List of chat sessions in Marina's chat room

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"I am bout it bout it, so listen while I [SLANG_NOT_FOUND] you the facts."
This article contains a listing of text taken directly from Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion.
The bulk of the text is informal in nature and features many intentional spelling, grammar, and formatting errors on the part of the creators.
Please make absolutely sure that any changes made accurately reflect the official text.

Marina's chat room in the Octo Expansion contains a series of unlockable chat logs.

The chat logs from all eleven chat sessions are reproduced below.


Session 1

■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has joined the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Hey.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Anyone here yet?
DJ_Hyperfresh > Helloooooooooooo?
■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has joined the chatroom.
MC.Princess > Ayo its Pearl! aka MC Princess, aka The Baroness of Bars, aka MC Foreign Policy
DJ_Hyperfresh > ...
MC.Princess > OH SNAP its Marina
DJ_Hyperfresh > Hey, Pearl...
MC.Princess > aka DJ Hyperfresh
MC.Princess > aka DJ Cold Breakfast, aka The Fuzzy Dazzler, aka DJ Catch-and-Release
■Webmaster■ > CraigCuttlefish has joined the chatroom.
MC.Princess > Bahaha! Dudes screen name is just his first and last name. Gotta love old people lol
DJ_Hyperfresh > Hi, Captain Cuttlefish! Can you see the chatroom okay on your cell phone?
MC.Princess > Hit the caps lock key, cap
DJ_Hyperfresh > It should be the button in the lower left, depending on your phone.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Btw, I was able to hack into the CQ-80, so Agent 8 should be able to see our chat logs.
CraigCuttlefish > Te$+, 1 @M cUtTleF:$h
DJ_Hyperfresh > Agent 8, we'll send you a dump of our latest chat logs every few stages. Keep an eye out!
MC.Princess > Yo cap how did you even type like that? You gotta show me.

Session 2

MC.Princess > Yo I'ma go cop some snacks PEECE
DJ_Hyperfresh > OK, gotcha!
■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has left the chatroom.
CraigCuttlefish > roger dodger
DJ_Hyperfresh > FYI - I've been using the CQ-80s coordinates to gather location data as Agent 8 passes each test.
DJ_Hyperfresh > This place must be deep beneath the surface. It seems to be under the influence of a powerful magnetic force...
DJ_Hyperfresh > Too powerful for conventional models to simulate actually. Based on the numbers I'm seeing, powerful enough to distort spacetime itself!
DJ_Hyperfresh > Captain, have you observed any abnormalities in your surroundings there?
CraigCuttlefish > IM0KoWrU
DJ_Hyperfresh > Uh... Is that supposed to be some kind of secret code? Or did you just butt text me?
CraigCuttlefish > bRiTe aNd bAd
DJ_Hyperfresh > Okay, definitely butt texting.
CraigCuttlefish > H@nGrY4sUsH-E
DJ_Hyperfresh > Riiiiiiight...
DJ_Hyperfresh > Anyway, it's almost like your location is in a different dimension than Inkopolis.
DJ_Hyperfresh > As long as Agent 8 keeps passing tests, we should be able to figure out what's going on.
DJ_Hyperfresh > We'll support you as much as we can, Agent 8. Keep it up!

Session 3

MC.Princess > Yo how do I make the chat window full screen?
DJ_Hyperfresh > Alt-F4
■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has left the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Can't believe that actually worked...
DJ_Hyperfresh > Anyway, nice work passing those tests, Agent 8.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Unfortunately, I haven't discovered anything new since our last chat log, so we're kinda stuck in the mud.
DJ_Hyperfresh > But in the meantime, I was thinking we could get to know each other better by posting pics of ourselves!
DJ_Hyperfresh > Here, I'll go first...
DJ_Hyperfresh > File:Octo Expansion chat session 3 image.png
DJ_Hyperfresh > Whoops. Wrong pic!
CraigCuttlefish > now what do we have here
DJ_Hyperfresh > Uh, it's an old picture of Pearl.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Don't tell her I said this, but Pearl is srsly the coolest.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Aaaaaanyway, back to work. We'll have to save picture sharing for later.

Session 4

■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has joined the chatroom.
MC.Princess > I'm baaack!!!1
CraigCuttlefish > yes you are
MC.Princess > Marina? you here?
CraigCuttlefish > shes in the head
MC.Princess > The head?
MC.Princess > Whatever
MC.Princess > YO why is there a pic of me posted in here?!!!
MC.Princess > Isn't this against the law or something? Some data breach invasion of privacy thing?
MC.Princess > Oooh...we're doin intros. just read that part.
MC.Princess > OK, then it's my turn to post a pic of Marina! BOOM!
MC.Princess > File:Octo Expansion chat session 4 image 1.png
MC.Princess > This is when we first met. Back in the day.
MC.Princess > Here's a bonus one, just cuz
MC.Princess > File:Octo Expansion chat session 4 image 2.png
MC.Princess > HAHAHA! Like "Ay, wake yo sleepy head up!"
■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has joined the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > PEARL!
■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has left the chatroom.

Session 5

DJ_Hyperfresh > Battery's almost dead. I'm gonna go grab my charger.
MC.Princess > Word
■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has left the chatroom.
MC.Princess > Man, there's nuthin to do when it's just me and you here cap...
CraigCuttlefish > what do you mean
MC.Princess > Uuuuugh i'm booored
MC.Princess > But maybe I'll do a lil research on u. See whhat kinda dirt I can dig up.
CraigCuttlefish > i have nothing to hide
MC.Princess > We'll see
MC.Princess > File:Octo Expansion chat session 5 image.png
MC.Princess > The heck is this?
MC.Princess > "The Squidbeak Splatoon, led by Second Lieutenant Cuttlefish, visited grievous losses upon the forces of the enemy during the bitter siege of Arowana Castle."
CraigCuttlefish > that takes me back
MC.Princess > Dang cap. Guess ur the real deal.

Session 6

MC.Princess > Yo what's taking Marina so long?
MC.Princess > That reminds me, we can check in on 8 using our video link, but you can't see us, right cap?
CraigCuttlefish > thats correct
MC.Princess > So you probably can't tell but just between you and me, Marina's kind of a weirdo. She's like freakishly tall and way to smart for her own good
MC.Princess > just the other day she built an entire battle stage all by herself. It had huge floating rocks and everything. Crazy right?
CraigCuttlefish > making rocks float
CraigCuttlefish > thats octo tech
MC.Princess > What do you mean?
CraigCuttlefish > you know. the octarian menace
MC.Princess > You mean those guys who lost the Great Turf War forever ago? We learned about them in school, but like...
MC.Princess > Hold up. You're not sayin Marina is working for the Octarian army. Are you?
CraigCuttlefish > i think you need to see this. its from my top secret octarian dossier

Marina Ida

File:Octo Expansion chat session 6 image.png File:Octo Expansion chat session 6 image 2.png File:Octo Expansion chat session 6 image 3.png

Gen 83 - Octoling combat engineer (whereabouts unknown)


・Age 6: Enrolled in the elementary training program at Slimeskin Garrison.

・Age 9: Skipped multiple grades. Took only advanced courses. Graduated.

・Age 10: Member of Flooder design team (fully automated cleaning weapon).

・Age 13: Joined Slimeskin Garrison. Specialized in improving Great Octoweapons.

・Age 16: Assigned to DJ Octavio's wasabi supply unit. Earned multiple commendations.

・Same year: Went AWOL after coming within audible range of the Calamari Inkantation sung by the New Squidbeak Splatoon. According to witness interviews, she said "This changes everything," before vanishing.

CraigCuttlefish > Marina Ida
MC.Princess > member of Flooder design team?
CraigCuttlefish > those flooders are ruthless splatting machines they did in Agent 3 more times than i can count
MC.Princess > WHAT. Nah, Marina would never design something like that
CraigCuttlefish > its right there in the file
MC.Princess > now that you mention it, Marina IS totally obsessed with machines. And she's definitely the hardest working person i know
CraigCuttlefish > sounds exactly like the octos i fought in the war
MC.Princess > The battle stages she makes involve traps and stuff where you float, and you don't see things like that anywhere else...
CraigCuttlefish > only octarian military has that technology im telling you
MC.Princess > Huh, so Marina is involved with the Octarian military? I just...
MC.Princess > OH SNAP I remember her saying something about the Calamari Inkantation changing her life! and it's right there in the file!
CraigCuttlefish > that song has powers no one can explain no fan of that song is a foe of mine
MC.Princess > Right?! She might have some skeletons in her closet, but who doesn't am i right? Marina is one of the best people i know.
CraigCuttlefish > i guess shes okay for an octo
MC.Princess > I swear, cuttlefish. If you try to splat Marina I WILL CUT A FISH. U GOT THAT?
CraigCuttlefish > i um ok
MC.Princess > Good. Keep your head in the game, 8.

Session 7

■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has joined the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Whew, I'm back. Sorry about that!
MC.Princess > Yo welcome back. Where u been tho?
DJ_Hyperfresh > Sorry, I dozed off at home for a bit...
CraigCuttlefish > welcome back young lady im glad you are here
DJ_Hyperfresh > Uh... What's with him?
MC.Princess > Sorry, squid's outta the bag. He brought out his top secret Octarian file and everything
DJ_Hyperfresh > ...
MC.Princess > That's on me, Marina. I never meant to dig into your past
DJ_Hyperfresh > Um...
MC.Princess > See old dude here used to fight against the Octarians
CraigCuttlefish > no fan of the Inkantation is a foe of mine. i dont see species
MC.Princess > See? everything's totally cool. kinda
DJ_Hyperfresh > ...
CraigCuttlefish > you are so articulate marina
DJ_Hyperfresh > wow
MC.Princess > Sorry... I mean, I always knew you were different, even if we never talked about it. I always know... with the jokes and stuff...
DJ_Hyperfresh > I never knew how to talk to you about it. Do you think...
DJ_Hyperfresh > Do you think I'll still be welcome in Inkopolis? Once everyone knows I'm an Octoling?
MC.Princess > ARE YOU KIDDING? Of course you will! everyone loves you!
DJ_Hyperfresh > Thanks, Pearlie. ;__;
MC.Princess > OK stop it with the waterworks before I change my mind
CraigCuttlefish > agent 8 is also an octarian but also appreciates the inkantation
MC.Princess > It all makes sense now
DJ_Hyperfresh > I could tell right away that Agent 8 had also been touched by the Calamari Inkantation.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Once our souls have been freed, there's no way we can continue to live under the oppression of Octarian society.
MC.Princess > Which is why we all need to work together
DJ_Hyperfresh > Agent 8, if you're reading this, we believe in you. Keep going. We'll do everything in our power to get you out of there.
DJ_Hyperfresh > ;__;
MC.Princess > OK shut it down

Session 8

CraigCuttlefish > ILL BE BACK
MC.Princess > You've got your caps lock key on again, old man
CraigCuttlefish > ill be back
MC.Princess > Aight
■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has joined the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > What's going on, Pearl?
MC.Princess > Just trying to teach an old squid new tricks. Cap here was typing in all caps again
DJ_Hyperfresh > That makes sense. You've got a knack for teaching. ♪
MC.Princess > What do you mean?
CraigCuttlefish > how do I make music notes
MC.Princess > Just click the smiley face to bring up the emoji panel. It's in there somewhere
DJ_Hyperfresh > Haha, remember when we first met, Pearl? I had just come to the surface, and I didn't understand Inkopolis at all. You taught me everything I needed to know.
MC.Princess > LOL yeah. I remember thinking you were some country bumpkin when we first met on Mt. Nantai.
CraigCuttlefish > ♪
DJ_Hyperfresh > I went to Mount Nantai every day for a week, just hoping you would show up again.
MC.Princess > Bahaha yeah, I thought you were a stalker. I remember you singing when I showed up and then out of nowhere you were all like "LET'S START A BAND!"
DJ_Hyperfresh > I just had a feeling about you. I guess it worked out, cause look at us now!
MC.Princess > I mean, that first song you showed me was fire, so I had to say yes
MC.Princess > Actually, I think I still have the file on my desktop. One sec...
MC.Princess > Boom
MC.Princess > Ebb&FlowDemo.frsh
DJ_Hyperfresh > HAHA YES. I haven't heard this in forever. This is the demo version of Ebb & Flow!
CraigCuttlefish > How do I make question marks
MC.Princess > You still here?
MC.Princess > The question mark should be in the bottom right of your keyboard. Knock yourself out
MC.Princess > LOL Marina I just remembered you made that entire demo using that half-busted keyboard you had. But somehow the hook was still dope
DJ_Hyperfresh > Couldn't have done it without you...and that ridiculous recording studio you have in your house. Those old-school drum machines are legit.
CraigCuttlefish > ?
MC.Princess > We're saying we could tell the track was bumpin. Try to keep up cap
DJ_Hyperfresh > I think maybe he's just... Actually, nevermind.
MC.Princess > Sorry about him.
DJ_Hyperfresh > I was shocked the first time I heard you rap. I thought for sure you were gonna be wack tbh, but once you started spittin I was like, "dang, this munchkin got bars."
MC.Princess > Haha shut up. Never underestimate the Pearl. aka MC Reverse Psychology, aka MC Danger Noodle
CraigCuttlefish > ???//?????////??/
MC.Princess > She's the DJ, I'm the rapper is what I'm saying, Cap! What don't you get about this?!
DJ_Hyperfresh > Anyway, I know we talk a lot of smack on the show and all, but I just wanted to say thanks. For everything.

Session 9

CraigCuttlefish > My name is Cuttlefish, but I don't cuddle with fish. My only wish is for a delicious dish.
MC.Princess > Maybe stick that one back in the oven, cap
■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has joined the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Hey! ♪
MC.Princess > Yooo
CraigCuttlefish > Hello there
DJ_Hyperfresh > What are you guys up to?
MC.Princess > Just workshopping some rhymes
MC.Princess > The captain decided he wants to be a rapper, but he's not exactly comin correct with these rhymes yet
CraigCuttlefish > No fan of hip-hop is a foe of mine. I don't see genre.
DJ_Hyperfresh > I know! Let's look at one of Pearl's old verses. Back before she knew anything about meter or rhythm...
DJ_Hyperfresh >

Who need friends on this dark, cold night?

Not this rhymin' soldier—I'm a stark, bold knight!

On a higher level up here, can you feel me?

This Pearl's one of a kind, but my fam knows the real me!

CraigCuttlefish > Ooh this is on fire. You are a sickly rapper Pearl.
MC.Princess > Thanks?
MC.Princess > This is back when I was first comin up, before Marina and I met. I may not have known what I was doing, but I had heart
MC.Princess > Haha, remember this one? It only sold like 1000 AND physical
MC.Princess > rec_bow_down_ball_gig08.mp8
DJ_Hyperfresh > I always liked this one... What's it called again?
MC.Princess > "#$@%* Dudes Be #$@%* Sleepin"
DJ_Hyperfresh > LOL that's right. I remember the stations refused to play it. For obvious reasons.
MC.Princess > But right after that we formed Off the Hook and recorded Ebb & Flow. That song sold like crabby cakes
CraigCuttlefish > Off what hook now?
MC.Princess > You seriously don't know? Geez old man. It's the name of the group me and Marina are in
CraigCuttlefish > Is it fresh?
MC.Princess > is it fresh? Come on my dude
MC.Princess > But furreal tho, the reviews of our first show had me worried for a minute there
DJ_Hyperfresh > Yeah, they described me as "the tall exotic-looking girl standing next to Pearl."
MC.Princess > BAHAHA
MC.Princess > Yeah, after that first show, the few fans I had kinda fell off
MC.Princess > But we won em back eventually.
MC.Princess > Good thing we did, or this Inkopolis News gig never woulda happened
DJ_Hyperfresh > Yeah, luckily our fourth single was a hit, right around the time Callie and Marie decided to move on
MC.Princess > We got really lucky with that Squid Sisters timing
CraigCuttlefish > Squid Sisters?
MC.Princess > Yeah cap, aren't those your grandkids?
MC.Princess > You know...
MC.Princess > File:Octo Expansion chat session 8 image.png
CraigCuttlefish > That reminds me. I should probably check in with them soon.
MC.Princess > They're probs worried about you
DJ_Hyperfresh > I'm sure they're keeping busy. I mean, their solo careers got so big, they outgrew Inkopolis News!
MC.Princess > Yo we've gotta up our networking game for real. We can't do Inkopolis News forever
DJ_Hyperfresh > Well we already have an offer from Humpback Pump Track to shoot a commercial. Once you learn how to ride without training wheels, of course.
MC.Princess > ...

Session 10

■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has joined the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Sup, gurrrrrrrrrrrl.
CraigCuttlefish > Welcome back ♪
MC.Princess > So, I went back to Inkopolis Square to buy some juice, and like
MC.Princess > There's a bunch of Octolings just hanging out!
CraigCuttlefish > The Octarians are upon us
DJ_Hyperfresh > I'm so happy! It's all the Octolings who were reborn when they heard the Calamari Inkantation!
CraigCuttlefish > No fan of the Inkantation is a foe of mine. I don't see species.
MC.Princess > Yeah... anyway, this is amazing!
DJ_Hyperfresh > I'm sure the Octolings will pick up the ins and outs of Inkling culture in no time! And hopefully add some of their own flavor too. ^_^
MC.Princess > YESSSSS I can't wait to hear more Octarian music bumpin thru the city
MC.Princess > You think they'll want in on turf war?
DJ_Hyperfresh > Of course!
MC.Princess > NOICE!!!1!
MC.Princess > Naw cap. It aint like that
MC.Princess > Kids from our generation treat turf war battles like a sport. You know, for fun?
CraigCuttlefish > Is that so? ♪
DJ_Hyperfresh > And it sounds like some of them are already working for Grizzco!
MC.Princess > Dang. Makes sense tho. "The enemy of my enemy" and all that
DJ_Hyperfresh > Except we're not enemies...
MC.Princess > True that. You reading all this, 8? The sooner you get outta there, the sooner we can turf war it up together!

Bonus Track

MC.Princess > I'm still zonked from pulling an all-nighter for the Splatfest... Gonna nap bye
■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has left the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Sorry, me too >__<
CraigCuttlefish > As you wish
DJ_Hyperfresh > C ya
■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has left the chatroom.
CraigCuttlefish > ??♪?♪?♪?☺☺☺☺
■Webmaster■ > Agent 2 has joined the chatroom.
Agent 2 > Huh?
Agent 2 > Hellooo?
CraigCuttlefish > agent two
Agent 2 > Wait... Gramps?!
■Webmaster■ > CraigCuttlefish has left the chatroom.
■Webmaster■ > CraigCuttlefish has joined the chatroom.
Agent 2 > Whoa, Gramps, calm down
Agent 2 > What's the deal with this chatroom? Ew... This isn't like a dating site, is it?
Agent 2 > No, that would be... ew.
Agent 2 > Where are you right now?
Agent 2 > Is Agent 3 with you?
CraigCuttlefish > We're both fine. Just protecting Inkopolis
Agent 2 > I'm so glad you're okay. I haven't heard from you in a while.
Agent 2 > Any idea when you'll be home?
CraigCuttlefish > Not sure
Agent 2 > Should I put dinner together?
CraigCuttlefish > Already ate
Agent 2 > Come on, no you didn't...
Agent 2 > Work's really busy right now, so if you don't come home soon...
CraigCuttlefish > seaweed stew
CraigCuttlefish > that sounds good
Agent 2 > Seaweed stew it is. I'll have it ready for you, k?
Agent 2 > Alright, I'll be at Cuttlefish Cabin whenever you decide to come back. Take care of yourself, Gramps. And stay fresh.
■Webmaster■ > Agent 2 has left the chatroom.

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