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Hi, I'm Splatgoddess228! That is also my username on all the other Nintendo Wikis I have an account on - As if now, Inkipedia and Nookipedia.

My proudest achievements so far:

  • Winning Chicken vs. Egg.
  • Doing the best out of everyone in a match where I was the only girl, including the other team.
  • Beating Octo Exspansion (although I did skip the ENTIRE escape phase...).

My in-game username is MetaKnight, though keep in mind that I change it frequently. I'm an Octoling girl wearing the Eye of Justice, Order Splatfest Tee, and... Yeah, nobody cares about shoes. LOL. Without the Eye of Justice, I have gray eyes and the default Octoling girl hair. I'm level 26, and an Bloblobber main. I do the best in Tower Control, but since I hit Rank B-, it's been getting hard.


GO TEAM ORDER!!! I've been seeing a LOT more Team Order players lately! I mean, I guess Chaos would have a more exiting plot if they win... But who knows? But if we win, that will be my GREATEST VIDEO GAME ACHIEVEMENT OF ALL TIME!

I like to imagine alternate versions of songs. I have Tide Goes Out if Callie won, and also Tidal Rush. Or maybe it would be "Blushing Tides" or something like that...?


All Splatfests are the NA ones, unless they were worldwide.

Splatoon 2

Splatfest Vote Result Explanation
Cake vs. Ice Cream Win Cake is great and all, but ice cream is just... BETTER. It's creamy, cold, and great for challenging friends to see who can hold it on their two front teeth the longest! (I lose every time...)
Mayo vs. Ketchup Loss I've loved ketchup for as long as I can remember, and besides... Mayo just tastes weird.
Flight vs. Invisibility Loss This was a tough one, but in the end I went with Invisibility. It would be so cool to be able to go anywhere without anyone noticing!
Vampire vs. Werewolf Win I do like Harry Potter, but vampires are just so much cooler. And they ACTUALLY HAVE human intelligence. Also because Vampire Inklings would be SO COOL!
Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy Loss Another hard one, but I had to go with Sci-Fi. It has laser guns, spaceships, aliens, and basically anything that has to do with either the future or space! But I guess for other people, two words: STAR WARS!
Sweater vs. Sock Win WHO CARES ABOUT SOCKS!?!? Nobody even SEES them! I's pick a sweater for a gift over a sock ANY DAY! Unless it's itchy...
Action vs. Comedy Win Sure, action is cool. But who doesn't love to laugh, am I right?
Money vs. Love Win What can I say? I was raised well! Anyway, love always wins in the end.
Chicken vs. Egg] Win Okay, I used actual logic on this one. One day, billions of years ago, the first chicken was created. Then that chicken laid an egg. That's pure proof that THE CHICKEN CAME FIRST.
Baseball vs. Soccer Win I like soccer better, but my sister was on soccer, so...
Raph vs. Leo Loss I don't watch TMNT - Apparently just like 90% of the people on this wiki! - so I chose soley based on body shape. It was so disappointing that we STILL don't have red ink, though...
Mikey vs. Donnie ??? I forget who I voted for...
Raph vs. Donnie Win Totally random.
Pulp vs. No-Pulp Loss Pulp is GROSS. It feels so wierd in my mouth...
Squid vs. Octopus] Win I didn't have Octo Expansion at the time. I didn't know how great octopi were. Even though I was a science prodigy in preschool and elementary school.
Forknife vs. Spoon 2 Loss SPOON 2 FOR THE WIN!!! I originally picked Spoon for the ice cream, but then the theme got so boring we decided to change it to Fortnite vs. Splatoon 2, and Spoon 2 is OBVIOUSLY better, so I changed my reasons. But in the end, Forknife turned out to be better.
Retro vs. Modern Win Retro is gross. All the hippies a Beatles music and stupid dresses with poodles on them... EW.
Trick vs. Treat Win Why get tricked when you can get all that candy?
Salsa vs. Guac Loss I don't like either, but avacados are kinda better than GHOST PEPPERS.
Hero vs. Villian Loss META KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D (Meta Knight is a hero. You can't tell me otherwise. He only fights Kirby either for training or if he's possessed.)
[[Family vs. Friends|Fam vs. Friend. Loss Again, I was raised well.
Pancake vs. Waffle Win Waffles waffles waffles, WAFFLES!!!
Knight vs. Wizard]] Loss The knight that is meta.
Hare vs. Tortoise]] Loss I've always rooted for the tortoise in that story. But in the future the hare apparently wins. Can Inklings even READ!?
Time Travel vs. Teleportation Win It would be awesome to go wherever I want whenever I want! Also Meta Knight.
Unicorn vs. Narwhal Loss Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion, 'cause they are so AWESOME!!!
Chaos vs. Order We'll just have to wait and see! After the year I've had, there's no WAY I can live in a world of chaos... *shudders*

SSBU Chaos vs. Order lineup

I know this is pointless, but I've had this in my head for a really long time!


Luigi Donkey Kong Dark Samus Captain Falcon Daisy Bowser Ice Climbers Pichu Falco Ganondorf Mr. Game & Watch Dark Pit Wario Diddy Kong Sonic King Dedede Wolf Bowser Jr. Duck Hunt Bayonetta Female Inklings Ridley King K. Rool Incineroar

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