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This is the Requests for Rights page, used for Requests for Patroller, Requests for Admin, and Requests for Bureaucrat. Make sure you mention which request you are filing for. Please read all relevant sections on this page before requesting rights.

Requests stay active for three weeks, during which voting and discussion take place. Requests can be closed in ten days if there are fifteen unanimous supporting votes or seven days with twenty unanimous supporting votes. Both options to close a vote early will need two supporting votes from higher ranks (for example, a patroller request needs the support of two administrators). After this time passes, a bureaucrat or administrator will act upon the request and archive it. In the event of a rights request not passing, Users must wait 6 months from the closure of their request to apply again.

Users must be autoconfirmed to place a vote.

While voting guides the process of granting rights, the outcome of a rights request is ultimately decided by existing staff. In rare circumstances, bureaucrats and administrators may decide to reject a rights request. For example, if you have ever been blocked as a result of vandalism, your request will probably be rejected.

Patroller application overview

Patrollers are trusted members of the community. In addition to having their edits auto-patrolled, patrollers help combat spam and vandalism. If you believe you have great editing skill and are knowledgeable about dealing with vandalism on Inkipedia, feel free to nominate yourself. If there is another user who you believe should get the position, nominate them. The other user must accept the nomination before it continues to voting. Your request will be carried to an active administrator, who will have the final say.

By becoming a patroller, it means that you will hold responsibilities for helping administrators of the site combat vandalism and helping out new members. Patrollers should be aware many users will look up to them as an example. This position may mean you devote more time to Inkipedia, so be sure to think clearly about it first. Being a patroller is not a privilege; it is a responsibility that is vital in helping the wiki run smoothly.

Please ensure that your experience with Inkipedia is adequate. A user with 1,000 edits may be promoted but a user with only ten will not, as the user with 1,000 edits will have more experience, however, edit numbers are not inherently reflective of edit quality: Edit totals are not the end-all be-all for promotion. Experience with undoing vandalism is certainly a bonus. A potential patroller having autopatrol status is not required but should be seen as heavily influential on their reliability.

Once promoted, if you do not wish to have the responsibilities that come with being a patroller, contact an administrator and they will remove your rights.

Administrator application overview

If you wish to take an administrator role and think you can help out on Inkipedia as an administrator, feel free to nominate yourself. Your request will be voted on by other Inkipedia users. If accepted, the request will be carried to an active bureaucrat, who will have the final say.

Note that, while being an administrator and wielding administrator powers may seem useful and "cool", you should consider whether you will need to be an administrator first. If you are very active on the wiki performing edits like correcting spelling, you will not need administration rank, as such a task can be completed without administrator powers. By becoming an administrator, it means that you will hold responsibilities for cooperating with other administrators of the site and helping out new members. Administrators are also responsible for managing maintenance and determining the direction of the wiki. This job will likely take up a lot of your time, so be sure to think clearly about it first.

Administrator rank is based on your experience with wikis in general, not Splatoon prowess. Administrators do not necessarily need to be familiar with Splatoon. Ensure that your experience with Inkipedia and wiki editing is high enough. A high amount of edits is not indicative of becoming an administrator: A high volume of unrelated Userspace edits and Talk page edits will not be considered the same as regular articles. Administrators should have experience with helping users navigate issues, conflict management, project completion, and/or larger-scale site improvement. Users must also be a member of Inkipedia for at least one year to be eligible for the administrator position.

Bureaucrat application overview

Bureaucrats can currently be promoted in a mutual agreement between current admins and bureaucrat(s). A potential bureaucrat cannot nominate themself: they must be nominated by another administrator or bureaucrat and accept the nomination. Voting will take place only by the administrators and bureaucrats.

Generally, bureaucrat rights are not required for any administrator. Bureaucrat numbers are generally few, as there are not daily changes to extensions or other users' rights.


Filing a request

The only prerequisites are a user account and a basic level of trust among other users, with an emphasis on the latter.


You must be logged in and autoconfirmed to vote. Please always sign your name. Users with warnings or previous blocks may still vote. Users that have been actively blocked will have their votes removed. Users blocked during the application process will also have their rights request immediately closed.

What you cannot do to requests
  • You may not edit other users' votes or comments unless they violate wiki policies or are otherwise disruptive (for example, an unclosed HTML tag).
  • You may not vote with alternate accounts or convince people you know in real life to vote for you, especially if you are the candidate——your request will be immediately closed and you will be blocked in accordance with the blocking policy and the multiple accounts policy.
  • You may not edit these rules or the requirements without prior discussion. Rules should not be changed to favor one particular candidate only.
  • If you want to "take back" what you have said, simply cross it out by inserting <s> and </s> around the text you want to strike out. Please do not remove the text: it is often useful to see what was previously voted.


Please view these before filing a request.

  • You are very devoted to this wiki.
  • You are not unavailable for long periods of time (6+ months) without notifying users.
  • You act responsibly and calmly when vandals or spammers strike, and during disagreements.
  • You do not insult or intimidate rulebreakers, regardless of the severity of their offenses.
  • You respect those who want to improve the wiki and take "assume good faith" into consideration.
  • You are polite and welcoming to new users.
  • You have sufficient knowledge of wiki markup and HTML. CSS or Lua knowledge is also beneficial.
  • You willingly help users who have problems and needs, perhaps to explain coding, choose formatting, or decide between multiple options.

How to vote

Any registered user can vote in patroller and administrator requests or nominations. Only administrators vote for new bureaucrats. Each user may vote once in each request or nomination. To vote, simply add # Reason for voting ~~~~ under the appropriate header. If you have any comments, add them under the comment header.

How to apply

To file a new request or nomination, please create a page at Inkipedia:Requests for Rights/NomineeUserName and fill in NomineeUserName for the user name of the person you are nominating, or your own if you are applying. If this is not the nominee's first request, add the request number to the page title in parenthesis, like Inkipedia:Requests for Rights/NomineeUserName (2). The page should be constructed with:

Detailed explanation of why you are nominating this user/yourself for rights, and the rights requested.

[[Category:Active rights requests]]

Comment suggestions

You are encouraged to comment on the following
  • Does the candidate understand, respect, and obey Inkipedia's policies?
    • Not everyone on the wiki has a squeaky-clean record, but administrator vandals are definitely not acceptable
  • Has the candidate followed the request rules? Voted on other candidates?
  • Would granting higher rights help the wiki?
  • Has the candidate warned vandals?
    • Has the candidate effectively understood the difference between good-faith changes and deliberate vandalism?
    • Has the candidate undone the spam and vandalism caused?
    • Has the candidate alerted existing administrators when necessary?
  • Has the candidate used the {{delete}} or {{move}} templates?
    • Have they used the templates correctly and effectively?
  • Has the candidate been actively editing? Shown devotion? Indicated when they are going away?
    • Are these edits helpful to the wiki's development?
    • We do not expect our admins to be editing 18 hours a day, they do work, eat, and sleep like you do.
  • Is the candidate friendly and willing to help new users?
    • Do they, and can they, help existing users too? Do a lot of our users admire their contributions?
  • Does the candidate have intimate knowledge of wiki coding?
  • Is the candidate capable of proper English, both formal (for serious discussions on important matters) and informal (for helping new users feel welcome)?
    • Are they able to assist in other languages as well?
  • Does the candidate have administration experience on any other wikis?
You are not encouraged to comment on the following
  • The candidate has a nice user page.
    • With the exception of if this demonstrates good wiki coding skills, though template space examples are preferred.
  • The candidate has loads of shop barnsquids!
  • The Wiki does not need another administrator right now (unless there is an entire spree of votes on this subject).
  • The candidate has a good sense of humor.
    • Though, as mentioned above, a friendly attitude is good.
  • The candidate voted against in my Request (so I'm retaliating).
  • "I don't think you can be admin" (Explain why)

Current requests

An up-to-date list can be found on Category:Active rights requests.

Below are all current rights nominations. To vote in a nomination, click the link and enter the following text under the appropriate heading on the page:

# Reason for supporting/opposing ~~~~

Active requests, if any, will appear here.
Active requests: 1

Past requests

All past requests are available here.