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Inner Agent 3

There's a reason I have put this at the top and that's 'cos Inner Agent 3 took me AGES! Overall, about 2-3 hours. Majority of that time was with joy-con drift as well (but got that fixed at least temporarily). I literally cried with happiness when I finally got her (her because I decided I wanted female Agent 3).

Just Stuff

Heya , this page shows my personal favorites and I'm not saying that everyone will be the same. It also has my stats and other things I am involved with in Splatoon 2. Generally on Turf War I am not a competitive player (unless its a Splatfest) as turf war is an escape from competitive (or sometimes it isn't).

Normally my gear set out is:

  • Golden Toothpick (Never changing to anything else. EVER!!!)
  • Urchins Jersey (Just like the way it changes colour, though if i'm not wearing this, probably wearing on of the hoodies)
  • Pearlescent Kicks (I love Pearl but don't like Respawn Punisher and my headgear spot is non-replacable)

Game Info





Current Level




Salmon Run

I now point blank refuse to do Salmon Run after seeing little Buddy in Splatoon 3. However, even before that I still didn't really do Salmon Run. Though I somehow made it to Profreshional in the little times I did it.


Even though I couldn't actually take part in the Splatocalypse, I was always going to be a Team Chaos player.

Splatfest Win/Loss 10x Battles
Ketchup VS Mayo Loss 4, Won 4
Chicken VS Egg Win 2, Won 2
Trick VS Treat Loss 5, Won 3
Star VS Mushroom Loss 4, Won 3

Characters I like

Other Weapons I Use

  • Splatterscope
  • Tri Slosher
  • Splat Roller
  • Octo Shot Replica
  • Hero Shot Replica
  • Hero Charger Replica
  • Hero Roller Replica
  • Hero Brush Replica
  • Hero Slosher Replica
  • Kensa Splattershot Pro
  • Inkbrush (if Squid Party)

Favourite Songs

  • Fly Octo Fly-Ebb and Flow
  • Spicy Calamari Inkantation
  • Ink Me Up
  • Shark Bytes
  • Into The Light


  • Octo Canyon
  • Deep Sea Metro

Current Ranks

Clam Blitz


Tower Control




Splat Zones



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