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oui oui mon ami je m'appalle lafayette

aaaanyway! hey i'm flop! i'm a she/her and am always and forever o b s e s s e d with splatoon 2 (booyah back my friends) i'm level 28 and just recently beat octo expantion! ᐛ


i really, reeeeally hate rollers, especially the dynamo roller, because they're op against anything but maybe brushes and dualies and hard to play imo

i also hate people who spawn camp, don't booyah back, or try to start a squid party with random people.

i like any weapon with ultra stamp, mostly the kensa octobrush, and main splattershot. (though i'm trying to get good at jet squelcher)


please let me know if you have one to two star shoes that have pure main power up or ink saver (sub) tysm

i have fake contacts that have pure main power up and a north-country parka that was accidentally rolled as a pure ink saver (sub) so i'm looking for the shoes


contact information:

discord: flop#8520 | friend code: SW-4596-1114-8417 | splatoon user: flop