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Splatoon splash screen
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The splash screen is the image displayed immediately after starting Splatoon, before the game fully loads and the proper title screen can be displayed. It is an illustration of an unseen Inkling's bedroom, with the GamePad screen showing a map of the room and a large Splatoon logo. A pink squid icon on the map shows that an Inkling is just outside the doorway.

The percussion part of Squid Squad's song, Splattack!, is played over the splash screen.


Splash screen in the GamePad that shows a trail of the Inkling leaving the room.

From left to right.

  • On the bed is a music player, which is white and squid-shaped.
  • Some pink ink is on the floor, which appears to belong to the Inkling who is leaving the room and their Zombie Hi-Horses shoe can be seen as well as a pink drop of ink from the shoe.
  • The wall features a lot of gear brand artwork, including:
  • The wall also has a small shelf, which features:
    • A figurine wearing the Power Gear.
    • A small green dummy from the test range.
    • Three shoe boxes piled on top of each other.
    • A speaker set.
  • At the desk is:
  • To the right of the desk is a larger shelf, which contains:


  • There appears to be another small room that is still a part of the bedroom, as seen on the GamePad.
  • The bedroom has a Splatoon website open on a computer that bears resemblance to the Squid Research Lab Tumblr blog. It is one of the few objects in the game with human language.