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Hiya, I'm SkittlesBeats! I watch streams, play video games, make music and write books! Y'know, your typical nerd.

Profile pic done by @/pkpartyrockin on Instagram. Great dude, better drawer. <3

I also do pixel art and spritework, I might do some for ya if you ask nicely :3

Splatoony Stuff

  • My Inkling's name is 'Squiddles', a play on the first part of my name, SkittlesBeats.

Now, Onto The Serious Stuff...

I'll mostly be doing grammatical edits, trying to fix up pages that look a little bare. I hope that you will help out as well! <3

I'm also working on a Captain Cuttlefish theme remix (done!) and a Splatoon fanfiction (you can read it on Wattpad!), so don't judge me ;3

~Le Social Media and Such~

Twitter: spriterwriter

Wattpad: SkittlesBeats

Instagram: SkittlesBeats

Soundcloud: SkittlesBeats