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S3 Splatfest Logo.svg Splatfest Schedule
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S3 Splatfest Shiver vs. Frye vs. Big Man.png

Shiver vs. Frye vs. Big Man

S3 Icon Big Run.svg Big Run Alert

⚠️ Big Run alert issued! Beware of approaching Salmonids! ⚠️

Sep 2 0:00 2023
2023/09/02 0:00|Salmonids are attacking!|
S3 Stage Um'ami Ruins.png

Um'ami Ruins
Supplied weapons:
S3 Weapon Main Random 2D Current.pngS3 Weapon Main Random 2D Current.pngS3 Weapon Main Random 2D Current.pngS3 Weapon Main Random 2D Current.png
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Dualies 2D Current.png Grizzco Dualies
S3 Decoration gold helicopter.png Top 5% Golden Eggs 156 & up
S3 Decoration silver helicopter.png Top 20% Golden Eggs 131 & up
S3 Decoration bronze helicopter.png Top 50% Golden Eggs 102 & up
S3 Decoration base helicopter.png Bottom 50% Golden Eggs 101 or less
15 September 2023

Have you recovered yet? In case you missed it (and how could you?), yesterday's Nintendo Direct finally lifted the lid on Side Order, the exciting single-player DLC mode from Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass! Now with a fresh new release window of Spring 2024, we've been re-introduced to Agent 8, Pearl, and Inkopolis Square, and discovered mysterious new enemies in the Spire of Order with seemingly roguelike gameplay elements. We're still breaking down all the hidden details and can't wait to find out more!

17 August 2023

Another quarter, another season, and this one is not to be mist! Drizzle Season 2023 has just been announced and brings with it a plethora of new features on 1 September 2023, including the new Dread Wringer and Heavy Edit Splatling weapon types and several new and returning variants, the new Crableg Capital and Shipshape Cargo Co. stages with the return of Salmonid Smokeyard, new music from H2Whoa, gear adjustments, Tableturf Battle cards, new Challenges... we could go on and on.

Of course, all this lands just in time for the first anniversary of Splatoon 3 on 9 September 2023, and we're ready to celebrate! A special birthday Splatfest kicks off on the day itself, and it's a battle of the idols: Shiver vs. Frye vs. Big Man! As if all that wasn't enough, we're also getting a Big Run on 2 September 2023 and Deep Cut amiibo on 17 November 2023 - phew!

We'll likely continue to get fresh updates on all these events and updates in the weeks to come!

3 August 2023

After five months of maintenance, Splatoon's online play resumes. Turn on your Wii U for a belated celebration of Splatoon's 8th anniversary. Get your friends and enjoy the nostalgia trip while turfing on Splatoon's exclusive stages, stroll around Inkopolis Plaza and the shops in Booyah Base to see how much has changed, yet is still the same.

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