Towering Nobilmente

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Towering Nobilmente
Species Jelleton
Habitat Scenic elevations
Hair color
Eye color Red
Location Spire of Order
Maximum HP
Other forms
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Towering Nobilmentes are Jelleton enemies in Splatoon 3: Side Order that shoot ink with their elongated snouts.


Towering Nobilmentes are not encased in ink like other Jelletons; instead, they have a black ink sac between their head and body. One of its eyes resembles a sniper scope. Towering Nobilmentes have a stack of five tower parts placed on top of their base, which can be individually knocked away to get closer to its real weak spot, its head. Its elongated body and unusual snout lend a resemblance to members of the Syngnathidae family (notably pipefish and seahorses).


  • If their head is shot before the rest of the body, it explodes and damages nearby enemies.
  • Its charging speed accelerates as it loses body segments or if left alone for too long. The segments regrow if it is left alone.


The following text is quoted from the Jelleton Field Guide.

Habitat: Scenic elevations
The head at the top is where you
want to aim. Take that out, and
what's left will explode to damage
any enemies nearby.
If the head's out of reach, cut
the body down to size. But finish
the job, or they'll regrow the
tower part! They'll get more
aggressive, too, so watch out.
They attack like someone gave
'em a charger! If they miss with
the first shot, don't give them a
second chance, Eight!
Take it out at the head!


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  • The Towering Nobilmente is very similar to the Stinger in Salmon Run and Salmon Run Next Wave in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3. Both foes stack on a pile of objects that has to be cut down to be defeated, shoot the player from a long distance with their elongated snouts and have an eye that resembles a telescopic sight.
    • Unlike the Stinger, Nobilmente heads can be taken out in addition to the segments, whereas only a Stinger's segments are susceptible to damage.
  • Towering Nobilmente's way of shooting at the player, taking a few seconds to aim, is very similar to that of the Octosniper in the Hero Mode campaigns, especially when a Nobilmente is deemed to have existed for too long.
  • The design for the Towering Nobilmente could invoke a unique spin on the Japanese game daruma otoshi: while one can knock the orderly segments of a Nobilmente out to reach the head, the player is rewarded for taking out the head.


"Nobilmente" is an Italian musical term for a refined, chaste, and lofty piece.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese そびえ立つノビルメンテ
sobietatsu nobirumente
Towering Nobilmente
Netherlands Dutch Verheven Nobilmente Sublime Nobilmente
France French (NOE) Nobilmente imposant Impressive Nobilmente
Germany German Turmhohes Nobilmente Tower-high Nobilmente
Italy Italian Barocco torreggiante Towering Baroque
Russia Russian Высокое каланчаменте
Vysokoe kalanchamente
High watchtowermente
Spain Spanish (NOE) Nobile dominante Dominant nobile