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As of July,
Jelfonzo tuesday shirt.jpg

hi user

sometimes i eat fuzzy ooze


Ah yes, Octarians have hair now. ∞∞∞

Gallery of Octarians not having hair

actually this doesn't exist.

Moving on

Call a spade a ♠, they're the same thing

because they are the same thing

Not calling a spade a ♠ even though they're the same thing

Where's the ♠?

Seriously, though, where's the ♠?????

Calling a spade that's a shovel a ♠ even they're not the same thing because a spade is slightly different than a shovel and that a shovel and a ♠ are somewhat different

OK shut it down

my userboxes (if they show up)

m a g o r p h

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