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Species Octoling
Hair color Magenta
Eye color Aqua
Maximum HP
Other forms


Hi there! I play Splatoon 2! I also LOVE the Splatoon manga!

Splatfests that I have participated in

Splatfests! Which team I was on! Extra comment
Mayo vs. Ketchup (2020) Team Ketchup for the win because it is sweet and I would rather drink a whole bottle of ketchup than mayo. Team ketchup won! Team ketchup was able to ketchup to Team Mayo!
Chicken vs. Egg (2020) Eggs came first because dinosaurs came out of eggs, and chickens didn't exist at that time. Team egg lost, and Team Chicken won, good game!
Trick vs. Treat (2020) Team Trick because I usually don't eat the candy I get on halloween, but I exchange it for stuff. Happy Splatoween to both teams!
Super Mushroom vs. Super Star Team Super Star because I prefer to be invincible than giant. Team Super Star wasn't bright enough to beat Team Super Mushroom, that Splatfest was fun!

Hero mode and Octo expansion

I have all of the hero weapon replicas in Hero Mode . For Octo Expansion , I beat Three and I completed all of the Stations with all of the weapons.


  • My favorite stage is Skipper Pavillion, because of the layout and the looks.

More info 'cause why not!

  • I have all of the Splatoon manga books, and are getting them as they come out.
  • I also LOVE Undertale and Deltarune. I can't wait for Deltarune to fully come out! (sorta unrelated to Splatoon, but this is my page so!)
  • Hey, tell me if I have to remove anything if it's breaking the rules, and sorry if it is. (Like, tell me in the discussion page)


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