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Feb 25 00:00 - Feb 25 02:00 UTC
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15 February 2024

While closing in to the release date of Splatoon 3: Side Order, Fresh Season 2024 is also fast approching. Direct your opponents to their spawn on Marlin Airport with the new Douser Dualies FF, Recycled Brella 24 Mk I or new alternate sets for existing weapons. Fight Salmonids on Bonerattle Arena and celebrate Splatfest with a bang thanks to the new Fizzbang feature. What else may await us? Mark your calendars, because there is only one week between Side Order release and the start of Fresh Season 2024!

24 January 2024

It's been a big day of news in the world of Splatoon! Headlining is, of course, the news that Wave 2 of the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass, Side Order, is going to be released on 22 February 2024! The release date was shown at the end of a new trailer, along with artwork showing some mysterious new characters!

In other news, version 6.1.0 of Splatoon 3 lands tomorrow, 25 January 2024, and brings with it the usual mid-season balance patches plus the long-awaited Mincemeat Metalworks revamp. If that makes you want to dance, then you won't have long to wait, as the Deep Cut live concert scheduled for the now-cancelled Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo will be released for free on YouTube on 10 February 2024!

Finally, in a sad but inevitable update, Nintendo has conformed that online play on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will shut down on 9 April 2024. Let's all use this time to send off the original Splatoon online in style!

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