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Displays an infobox for a gear ability.


color Optional. The name of the game to select a base color from for formatting. If absent, the color is determined based on the value of game.
game Optional. The name of the game the gear ability belongs to. Specifying a value for game will only output the one icon for that game.
name Optional. The English name of the ability. If absent, the page name will be used.
appgear Optional. Applicable gear of the ability. Must be one of the following options: Headgear, Clothing, Shoes or Any. Defaults to Any.
favored Optional. The name of the gear brand that favors this ability, or Neutral.
favored2 Optional. The name of a second brand that favors this ability.
unfavored Optional. The name of the brand that unfavors this ability, or Neutral.
unfavored2 Optional. The name of a second brand that unfavors this ability.


Example 1

Last-Ditch Effort
Last-Ditch EffortLast-Ditch EffortLast-Ditch Effort
Applicable gear
|name    = Last-Ditch Effort
|appgear = Headgear

Example 2

Ink Resistance Up
Ink Resistance Up
Applicable gear
Favored by
Unfavored by
|name      = Ink Resistance Up
|game      = Splatoon 2
|appgear   = Any
|favored   = SquidForce
|unfavored = Enperry