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27 November 2023

  • curprev 23:4023:40, 27 November 2023Heddy talk contribs 3,477 bytes +34 Adding Tumblr per discussion on Discord. Of course, these are just suggestions, and the point is to use whatever blog platform you like.
  • curprev 20:5020:50, 27 November 2023Trig Jegman talk contribsm 3,443 bytes 0 Protected "Inkipedia:End of Year/2023": lock ([Edit=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite))
  • curprev 20:1820:18, 27 November 2023Trig Jegman talk contribs 3,443 bytes +3,443 Created page with "'''Attention all Inkipedians:''' Thank you all for such a productive 2023, with all of your hard work helping to keep Inkipedia the freshest Splatoon wiki there is. I think I can confidently speak for all of the staff that this has been an excellent year, with ''unparalleled'' coverage of the new seasons, releases, and expanding our coverage on real people, competitive, and tournament spaces. <br> We would, however, like to announce two long-time site functions drawing..."