Marina's Hacks

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Menu for Marina's Hacks.

Marina's Hacks is a feature/store in Side Order which allows Agent 8 to modify the difficulty of the Spire of Order at the cost of Prlz to help them towards completing a run.

List of Hack costs

The main feature of Marina's Hacks is to provide permanent upgrades that can be toggled on and off freely. Dark cells indicate purchases that cannot be obtained.

Upgrade recipient Upgrade Base Effect Upgrades Unlock
Name Description
Player Max Lives Increases how many Lives you get per run at the Spire. 1 Life 2 Lives 3 Lives 4 Lives 5 Lives 6 Lives Initially
Prlzs 30 Prlzs 90 Prlzs 180 Prlzs 360 Prlzs 500
Damage Reduction Reduces damage taken. x2 x1.5 x1 x0.9 x0.75 x0.5 Initially
Prlzs 30 Prlzs 60 Prlzs 100 Prlzs 200 Prlzs 400
Max Armor Increases the maximum pieces of additional armor you can have at once. +1 Armor +2 Armor +3 Armor +4 Armor Initially
Prlzs 50 Prlzs 100 Prlzs 300
Broken-Armor Jump Automatically launch into the air when all armor is broken. Extra investment increases launch height. Off 1 1.2 1.5 2 Initially
Prlzs 30 Prlzs 60 Prlzs 100 Prlzs 200
Armor Recovery Increases the speed at which broken armor repairs itself. Swimming in ink restores it even faster. 12 seconds 10 seconds 8 seconds 6 seconds 4 seconds After clearing 5F
Prlzs 10 Prlzs 50 Prlzs 100 Prlzs 150
Broken-Armor Speed Increases movement speed when all armor is broken. x0.6 x0.7 x0.8 x0.9 After clearing 15F
Prlzs 30 Prlzs 60 Prlzs 100
Continue Allows you to pay Membux to keep going after losing all your Lives. Off Membuxs 3000 Membuxs 2600 Membuxs 2200 Membuxs 1800 Membuxs 1400 After clearing 20F
Prlzs 50 Prlzs 100 Prlzs 200 Prlzs 300 Prlzs 400
Attack Damage Increase damage dealt to enemies. x1 x1.2 x1.4 x1.6 x1.8 x2 After clearing 30F
Prlzs 150 Prlzs 200 Prlzs 300 Prlzs 500 Prlzs 700
Random Factors Floor Reset Enables you to reset the offered floor types and rewards. Off Membuxs 400 Membuxs 300˜ Membuxs 200˜ Membuxs 100˜ Membuxs 50˜ After clearing 15F
Prlzs 50 Prlzs 80 Prlzs 120 Prlzs 150 Prlzs 200
Double-Chip Rate Increases the chance of getting double chips during floor selection. 5% 7% 9% 11% 13% 15% After clearing 5F
Prlzs 30 Prlzs 50 Prlzs 70 Prlzs 90 Prlzs 150
Color-Chip Bias Your Palette's common color chips will be offered even more frequently. Default Slight Bias (2×/1.5×) High Bias (3×/2×) After clearing 20F
Enabled by default
Prlzs 50
Pearl Drone Drone Action Slots Increases the number of action slots to set color chips for the Pearl Drone.
Note: Hacking is required to set any color chips for the drone other than Drone Killer Wail and Drone Splat Bomb.
1 2 3 4 5 Initially
Prlzs 10 Prlzs 50 Prlzs 150 Prlzs 300
Drone-Gauge Turf Charge Unlocks color chips that increase the drone gauge by inking the ground. Locked Unlocked Initially
Prlzs 30
Drone-Gauge Splat Charge Unlocks color chips that increase the drone gauge by defeating enemies. Locked Unlocked After clearing 15F
Prlzs 30
Drone Ink Mine Unlocks color chips that let the Pearl Drone use Ink Mines. Locked Unlocked Initially
Prlzs 40
Drone Sprinkler Unlocks color chips that let the Pearl Drone spray ink. Locked Unlocked After clearing 5F
Prlzs 40
Drone Burst Bomb Unlocks color chips that let the Pearl Drone use Burst Bombs. Locked Unlocked After clearing 5F
Prlzs 40
Drone Inkstrike Unlocks color chips that let the Pearl Drone use Inkstrikes. Locked Unlocked After clearing 20F
Prlzs 100
Drone Items Unlocks color chips that let the Pearl Drone generate items. Locked Unlocked After clearing 15F
Prlzs 80
Enemies Reveal 10F Boss Learn what boss you'll face on 10F before the fight. Hide Reveal After clearing 10F
Prlzs 30
Reveal 20F Boss Learn what boss you'll face on 20F before the fight. Hide Reveal After clearing 20F
Prlzs 30
Weaken Enemies Enemies on Normal floors up to 10F and Easy floors up to 20F will spawn in a weakened state. Default Weakened After clearing 15F
Prlzs 30
Vending Machines Vending-Machine Discount Gives you a discount on purchases from the vending machine. None 10% Off 20% Off 30% Off 40% Off 50% Off After clearing 25F
Prlzs 30 Prlzs 60 Prlzs 120 Prlzs 200 Prlzs 400
Vending-Machine Reset Allows you to pay Membux to change a vending machine's selection. Off Membuxs 800 Membuxs 600˜ Membuxs 500˜ Membuxs 400˜ Membuxs 200˜ After clearing 20F
Prlzs 10 Prlzs 30 Prlzs 50 Prlzs 70 Prlzs 100
15F Vending Machine Ensures that 15F will always have a vending-machine corner. Random Always After clearing 10F
Prlzs 40
25F Vending Machine Ensures that 25F will always have a vending-machine corner. Random Always After clearing 20F
Prlzs 40
Membux Membux Reward Receive more Membux as a reward for clearing floors. x1 x1.1 x1.2 x1.3 x1.4 x1.5 After clearing 5F
Prlzs 50 Prlzs 80 Prlzs 100 Prlzs 150 Prlzs 300
Prlz Risky Rewards The fewer hacks that are active, the more Prlz you get for clearing the Spire, up to 3x.
However, if you don't clear the Spire, you get nothing.
(Existing hacks can be freely adjusted.)
Off On After clearing 30F
Prlzs 333


Risky Rewards

Once bought and activated, Risky Rewards causes a modifier to be seen when selecting hacks. This starts at x3.0 when no other hacks are installed, and is reduced depending on the number of other hacks installed, down to a minimum of x1.1

At the end of a run with Risky Rewards active, after the points have been tallied, the final score gets modified based on the Risky Rewards modifier when it comes to determining Prlz gained - if the run fails or is given up, the Prlz modifier is instead x0.0 and no Prlz will be awarded.

Retry Run

After failing a run for the first time, Marina will start offering the ability to pay Prlz to retry a run which did not make it to the top, taking the player to the last floor reached on that run. Runs using Eight's Palette can not be selected to be retried. Completing a run continued by this hack will alter the splash on the top left of the victory card to use black ink with a repeating texture of Marina's Hack icon.

Skip Floor

When doing a run with Eight's Palette, a bonus hack which does not affect the number of color chip slots is enabled that allows for a floor to be skipped. The cost to use this depends on the current floor: Membuxs 100 for floors up to 9F, Membuxs 500 for floors between 11F and 19F, and Membuxs 1000 for floors between 21F and 29F. Note that boss floors can't be skipped.


Translation needed
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An update from the World of Order!

Marina provides support to Agent 8's challenges against the Spire of Order with her hacking skills. She can add permanent upgrades, new abilities, & more to 8's attempts! Additional hacks will unlock as you progress up the Spire & spend Prlz.

— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]
The Floor Reset ability is unlocked via Marina's hacking. She uses her keyboard wizardry to change up the next 3 available floors.

Though it costs Membux to activate each time, it's a great way to avoid a difficult level or optimize the color chip reward for your Palette.

— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[2]

USAUnited KingdomEnglish

Hey, Eight, do you have a sec?
I've been running some scans. Somehow, Order jacked
up the threat level in the Spire as far as it'll go.
Why's it gotta go and do that? And what does it
mean for us?
Well, for one thing, the Spire's suddenly higher.
But that's not the worst part.
Run out of lives even once, and you'll get kicked out
of the Spire
. And that'll probably happen, since enemies
hurt more
OK, yeah, I'm seeing some challenges here.
That said... I built the Memverse to begin with. I don't
have to take this sitting down.
Now that I'm outside the Spire, I can hack the system,
overwrite the changes, and lower the difficulty!
Whoa, you can do all that?! Glad to have you back on
OUR side!
Thing is, I'll need PrlzsPrlz to get any hacking done.
But you should have some Prlz already, I think.
There you go! Those Prlz were generated when you
came out of the Spire.
Every time you leave, your color chips and
MembuxsMembux will automatically be converted into Prlz.
So like... we're probably gonna bite it in the Spire, but if
we kick some butt first, we get more Prlz?
And giving Prlz to Marina for hacks to make it easier
will help us next time. Even losing helps us win!
I like this plan!
Here are the settings I've figured out how to hack
so far. Want me to fix anything in your favor?
After the player exits the menu:
Even you'd have a hard time getting to the new top of
the spire, Eight. But my hacks should smooth the way.
That's the best I can do from here. It'll be up to you to
put a stop to Order!
One more thing.
Here, Eight. I have a palettePalette for you.
One of those things color chips go into? Didn't know you
had your own.
Setting this Palette to your drone — I mean, Pearl — will
let you use a new weapon.
I did some research, and this doesn't seem to be the
only other Palette in the Memverse.
My early scans of those lockers over there show signs
of other Palettes inside.
When you saved me, I found myself with some Keykeys
for those lockers. You should have them, Eight.
Oh, but you can't change Palettes while climbing the
. If you want to switch, make sure to press
before getting in the elevator.
Want me do some hacking?
Want to spend some Prlz on that?


  • Vuoi farmi hackerare qualcosa?
(Do you want me to hack something?)
  • Hackeriamo con le perle?
(Shall we hack with the Prlz?)
  • Uhm... Otto, non hai abbastanza perle!
(Um... Eight, you don't have enough Prlz!)


  • Purchasing every hack costs a total of Prlzs 10,353.
  • When entering the menu for Marina's Hacks, she opens up her laptop. If the player is fast enough, after closing the menu they can see that she is running the Unity-like program in order to make the edits to the Memverse as needed.

Names in other languages

Translation needed
The section or page is missing non-English translations or material from other localizations edit
Language Name Meaning
Italy Italian Hackeraggi di Nori Marina's hackings
Russia Russian Моды Мариши
Mody Marishi
Marina's modes
Spain Spanish (NOE) Hackeos de Marina Marina's hacks
Risky Rewards
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ハイリスクハイリターン
Hai risuku hai ritān
High risk high return
Netherlands Dutch Riskante beloningen Risky rewards
CanadaFrance French Plus ou rien
Germany German Risiko-Bonus
Italy Italian Ricompense rischiose Risky rewards
Russia Russian Рентабельные риски
Rentabel'nye riski
Rentable risks
SpainMexico Spanish Recompensa con riesgo Reward with risk
China Chinese (Simplified) 高风险高回报
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 高風險高報酬
South Korea Korean 하이 리스크 하이 리턴
Hai riseukeu hai riteon
High risk high return
 Internal JemHardMode