Suction-Cup Lookout

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Suction-Cup Lookout

Suction-Cup Lookout is the second sector of Octo Canyon of Splatoon 2. The level holds 6 kettles and 1 boss kettle. This sector also makes use of some mechanics from levels, such as dash tracks, sponges, and Balloon Fish.


  • Mission #4: Enter the Octohurler
    • Location: Upon entering this sector, head left and ink the sponge and swim on the sponge. The sponge will take Agent 4 on grates with a gap. Jump over the gap, and ink another sponge. Swim up that sponge and reveal the kettle to Mission 4.
Kettle location
  • Mission #5: The Octopark
    • Location: Upon entering this sector, head right and there are grates with a gap. After the grates, climb up on the monument-like building and start shooting at boxes to continue the path of more grates. There are no gaps this time. Climb up to the roof of this building and reveal the kettle to mission 5.
Kettle location
  • Mission #6: Octozeppelin Invasion
    • Location: Climb up the wall on the right side of the boss kettle. There is a dash track on top of it, but do not ride it. Instead, ink the floor and swim jump on the grate and climb on the brick wall. Perform the same thing on the next brick wall, make sure to shoot at the brick wall to reach the dash track on the wall. Break the crates and climb the brick wall once more and reveal the kettle.
Kettle location
  • Mission #7: Back-Alley Cleanup
    • Location: Similar procedure with Mission 6, but ride on the dash track, be sure to stay in Squid form to pass through the grate.
Kettle location
  • Mission #8: Spinning Campground
    • Location: The Kettle for mission #8 is above the Boss Kettle. To reach this kettle, climb up the brick wall that is closest to the boss kettle. It holds a dash track aiming at the roof of there the boss kettle is.
Kettle location
  • Mission #9: Octoling Strike
    • Location: There is a sponge near the Launchpad. Wet the sponge and swimming up the sponge will take Agent 4 small platform with a dash track. There is a brick wall to climb up, and there is balloon fish, ink the balloon and it will create an explosion to place ink on the brick wall. Climbing the wall will take Agent 4 to the kettle to mission 9.
Kettle location
  • Mission 2B: The Showdown
    • Location: There is a platform that the Boss Kettle is shown to be below the platform which is supported by brick walls.


Crust Bucket Ticket

While on the brick wall for mission #6, before taking the dash track on the tall tower, there is a large crate behind the wall that holds a ticket for the Crust Bucket.


Between missions 6 and 7, underneath the area holds 2 large crate walls. One of them is a blue balloon. Behind the 2 large crate wall holds an armored crate. Breaking the armored crate will grant Agent 4 with a Sardinium.

Sunken Scroll

The sticker awarded for popping the balloons.

Between the missions 5 and 7, a green balloon can be found. Popping this balloon will have another balloon show up. The second balloon is behind the small grate. The third balloon are 2 balloons found near the boss kettle. The fourth balloon comes with 3 balloons between mission 4 and the boss kettle. The fifth balloon comes with 2 balloons and are located near the brick wall which is close to the boss kettle. Climb up the wall and quickly pop the 2 balloons. The sixth and last balloon is on another brick wall tower, in which case is blocked by 2 large crates. Break the crates and quickly pop the balloon and the scroll will appear.


Netherlands Dutch

Marie's Quotes

For the general quotes, see Tentakeel Outpost.

"Ik reken op je!"
(I am counting on you!)
"Oké agent 4, aan de slag."
(Okay Agent 4, get to work.)
"Die Octarianen moeten niet denken dat ze er deze keer weer net zo makkelijk vanaf komen!"
(Those Octarians shouldn't think they will get off just as easily again this time!)
"Hoe durven de Octarianen zoiets te doen... En nog wel terwijl ik aan het werk was!"
(How dare the Octarians do such a thing... And even while I was working!)
"Zijn grote hoogtes een probleem voor jou, agent 4?"
(Are large heights a problem for you, Agent 4?)
"Wauw, kijk eens hoe ver weg het Kraakkot is."
(Wow, look how far away the Cuttlefish Cabin is.)
"Is dit een loods voor het Octariaanse leger?"
(Is this a warehouse for the Octarian army?)
"Het schijnt dat veel Inklings de laatste tijd visseneieren verzamelen."
(It seems that many Inklings collect power eggs lately.)
"Geen idee welke stad dat daar is..."
(No idea which city that one there is...)
"Deze zone wordt de Achtarmuitkijkpost genoemd..."
(This zone is called the Suction-Cup Lookout...)
"(Wacht... Heeft agent 4 de Armada-Optimatron nog steeds niet gebruikt?)"
((Wait... Has Agent 4 still not used the Ammo Knights Enhancifer?))
"(Onze Megavoltvis gaat zichzelf niet redden, agent 4!)"
((Our Great Zapfish isn't going to rescue itself, Agent 4!))
"(Ik heb je al alles verteld, agent 4...)"
((I have told you everything already, Agent 4...))

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese キューバン展望台
Kyūban Tenbō-dai
Suction Cup Observation Deck
Netherlands Dutch Achtarmuitkijkpost Octopus lookout post[a]
CanadaFrance French Observatoire Ventouse Suction Cup Observatory
Germany German Saugnapf-Ausguck Suction Cup Lookout
Italy Italian Osservatorio Ventosa Suction Cup Observatory
Russia Russian Кордон «Присоски-17»
Kordon «Prisoski-17»
Cordon «Suction Cups-17»
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Fortaleza Ventosa Windy Fortress
Spain Spanish (NOE) Mirador Ventosa Windy Watchtower

Translation notes

  1. From Europese achtarm ("common octopus")