely outside our domain, but we can confirm that you'll be able to use the SplatNet 3 smartphone app to view and edit your Freshest Fits. Apparently you'll be able to show your favorite "fits" off to friends? We're not sure why, but-

— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1][2]


Names in other languages

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Germany German Lieblings-Styles Favorite-Styles