Inkjets for Everyone!

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Inkjets for Everyone!
Type Online multiplayer mode, Challenge
Players 8 (4v4)
Ranked Yes
Weapons All with Inkjet
Controllers Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release Date

Inkjets for Everyone! is a Challenge in Splatoon 3. It was first announced during the Drizzle Season 2023 Announcement trailer[1] and will be the tenth available Challenge in Splatoon 3. It was made available to play on 27 September 2023.


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In this Challenge, the only main weapons players are allowed to use are weapons that come with the Inkjet special weapon. If a player tries to play the Challenge with any other weapon, they are given the option to cancel or select an owned weapon that does; all other weapons are grayed out.

During the Challenge, the special gauge fills quickly by itself in addition to it filling by inking turf. When the Challenge is played, only primary abilities will be enabled, so secondary abilities will have no effect.

List of Challenges

Duration Mode Stages Rankings
28 September 2023 at
Splat Zones


Humpback Pump Track
Inkjets for Everyone!/Top 100 (September 2023)

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Inktjets in volle vlucht
Het gevaar komt van boven!
Inkjets in complete flight
The danger comes from above!
Germany German Tintendüser-Donnerei
Alles Bunte kommt von oben!
Inkjet Thunder
All colorful comes from above.[a]
Russia Russian Красколеты в массы!
С красколетом на головокружительных высотах!

Kraskolyoty v massy!
S kraskolyotom na golovokruzhitel'nykh vysotakh!
Inkjets to the masses!
At dizzying heights with Inkjet!

Translation notes

  1. A pun on the expression "alles gute kommt von oben" which means "all good comes from above". It is to be taken ironically, since "above" refers to heaven, where only good exists.