Lemuria Hub

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Lemuria Hub

Lemuria Hub

Added in Sizzle Season 2024
Total area 2,262p
Features Moving platforms
Sponges (TW, SZ, TC)
Inkrails (RM, CB)
Hazards Abyss

Lemuria Hub is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 3, which was added to the game as a part of Sizzle Season 2024 on 1 June 2024. It takes place in a train station. Unlike most stages, it features lateral symmetry.

Splatoon 3




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Lemuria is a hypothesized lost continent that has supposedly sunk into the Indian Ocean. It is referenced in many mythological and supernatural stories and theories. A hub is a term for a central transport station, usually for trains.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese リュウグウターミナル
Ryūgū Tāminaru
Ryūgū Terminal
Netherlands Dutch Lemurië Centraal Lemuria Central [station]
CanadaFrance French Gare Aiguillat Dogfish terminal
Germany German Bahnhof Lemuria Lemuria Train Station
Italy Italian Stazione Lemuria Lemuria Station
Russia Russian Вокзал Лемурия
Vokzal Lemuriya
Lemuria railway terminal
SpainMexico Spanish Terminal Dragón Dragon Terminal[a]
China Chinese (Simplified) 龙宫转运站
lónggōng zhuǎnyùnzhàn
Dragon Palace Transport Interchange
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 龍宮轉運站
lónggōng zhuǎnyùnzhàn (Mandarin)
lung4 gung1 zyun2 wan6 zaam6 (Cantonese)
Dragon Palace Transport Interchange
South Korea Korean 용궁 터미널
yong-gung teomineol
Dragon Palace Terminal

Translation notes

  1. Translated from the Japanese name