List of Octarians

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Name Unit Addition Normal Sanitized Fuzzy
Octotrooper Ground None Splatoon 2 Octotrooper render.jpg Sanitized Octotrooper.jpg RotM render Octotrooper.png
Shielded Octotrooper Ground Shield Shielded Octotrooper1.jpg Sanitized Shield.jpg S3 Tableturf Battle card Shielded Octotrooper.png
Octodiver Ground Diving Mask Octodiver Splatoon 2.jpg Sanitized Octodiver.jpg FuzzyOctodiver.jpg
Blobby Octotrooper Ground Blobby Splatoon 2 Octotrooper variant.png New Sanitized Octotrooper.jpg FuzzyBlobbyOctotrooper.jpg
Blobby Shielded Octotrooper Ground Blobby, Shield Splatoon 2 Shielded Octotrooper variant.png New Sanitized Shield.jpg FuzzyShieldedBlobbyOctotrooper.jpg
Fuzzy Octohopper Ground Hoppy N/A N/A S3 Tableturf Battle card Octohopper.png
Hoppy Octodiver Ground Hoppy Diver N/A N/A HoppyOctodiver.jpg
Twintacle Octotrooper Ground Twintacle Twintacle Octotroopers.jpg Sanitized Twintacle.jpg S3 Tableturf Battle card Twintacle Octotrooper.png
Twintacle Shielded Octotrooper Ground Twintacle, Shield Shielded Octotrooper1.jpg Sanitized Shielded Twin.jpg FuzzyShieldedTwintacleOctotrooper.jpg
Twintacle Octodiver Ground Twintacle, Diving Mask Twintacle Octodiver Splatoon 2.jpg Sanitized Twin Octodiver.jpg FuzzyTwintacleOctodiver.jpg
Twintacle Shielded Octodiver Ground Twintacle, Shield, Diving mask Shielded Octodiver.jpg N/A N/A
Rocket Twintacle Octotrooper Ground Rocket, Twintacle Deluxe twintacle octotrooper2.png Sanitized Deluxe Twin.jpg FuzzyRocketTwintacleOctotrooper.jpg
Rocket Twintacle Shielded Octotrooper Ground Rocket, Twintacle, Shield Deluxe twintacle octotrooper shield.png SanitizedShieldedRocketTwintacleOctotrooper.png FuzzyShieldedRocketTwintacleOctotrooper.jpg
Octoball Ground None Octoball Artwork.jpg Sanitized Octoball.png N/A
Octosniper Ground None OctoSniper.jpg Sanitized Octosniper.jpg S3 Tableturf Battle card Octosniper.png
Octocommander Ground None OC Octocommander Fortress mission icon.png Sanitized Octocommander.jpg S3 Tableturf Battle card Octocommander.png
Octostamp Ground None Octostamp Splatoon 2.jpg Sanitized Octostamp.jpg S3 Tableturf Battle card Octostamp.png
Amped Octostamp Ground Amped N/A N/A S3 Tableturf Battle card Amped Octostamp.png
Octostamp DX Machine DX Octarian tank.jpg Sanitized Octostamp DX.jpg N/A
Octoling Ground None File:Octoling transparent.png Sanitized Octoling Standby.jpg S3 Octoling Rival closeup.jpg
Elite Octoling Ground Elite File:Octoling transparent.png Sanitized Elite Octoling Standby.jpg FuzzyEliteOctoling.png
Tentakook Ground None Tentakook Splatoon 2.jpg Sanitized Tentakook.jpg S3 Tableturf Battle card Tentakook.png
Octohurler Ground None Octohurler front.png Sanitized Octohurler.jpg N/A
Octoballer Ground None OC Secret Bowling Alley mission icon.png Sanitized Octoballer.jpg S3 Tableturf Battle card Octoballer.png
Kingpin Octoballer Ground Kingpin Kingpin Octoballer.jpg N/A N/A
Octocopter Air None File:Octocopter1.png Sanitized Octocopter.jpg S3 Tableturf Battle card Octocopter.png
Rocket Octocopter Air Rocket Deluxe Twintacle Octocopter Render.jpg Sanitized Deluxe Octocopter.jpg FuzzyRocketOctocopter.jpg
Missile Octocopter Air Missile N/A Octo Expansion Missile Octocopter.jpg N/A
Rocket Missile Octocopter Air Rocket, Missile N/A Octo Expansion Speedy Missile Octocopter.jpg N/A
Octobomber Air None File:Octobombert.png Sanitized Octobomber.jpg S3 Tableturf Battle card Octobomber.png
Rocket Octobomber Air Rocket OC Rocket Octobomber Model.png Sanitized Deluxe Octobomber.jpg FuzzyRocketOctobomber.jpg
Octostriker Air None Octostriker Artwork.jpg N/A N/A
Octomissile Air None Octarian missile.jpg OE Sanitized Octomissile Model.png Fuzzy Octomissile.jpg
Octozeppelin Air None Agent 4 pointing at a Octozeppelin.jpg Sanitized Octozeppelin.jpg S3 Tableturf Battle card Octozeppelin.png
Octodisco Air None N/A N/A S3 Tableturf Battle card Octodisco.png
Squee-G Machine None Squee-G Splatoon 2.jpg
Industrial Squee-G Machine Industrial Industrial Squee-G.jpg
Flooder Machine None Active Flooder Artwork.jpg
Octopod Machine None Octopod Splatoon 2.jpg Sanitized Octopod.jpg S3 Tableturf Battle card Octopod.png
Oversized Octopod Machine Oversized N/A N/A S3 Tableturf Battle card Oversized Octopod.png
Octorpedo Machine None Octo Valley Enter the Octobot King Octorpedo render.png Sanitized Octorpedo.png RotM Octorpedo.png
Ink Piston Machine None Ink Piston 02.jpg
Octowasher Machine None Moving Octowasher.png FuzzyOctowasher.jpg N/A
Octoseeker Machine None OC Octoseeker Shakedown mission icon.png Sanitized Octoseeker.jpg N/A
The Octostomp Great Octoweapon None Octo Valley The Mighty Octostomp render.png N/A N/A
The Octonozzle Great Octoweapon None Octo Valley Octonozzle render.png N/A N/A
The Octowhirl Great Octoweapon None Octo Valley Octowhirl render.png N/A N/A
The Octomaw Great Octoweapon None Octo Valley Ravenous Octomaw render.png N/A N/A
Octobot King Great Octoweapon None S DJ Octavio Enter the Octobot King Artwork.png N/A N/A
Octo Oven Octoboss None S2 3D art Octo Oven.png Octo Oven XXL Phase 3.jpg N/A
Octo Samurai Octoboss None Splatoon 2 - Octo Samurai.png Sanitized Octo Samurai Phase 1.jpg N/A
Neo Octostomp Octoboss None Octostomp 5.jpg Octostomp Redux Intro.jpg N/A
Octo Shower Octoboss None Octo Shower HD.jpg Octo Shower Supreme Phase 1.jpg N/A
Octobot King II Octoboss None Octobot King II.jpg N/A N/A
Octobot King L3.Gs Octoboss None Splatoon 3 Octobot L3.Gs.png N/A N/A
The Cold-Blooded Bandit, Shiver None None RotM Shiver boss intro.png N/A N/A