List of sound engineers for the Splatoon series

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The following is a list of people who have been sound engineers for the Splatoon series.

Takashi Koiwa

Takashi Koiwa
Born 2 November 1970 (Age 49)
Miyagi, Japan
Real Name Takashi Koiwa
Native Name 小岩孝志 (こいわ たかし)
Gender MaleUser.png Male
First Game Splatoon
Latest Game Splatoon 2
Occupation Recording engineer
Mixing engineer
Role(s) Sound engineer
Current Location Tokyo, Japan

Takashi Koiwa (JP: 小岩孝志 Koiwa Takashi) is a Japanese sound engineer. He works for SIGN SOUND and is involved in the Splatoon series and its associated soundtracks.

Naomi Sassa

Naomi Sassa
Born Unknown
Real Name Naomi Sasa
Native Name 佐々直美 (ささ なおみ)
Gender FemaleUser.png Female
First Game Splatoon
Latest Game Splatoon 2
Occupation Mastering Engineer
Role(s) Mastering engineer for Splatoon and Splatoon 2 soundtracks
Current Location Tokyo, Japan

Naomi Sassa (JP:佐々直美 Sassa Naomi) is a Japanese mastering engineer. She works for Memory-Tech and has worked on multiple Splatoon soundtracks.