New World Order

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New World Order
Artist Free Association
Game Splatoon 3 (Side Order only)
Heard in
Splatoon 3
30F (First completion only)
BPM 150
Audio file

New World Order is a song performed by Free Association. It is played on 30F of the Spire of Order during the final boss fight of Side Order. After beating the final boss the first time, subsequent trips to 30F will play Short Order during the boss fight instead.


New World Order is a dark techno song. It starts with a music box or bells playing a slow set of notes giving an unsettling feeling. Afterword, the song gets extremely faster, with instruments being added until some drop out for another part. At the end of that a sound similar to a Sub weapon being thrown then the instruments used prior to the throwing sound stop and the other instruments start playing, to then the sound from the beginning with added instrumentation plays.


The phrase New World Order is a term used in several conspiracy theories that hypothesize a secretly emerging totalitarian world government. Additionally, Order is the name of the main antagonist of Side Order, who the player fights against in the battle against Overlorder. It can also refer to Order's motives, wanting to create a new world that is consistent completely of order.