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Teams of Inklings and Octolings battling with a variety of weapons.
As an Inkling, you can use weapons and ink your turf. Be sure to experiment with different weapon sets!
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Weapons are tools used in the Splatoon series to spread ink and splat enemies. In Splatoon and Splatoon 2, most weapons can be purchased from Ammo Knights with cash earned from online multiplayer matches. In Splatoon 3, weapons are instead purchased from Ammo Knights using Sheldon Licenses. There are also weapons which are exclusive to Salmon Run, known as rare weapons, as well as mode-specific weapons, like the Rainmaker. Most weapons may only be unlocked to purchase after reaching a certain level, and some can only be obtained after completing missions in the single-player game mode. Weapons always have a predefined kit of a main weapon, a sub weapon, and a special weapon.

In Splatoon 2, new weapons were added, and returning weapons returned with all-new designs. Since no special weapons returned from the first game, no weapon retained the same special weapon. While some weapons retained the same sub weapon, others changed, such as the Splat Roller, paired with Curling Bomb instead of Suction Bomb.

In Splatoon 3, new weapons were added again, and some returning weapons underwent bigger redesigns compared to the previous games. It features a mix of special weapons from Splatoon 2 and new special weapons (some of which are based on special weapons from the previous games).

Main weapon

Main weapons are the primary tools players use to spread ink and splat opponents. Main weapons generally have two variants: the original and an alternate with a different appearance, a different sub weapon, and a different special weapon. With the addition of Sheldon's Picks and the Kensa Collection, some weapons gained a third version with yet another kit of sub and special weapons. There are also rare weapons which have been heavily modified which are exclusive to Salmon Run.

For a list of all weapons and their sets by game, see List of weapons in Splatoon, List of weapons in Splatoon 2, and List of weapons in Splatoon 3.


An Inkling wielding the Splattershot
Main article: Shooter

Shooters are guns that fire small blobs of ink in quick succession. Most shooters continuously fire when the player holds the trigger, but some shooters offer semi-automatic or burst-fire functionality, requiring the player to tap the trigger repeatedly instead of holding it for some or all aspects of operation.

Prior to Splatoon 3, the shooter class additionally included blasters, which were separated into their own class in that game.

Note: The series are arranged by their respective order in the weapon select screen with the Main filter.

Series Description Variants Games

A mid-damage, close-range shooter with a high fire rate. It features the highest damage output per second in its class, at the cost of having the shortest range. Sploosh-o-matic
Neo Sploosh-o-matic
Sploosh-o-matic 7

Splattershot Jr.
The first weapon given to the player upon starting the game. It is a low-damage, close-range shooter with a high fire rate. Its fire rate and ink efficiency ensure that new players will be able to accomplish something. Splattershot Jr.
Custom Splattershot Jr.
Kensa Splattershot Jr.

A low-damage, mid-range shooter with a high fire rate. It features perfect accuracy, the best among all automatic shooters. Splash-o-matic
Neo Splash-o-matic

A low-damage, close-range shooter with a high fire rate. It has the widest shot spread and the fastest firing rate in its class, allowing it to excel at covering turf. Aerospray MG
Aerospray RG
Aerospray PG

A mid-damage, mid-range shooter with an average fire rate. It has no real weaknesses and can adapt to any situation. Splattershot
Tentatek Splattershot
Wasabi Splattershot
Kensa Splattershot
Hero Shot Replica
Octo Shot Replica
Order Shot Replica

.52 Gal
A high-damage, mid-range shooter with a slow fire rate. This weapon suffers from low accuracy. .52 Gal
.52 Gal Deco
Kensa .52 Gal

A low-damage, mid-range shooter with a fast fire rate. It has the fastest strafe speed in its class. N-ZAP '85
N-ZAP '89
N-ZAP '83

Dual Squelcher
A low-damage, mid-range shooter with an average fire rate. Dual Squelcher
Custom Dual Squelcher

Splattershot Pro
A mid-damage, long-range shooter with a slow fire rate. Notably, this weapon has very high ink consumption. Splattershot Pro
Forge Splattershot Pro
Berry Splattershot Pro
Kensa Splattershot Pro

.96 Gal
A high-damage, long-range shooter with a very slow fire rate. As a trade-off for its power and range, this weapon suffers from low accuracy, and it consumes more ink per shot than any other weapon in its class. .96 Gal
.96 Gal Deco

Jet Squelcher
A low-damage, long-range shooter with a slow fire rate. It has the longest range in its class. Jet Squelcher
Custom Jet Squelcher

Splattershot Nova
A low-damage, mid-range shooter with an average fire rate. It has good ink efficiency, but is in turn less accurate. Splattershot Nova
Annaki Splattershot Nova
Burst-fire or semi-automatic

L-3 Nozzlenose
A low-damage, mid-range shooter. It is a burst fire weapon, firing three bullets after a pull of the trigger. Well-timed button presses are required to maintain an optimal fire rate. L-3 Nozzlenose
L-3 Nozzlenose D
Kensa L-3 Nozzlenose

H-3 Nozzlenose
A mid-damage, long-range shooter. It is burst-fire, firing three bullets after a pull of the trigger. H-3 Nozzlenose
H-3 Nozzlenose D
Cherry H-3 Nozzlenose

A shooter with two firing modes: semi-automatic and fully automatic. Pulling the trigger once will squirt out a single long range, mid-power shot with perfect accuracy. Holding the button leads to successive low range, high spread, lower-powered shots. The trigger can be tapped repeatedly to maintain the high-power mode. Squeezer
Foil Squeezer


An Octoling wielding the Gold Dynamo Roller
Main article: Roller

Rollers can be pushed along the ground, leaving a trail of ink. When performing an attack, a large amount of ink is flung from the roller. Damage is dealt if opponents come into contact with the weapon while it is being pushed, with most rollers being capable of crushing opponents in one hit. Starting in Splatoon 2, rollers are capable of executing a thinner long-range vertical swing by swinging while in midair.

Prior to Splatoon 3, the roller class additionally included brushes, which were separated into their own class in that game.

Note: The series are arranged by their respective order in the weapon select screen with the Main filter.

Series Description Variants Games

Carbon Roller
A light, mobile roller that has a fast rolling speed. It has extremely fast flicks in exchange for a short range. It is unable to crush opponents in one hit. Carbon Roller
Carbon Roller Deco

Splat Roller
The standard roller. It has decent range and mobility. Splat Roller
Krak-On Splat Roller
CoroCoro Splat Roller
Kensa Splat Roller
Hero Roller Replica
Order Roller Replica

Dynamo Roller
A heavy roller. It deals high damage and can throw ink farther than all other rollers. However, it is very slow and consumes the most ink of any roller. Dynamo Roller
Gold Dynamo Roller
Tempered Dynamo Roller
Kensa Dynamo Roller

Flingza Roller
A roller that changes shape when performing a vertical swing. Its horizontal swing and rolling capabilities are similar to that of the Splat Roller, while its vertical swing is slow but has better range, inking, and damage. Flingza Roller
Foil Flingza Roller

Big Swig Roller
A roller with exceptional inking capabilities and wider range. It is extremely ink efficient and fast while rolling. Its swings are somewhat quick but tend to be weaker compared to other rollers. It cannot splat opponents with a single horizontal swing, and it cannot crush opponents in one hit. Big Swig Roller
Big Swig Roller Express


An Inkling holding the E-liter 4K Scope
Main article: Charger

Chargers are sniper rifle-like mid- to long-range weapons that shoot extremely fast ink shots in a straight line. Chargers can instantly splat opponents at long range once they are fully charged up (with the exception of the Snipewriter 5H and Bamboozlers). Uncharged shots do not have much range or damage. While charging, a laser shows all players the direction in which the charger is being aimed. Starting in Splatoon 2, some chargers allow the player to store their charge when swimming around in ink for a short period of time.

Note: The series are arranged by their respective order in the weapon select screen with the Main filter.

Series Description Variants Games

A short-range charger with a fast charge time that is unaffected while in mid-air. Classic Squiffer
New Squiffer
Fresh Squiffer

Splat Charger
The standard charger, featuring a long range and a decent charge time. Splat Charger
Kelp Splat Charger
Bento Splat Charger
Firefin Splat Charger
Kensa Charger
Hero Charger Replica
Z+F Splat Charger
Order Charger Replica

A Splat Charger with a scope, for extra range and precision at the cost of the inability to store charges. Splatterscope
Kelp Splatterscope
Bento Splatterscope
Firefin Splatterscope
Kensa Splatterscope
Z+F Splatterscope

A charger with extreme range and damage in exchange for a slow charge time and heavy ink consumption. E-liter 3K
Custom E-liter 3K
E-liter 4K
Custom E-liter 4K

E-liter Scope
An E-liter with a stronger scope than the Splatterscope, allowing for more range and extra precision. However, it cannot store its charge. E-liter 3K Scope
Custom E-liter 3K Scope
E-liter 4K Scope
Custom E-liter 4K Scope

Bamboozler 14
A mid-range charger with an extremely fast charge time. However, its fully charged shots cannot splat opponents in a single hit. It also lacks the ability to store its charge and pierce targets. Bamboozler 14 Mk I
Bamboozler 14 Mk II
Bamboozler 14 Mk III

Goo Tuber
A mid-range charger that can hold both full and partial charges for an exceptionally long time at the cost of a slow charge time. A single partially charged shot from this weapon can deal enough damage to splat an undamaged target on its own. Goo Tuber
Custom Goo Tuber

A long-range charger that holds five, medium-damage shots per full charge, requiring two hits to splat an opponent. It lacks the ability to store its charge and pierce targets. Snipewriter 5H
Snipewriter 5B


An Inkling wielding the Sloshing Machine
Main article: Slosher (weapon class)

Sloshers are bucket-like weapons that hurl ink in an arc. The ink can be hurled over walls or obstacles. Some sloshers have unique projectiles, such as bubbles that linger and bounce around when they hit a solid surface or long-range projectiles which explode on impact with solid surfaces.

Note: The series are arranged by their respective order in the weapon select screen with the Main filter.

Series Description Variants Games

The standard slosher, with balanced performance. It can curve its sloshes to cover a wider area. Slosher
Slosher Deco
Soda Slosher
Hero Slosher Replica
Order Slosher Replica

A slosher that throws ink in three directions simultaneously. It has a high fire rate, but lower damage output and range. Tri-Slosher
Tri-Slosher Nouveau

Sloshing Machine
A slosher that launches a small mortar-like glob that is trailed by a vortex of ink. The vortex does splash damage in a small radius, while the glob itself does higher damage, with a smaller hitbox. Sloshing Machine
Sloshing Machine Neo
Kensa Sloshing Machine

A mid- to long-ranged slosher. Each swing lobs a volley of four, slow-moving "blobs" which bounce along the ground and reflect off of walls. It is the only slosher that can splat in one swing. Bloblobber
Bloblobber Deco

A slosher that launches a slow, long-range projectile that explodes on impact with solid surfaces. It has high ink consumption and poor mobility, but in return has strong inking capabilities. Uniquely, the projectile and the explosion deal damage separately. Explosher
Custom Explosher

Dread Wringer
A slosher that sloshes two times in succession, allowing it to cover a wider area with a single swing, or focus one area for maximum damage. It has better range and inking capabilities than the standard Slosher, but at the cost of a lower fire rate. Dread Wringer
Dread Wringer D


An Octoling holding the Hydra Splatling
Main article: Splatling

Splatlings are rotary cannon- or minigun-like weapons that generally have a high rate of fire and considerable range. In-game, they operate similar to chargers but release a stream of small ink bullets instead of a single powerful shot. Like chargers, a full charge is necessary to achieve maximum potential range and firing duration.

Note: The series are arranged by their respective order in the weapon select screen with the Main filter.

Series Description Variants Games

Mini Splatling
A light splatling with a short charge time but shorter range. It allows users to strafe quickly while charging and firing. Mini Splatling
Zink Mini Splatling
Refurbished Mini Splatling
Kensa Mini Splatling

Heavy Splatling
The standard splatling. Its stats are well-rounded, having no glaring strengths or weaknesses. Heavy Splatling
Heavy Splatling Deco
Heavy Splatling Remix
Hero Splatling Replica
Order Splatling Replica

Hydra Splatling
The Splatling with the longest range in its class. It can fire continuously for a lengthy period of time, with the drawback being its ink hunger and high charge time. When fully charged, a high-damage feature activates, allowing users to splat opponents with three hits. Hydra Splatling
Custom Hydra Splatling

Ballpoint Splatling
A Splatling with two different firing modes, an initial short ranged firing mode with a high fire rate and a secondary firing mode that has a slower fire rate but longer range and perfect accuracy. Unlike most other splatlings, it can interrupt its fire to recharge. Upon completing a full charge, subsequent charges will retain the secondary mode attributes until the charge is entirely expended. Ballpoint Splatling
Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau

A shorter ranged Splatling with a medium charge rate. The weapon boasts the ability to store its charge much like some chargers and can interrupt its fire to recharge. Its accuracy in the air is comparable to its accuracy when grounded. Nautilus 47
Nautilus 79

Heavy Edit Splatling
A Splatling with a slow charge time, but a very high fire rate when fully charged. Heavy Edit Splatling
Heavy Edit Splatling Nouveau


An Octoling wielding the Dapple Dualies
Main article: Dualie

Dualies are paired sets of guns that give their user the ability to dodge roll. After a dodge roll, the two dualies are held together by the player, enhancing their performance in various ways depending on the dualies. This weapon class was introduced in Splatoon 2.

Note: The series are arranged by their respective order in the weapon select screen with the Main filter.

Series Description Variants Games

Dapple Dualies
Lightweight dualies that have quick dodge rolls, a high fire rate, and middling damage. However, they have poor range, and their dodge rolls only cover a short distance. Dapple Dualies
Dapple Dualies Nouveau
Clear Dapple Dualies

Splat Dualies
The first available pair of dualies in the Splatoon series. They feature balanced performance, having a high fire rate to compensate for the low damage typical of the class. Splat Dualies
Enperry Splat Dualies
Kensa Splat Dualies
Hero Dualie Replicas
Order Dualie Replicas

Glooga Dualies
A mid-range, mid-damage pair of dualies with a low fire rate. Their dodge rolls are slow, but shot damage and range increase after a dodge roll instead of fire rate, allowing it to splat opponents with one fewer shot at greater distances. Glooga Dualies
Glooga Dualies Deco
Kensa Glooga Dualies

Dualie Squelchers
A long-range pair of dualies with unique dodge rolls. Its dodge rolls are quick and allow the user to slide instead of being locked in place, but they do not increase the weapon's fire rate. Dualie Squelchers
Custom Dualie Squelchers

Tetra Dualies
These mid-range dualies put a significant emphasis on mobility. They allow up to four consecutive dodge rolls instead of the normal two, and can also shoot while rolling. Dark Tetra Dualies
Light Tetra Dualies

Douser Dualies FF
A long-range pair of Dualies that can only perform one dodge roll. After rolling, the weapon's range decreases, and its fire rate increases drastically. Douser Dualies FF
Custom Douser Dualies FF


An Inkling holding the Splat Brella
Main article: Brella

Brellas are shotgun-like weapons with deployable shields which have large amounts of HP that can be held in front of the user. Most brellas can also launch their shield forward. This weapon class was introduced in Splatoon 2.

Note: The series are arranged by their respective order in the weapon select screen with the Main filter.

Series Description Variants Games

Splat Brella
The standard brella, featuring middling range, damage, and shield durability. Splat Brella
Sorella Brella
Hero Brella Replica
Order Brella Replica

Tenta Brella
A heavy brella with a larger, more durable shield. Its shots have more range and it can deal lethal damage in one shot, at the cost of a slow rate of fire. Tenta Brella
Tenta Sorella Brella
Tenta Camo Brella

Undercover Brella
A lightweight brella that can be fired while its shield is open. It has a quick rate of fire, but its damage and shield durability are low. It cannot launch its shield. Undercover Brella
Undercover Sorella Brella
Kensa Undercover Brella

Recycled Brella 24
A brella with extremely low shield durability, but powerful shots with very little spread. The shield launches and regenerates very quickly. Recycled Brella 24 Mk I
Recycled Brella 24 Mk II


An Octoling holding the Range Blaster
Main article: Blaster (weapon class)

Blasters are weapons that fire large globs of ink with a delayed explosion, which have a spherical hitbox and are capable of hitting opponents that are behind walls or cover.

Blasters have been in the Splatoon series since Splatoon. However, the blaster class was introduced in Splatoon 3; prior to that game, blasters were classified as shooters.

Note: The series are arranged by their respective order in the weapon select screen with the Main filter.

Series Description Variants Games

Luna Blaster
A blaster with short range but above average fire rate, blast radius, and ink efficiency. It is capable of splatting an opponent with one direct hit. Luna Blaster
Luna Blaster Neo
Kensa Luna Blaster
Order Blaster Replica

The standard blaster. Has a slow firing speed but is well-rounded otherwise. Blaster
Custom Blaster
Hero Blaster Replica

Range Blaster
A revised version of the Blaster that boasts higher range at the cost of a slower fire rate. Range Blaster
Custom Range Blaster
Grim Range Blaster

Clash Blaster
A blaster that fires huge short-ranged blasts in very quick succession, but its low damage makes it hard to splat opponents with it. Clash Blaster
Clash Blaster Neo

Rapid Blaster
A blaster that fires long range blasts at a good fire rate, with reduced damage and blast radius. Rapid Blaster
Rapid Blaster Deco
Kensa Rapid Blaster

Rapid Blaster Pro
This modified version of the Rapid Blaster can hit at even longer ranges, but has a slower fire rate, and uses more ink per shot. Rapid Blaster Pro
Rapid Blaster Pro Deco

A slow-firing, one-shot capable blaster with two firing modes, short-range and long-range. The short-range mode is triggered by pressing after jumping, and fires a huge short-ranged blast. The long-range mode is triggered by pressing on the ground, and fires a long-ranged, high-velocity shot with a small blast radius. Notably, this mode can also be triggered in the air by falling without a preceding jump, or by jumping immediately after pressing . S-BLAST '92


An Inkling holding the Inkbrush
Main article: Brush

Brushes can be pushed along the ground, much as rollers. They are especially fast but leave a narrow trail of ink. They do not deal nearly as much contact damage, and no brush is capable of crushing opponents in one hit. However, instead of flinging large waves of ink, brushes quickly swipe from side to side, flicking many smaller globs.

Brushes have been in the Splatoon series since Splatoon. However, the brush class was introduced in Splatoon 3; prior to that game, brushes were classified as rollers.

Note: The series are arranged by their respective order in the weapon select screen with the Main filter.

Series Description Variants Games

A fast but short-ranged brush. When pushed along the ground, the user moves at extremely high speed, and leaves behind a narrow trail of ink. Inkbrush
Inkbrush Nouveau
Permanent Inkbrush

A slower brush with decent range. Movement speed while sliding along the ground is a bit slower compared to the Inkbrush. Octobrush
Octobrush Nouveau
Kensa Octobrush
Herobrush Replica
Orderbrush Replica

An even slower brush that must wind up before it can start swinging. In return, it has greater range, power, and inking capabilities. Painbrush
Painbrush Nouveau


An Inkling wielding the Tri-Stringer
Main article: Stringer

Stringers are bow-like weapons that generally have considerable range and middling damage. Like chargers, a full charge is necessary to achieve maximum range and damage. They have vertical and horizontal shots, similar to rollers. The weapon class was introduced in Splatoon 3.

Note: The series are arranged by their respective order in the weapon select screen with the Main filter.

Series Description Variants Games

The standard stringer, with long range but no charge hold. Reaching the first level of charge allows its shots to lodge themselves in terrain briefly before exploding. Tri-Stringer
Inkline Tri-Stringer
Order Stringer Replica

A lightweight stringer that can store its charge, but cannot fire explosive shots. It charges quickly and does more damage than the Tri-Stringer, but it is lacking in range. REEF-LUX 450
REEF-LUX 450 Deco

Wellstring V
A heavyweight stringer with five explosive shots. Its first level of charge centers the ink projectiles, and the second level of charge spreads them out. Wellstring V
Custom Wellstring V


An Inkling wielding the Splatana Wiper
Main article: Splatana

Splatanas are sword-like weapons that are similar to brushes, without the rolling function. Instead, when is held, they will charge a more powerful swing. All splatanas have an additional melee hitbox as the splatana itself, and when charged, this hitbox can splat opponents in one hit. The weapon class was introduced in Splatoon 3.

Note: The series are arranged by their respective order in the weapon select screen with the Main filter.

Series Description Variants Games

Splatana Stamper
A splatana with high range and solid mobility and damage. Splatana Stamper
Splatana Stamper Nouveau
Order Splatana Replica

Splatana Wiper
A lightweight splatana with exceptional mobility but low damage and middling range. Splatana Wiper
Splatana Wiper Deco

A splatana which fires a unique horizontal attack on a charge swing, at the cost of it having lower range and mobility. Mint Decavitator
Charcoal Decavitator

Rare weapons

The Grizzco Blaster, one of the rare weapons, being loaned to a player during a rotation with randomized weapons.
Main article: Rare weapon

Rare weapons are modified weapons from existing classes, which are available during wildcard rotations in Salmon Run and Salmon Run: Next Wave.

Rare weapon Description Games

Grizzco Blaster
Modified Blaster. A moderate-damage, close-range blaster with a fast rate of fire and low ink consumption.
It debuted on 16 September 2017.

Grizzco Brella
Modified Splat Brella. A moderate-damage, mid-range brella with a fast rate of fire and low ink consumption. There is no canopy on this brella, so it cannot be opened; instead, it fires rapidly when the trigger is held.
It debuted on 15 October 2017.

Grizzco Charger
Modified Bamboozler 14. A high-damage, long-range charger with high ink consumption. It charges instantly but cannot store a charge.
It debuted on 29 April 2018.

Grizzco Slosher
Modified Sloshing Machine. A high-damage, long-range slosher with a slow rate of fire and high ink consumption. The projectiles penetrate armor and keep moving after hitting enemies, then drop vertically at the end of their arc.
It debuted on 17 June 2018.

Grizzco Stringer
Modified Tri-Stringer. A high-damage, long-range stringer with high ink consumption. It fires nine projectiles per shot and charges quickly but has low accuracy due to its irregular spread pattern.
It debuted on 1 October 2022.

Grizzco Splatana
Modified Splatana Stamper. A high-damage, close-range splatana with low ink consumption. Both slashes have extremely limited range, but are highly damaging. The charged slash can pierce armor and has a long distance dash but has a long charge time.
It debuted on 2 December 2022.

Grizzco Dualies
Modified Splat Dualies. Extremely close-range dualies with a fast rate of fire, moderate damage, and low ink consumption. Performing a dodge roll with them creates a small burst of ink around the user's body, dealing heavy explosion types of damage to nearby foes. The player can dodge roll up to 9 times in a row.
They debuted during the Big Run starting on 2 September 2023.

Grizzco Roller
Modified Dynamo Roller. A high-damage, low ink consumption roller with slow but very powerful vertical swings and quick horizontal swings. Its rolling speed is superior to even that of the Inkbrush.
It debuted during the BIG Big Run starting on 8 June 2024.

Sub weapon

The Sprinkler, Splash Wall, and Splat Bomb.

Sub weapons are secondary to the main weapon. Each sub weapon has a specialized use and high ink consumption, so they cannot be used for general-purpose splatting and inking like the main weapon. There are bombs, which can be used to influence enemy movement or outright splat them, while others can give special effects to opponents, like location tracking, movement penalties, and ink usage penalties. In addition to weapons that focus on enemy effects, there are sub weapons that focus on benefiting the player's team by painting the ground or adding a Super Jump point to any location on the stage.

Weapon Description Games
Splat Bomb A basic bomb that explodes after a short period of time. It can be rolled or thrown. The explosion timer will only progress while the bomb is touching the ground.
Suction Bomb A bomb that can be attached to any surface. It explodes after a moderate period of time and has a larger blast radius than the Splat Bomb.
Burst Bomb A bomb that explodes on impact. Multiple Burst Bombs can be thrown without having to refill the ink tank. They deal less damage than other bombs; two direct hits or three indirect hits will splat an opponent, or they can be used in combination with the main weapon.
Seeker A bomb that chases a target before exploding. It leaves a trail of ink that the player can use to travel quickly.
Curling Bomb A bomb that travels in a straight line across the floor, leaving a trail of ink and bouncing off of walls and obstacles. It explodes after its timer expires. The maximum distance of the Curling Bomb can be shortened by holding the deployment button to 'cook' the timer before release. This makes the blast radius larger.
Autobomb A bomb that walks towards any nearby enemies before exploding.
Ink Mine A bomb that hides in ink once planted. It deals damage to enemies that get too close. As of Splatoon 2, the Ink Mine gives significantly less damage, but also applies a tracking effect to its victims, letting everyone on the user's team know where the victim is.
Disruptor A bomb that gives negative status effects to opponents. Affected enemies will suffer from reduced mobility and a reduced ink recovery rate.
Toxic Mist A bomb that releases a poison mist which causes negative status effects to opponents that come into contact with it. Affected enemies will suffer from reduced mobility and gradual loss of ink supply. Unlike the Disruptor, the mist remains active for a short time after being used.
Point Sensor When thrown, this object explodes in a spherical cloud. The cloud tags enemies with a tracking effect that shows their location to everyone on the user's team.
Splash Wall A barrier made of falling ink. It blocks enemy movement and enemy fire.
Sprinkler Continually sprays ink in a circular area around itself in a staggering motion, until it is broken by enemy fire or the deployer gets splatted. It can be thrown onto virtually any surface.
Squid Beakon A device that allows the user and their teammates to Super Jump directly to its location.
Fizzy Bomb A bomb that is capable of exploding multiple times. The bomb can be held and shaken like a soda in order to increase the weapon's explosive potency, increasing the number of times it can explode.
Torpedo A device that transforms into a floating homing missile when within range of a target. The missile itself is incapable of splatting an opponent alone but will deal a large amount of damage. The missile can be shot down by opposing players.
Angle Shooter A marker-shaped projectile that shows an opponent's position if hit directly or by the trail it produces when thrown. It bounces off any wall it hits, leaving a small splash of ink behind. It deals the least damage of any sub weapon on a direct hit, and the trail deals no damage.
Smallfry A Smallfry that deals consecutive damage if directly thrown at an enemy or destructible object. If no enemy is hit it will instead distract nearby foes. RotM only

Special weapon

The Killer Wail, Inkzooka, and Inkstrike.

Special weapons are powerful weapons that can only be used after filling up the special gauge by covering enough turf with ink, meeting certain conditions in Ranked Battle or Anarchy Battle, helping charge a teammate's Booyah Bomb, having a summoned Sprinkler of Doom ink turf after activating an Ultra Signal, or (if the player's current headgear has Tenacity as a main ability) having not as many team members alive as the enemy team. Some special weapons can make players invincible, allow players to track the location of opponents, damage opponents that step within a specified area of the battlefield, or grant the player a strong long-range attack. There are special weapons with highly specific effects, like allowing players to use bombs without ink restrictions, or creating explosive floating bubbles.

In Splatoon, there are 7 special weapons available in multiplayer modes.

In Splatoon 2, there are 11 special weapons available in multiplayer modes. In Salmon Run, there are 4 supplied special weapons available.

In Splatoon 3, there are 20 special weapons in total, 19 of which are available in multiplayer modes. In Salmon Run Next Wave, there are 9 supplied special weapons available.

Table is sortable, initially by alphabetical order across all games. Clicking "Weapon" will sort by game and alphabetical. Clicking the game will sort by that game's order.

Weapon Description Games
Splatoon Splatoon 2 Splatoon 3
Baller A protective sphere that allows the player to advance safely. It explodes in a blast of ink when a timer expires or when the user triggers it, ending the special early.
Big Bubbler The Big Bubbler is a stationary barrier that protects from enemy ink.
Bomb Launcher The Bomb Launcher allows the player to throw a pre-selected bomb repeatedly, with no ink restriction. The player still has access to their main weapon during this period.
Bomb Rush The Bomb Rush allows the player to use their sub weapon repeatedly without consuming ink for a short time.
Booyah Bomb The user holds up a glowing ball of ink that charges up over time and can be thrown once fully charged to make an ink explosion. The user and their teammates can use the "Booyah!" signal to charge up faster.
Bubble Blower The Bubble Blower allows the player to blow up to three bubbles. The bubbles will block large areas to opponents and will explode in a deadly blast of ink if fired at.
Bubbler The Bubbler is a spherical force field that protects the user from all damage. It can be spread to teammates through physical contact.
Crab Tank The Crab Tank allows players to ride around on it and use its turrets and cannons. It also has a movement mode similar to that of the Baller where it protects the player and rolls around in the form of a ball.
Echolocator The Echolocator reveals the locations of all enemies for teammates to see on the field and the map.
Ink Armor Activating Ink Armor protects the user and all teammates from one or two attacks, depending on the strength of the attack.
Ink Storm The Ink Storm creates a rain cloud of ink. The rain cloud gradually drifts above the map, inking the ground and damaging any enemies beneath it. This special can be activated and then held indefinitely if it is not thrown.
Ink Vac The Ink Vac is a vacuum cleaner that sucks up ink that is still airborne and fires it back as a super attack, similar to the Rainmaker shot.
Inkjet The Inkjet gives its user the ability to hover in the air and shoot powerful blaster-like projectiles. Once it expires, the user automatically Super Jumps back to where they first activated it.
Inkstrike The Inkstrike is a missile that causes a large, swirling vortex of ink to appear when it lands at the location towards which the user fired it.
Inkzooka The Inkzooka shoots tall, narrow twisters of ink in rapid succession, allowing its user to quickly splat enemies at long range.
Killer Wail The Killer Wail blasts a large sound wave in the desired direction that obliterates all enemies in its path and travels through walls.
Killer Wail 5.1 The Killer Wail 5.1 is a modified Killer Wail. Six floating speakers move autonomously and attack with smaller sound waves, similar to that of the original Killer Wail, that chase down enemies.
Kraken The user transforms into the large, invincible Kraken, able to travel quickly through enemy ink and splat opponents with its melee attack.
Kraken Royale The Kraken Royale turns the player into a very large, invincible Kraken, that can splat opponents through a melee attack or a charged attack. It allows free travel through enemy ink.
Reefslider The Reefslider is an inflatable shark that the player rides on to dash forward a certain distance before exploding.
Splashdown The Splashdown causes its user to jump up and strike the ground with heavy force, causing an ink explosion around them. Its effectiveness increases when activated from great heights, including while Super Jumping. RotM only
Splattercolor Screen The Splattercolor Screen is a canister-like object that creates a large, mobile mist when thrown, similar to a Toxic Mist. Opponents caught in this mist will have their view of the game temporarily rendered in grayscale.
Sting Ray The Sting Ray fires a continuous laser that can go through walls. When not firing, users can see the silhouettes of any opponents that are not hiding in ink and are far enough away. Mobility is impaired while activated.
Super Chump The Super Chump fires many decoys that trick the opponent into thinking that a player is landing from a Super Jump. The decoys explode after a short amount of time, but the opponent can destroy the decoys.
Tacticooler The Tacticooler is a mini-fridge that when set up, contains four drinks that grant special effects, like boosting the player's speed.
Tenta Missiles The Tenta Missiles allow users to lock on to opponents before firing ten to twenty missiles between the locked-on targets.
Triple Inkstrike The Triple Inkstrike allows players to throw three missile beacons and fire missiles at where the beacons land, creating vortices of ink upon impact.
Triple Splashdown The Triple Splashdown causes its user to jump up and create two fists which strike the ground with heavy force, causing an ink explosion around them.
Trizooka The Trizooka is a modified Inkzooka that fires three blasts at once and can be fired three times in total for each use.
Ultra Stamp The Ultra Stamp is a large hammer which can be slammed repeatedly while advancing forwards and also has a jump attack. The weapon can also be thrown as a long-range attack, ending the special early.
Wave Breaker The Wave Breaker is a reconfigured badminton birdie that upon setting up, will send out wave signals across that ground that deal damage and mark opponents.
Zipcaster The Zipcaster allows players to latch onto walls from a distance and zip over to them while still being able to use their main weapon. Once it expires, the user automatically comes back to where they first activated it.
Weapon Description Games
Rainmaker The Rainmaker is a powerful weapon with a charging mechanism that can shoot large twisters (in Splatoon) or bursts (in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3) of ink. It is only obtainable on the ranked mode Rainmaker, during certain Challenges in Splatoon 3, the final boss fight of Octo Canyon, Bomb Rush Blush, and in two Octo Expansion stations: Bring It Station and Far-Out Station.
Princess Cannon The Princess Cannon is a modified Killer Wail themed after Pearl. It is only obtainable on MC.Princess Diaries, by any player. It functions exactly like a Killer Wail but with a much larger sound wave.


Other weapons can be seen throughout the whole Splatoon universe in single-player campaigns, co-op modes, concept art, or finished artwork.


Hero weapons.

During the single-player campaigns, the player can unlock main and sub weapons that assist them along their journey. Their color theme is neon yellow and black. These weapons can be upgraded for a faster fire rate and better ink consumption efficiency. The main weapons used in the single-player campaigns are the:

All sub weapons also get a different aesthetic take on their models. These are the Splat Bombs, Burst Bombs, and Seekers in Octo Valley; Splat Bombs, Curling Bombs, and Autobombs in Octo Canyon; and Splat Bombs, Burst Bombs, and Curling Bombs in Return of the Mammalians.


Some Order weapons.

In Side Order, the player can unlock different weapons to beat the Spire of Order with. All of them have a minimalistic appearance, resembling plastic toys, and have a white and silver color theme. At the beginning of each run, these weapons have lower stats in comparison to their respective models, however, this can be upgraded through color chips. Each of the weapons have a base set that can also be changed through the run by using a vending machine. The main weapons used in Side Order are the:


Octarians with their weapons.

Some weapons held and operated by Octarians:

The Octolings have Octarian versions of some of the Hero weapons with the color theme of red and black. The Hero Blaster, Hero Roller, and Hero Slosher are seen in Octo Canyon, and the Herobrush, Hero Dualies, and Hero Brella were added in Octo Expansion.


Weapons of Salmonids.

The Salmonids have a trade agreement with the Octarians, in which the Salmonids provide Power Eggs used as energy sources in exchange for Octarian weapons and machinery.[1] In addition to operating Octarian weapons and machinery, Salmonids use common kitchen tools as weapons.

Some weapons held and operated by Salmonids:


Weapons that are stage gimmicks. These weapons cannot be equipped but rather be interacted with in order to inflict damage. These mechanics can be seen in Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, Octo Expansion, Alterna, Salmon Run, Ancho-V Games and Shifty Station layouts.

Weapon Description Games
Flooder The Flooder is a machine that sprays ink beneath it and will target the player in a set pattern upon detection.
Gusher The Gusher is a mechanic that when sprayed with ink will erupt a large column of ink from the grate.
Hyperbomb The hyperbomb is a special form of Suction Bomb, made by Marina. It has a larger blast radius and takes multiple sprays of ink to detonate.
Ink Cannon The Ink Cannon is a set turret that fires missiles when the player enters it. It consumes ink from the Ink Tank.
Inkfurler The Inkfurler is a large plastic wrap that furls outwards when shot at by the player, creating a platform or climbable wall automatically covered in their ink.
Propeller lift The propeller lift is a mechanic that when sprayed with ink, the propeller begins to spin and shoot out ink and the platforms they are stationed on start to move in a designated direction. Propellers can only be operated by a constant stream of ink, as a halt in this stream causes them to slowly move backward. The spray of ink that comes out inflicts damage towards opponents.
Rolonium The Rolonium is a mechanic that can be launched when sprayed with ink.
Ink wheel The Ink wheel is a mechanic that rolls along a certain path when hit. It can climb up walls and some varieties will eventually stop.



In Splatoon:

  • There are a total of 91 main weapons, 10 sub weapons and 7 special weapons.
    • To purchase every weapon, a total of Cash 834,100 is needed.
  • In the initial release, there was a total of 32 main weapons.

In Splatoon 2:

  • There are a total of 139 main weapons, 4 rare main weapons, 13 sub weapons and 11 special weapons.
    • To purchase every weapon, a total of Cash 1,773,300 is needed.
  • In the initial release, there was a total of 46 main weapons, 11 sub weapons and 8 special weapons.

In Splatoon 3:

  • There are a total of 121 main weapons, 7 rare main weapons, 14 sub weapons, and 19 special weapons as of Version 7.0.0.
  • In the initial release, there was a total of 55 main weapons, 5 rare weapons, and 15 special weapons.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ブキ
Netherlands Dutch Wapen Weapon
CanadaFrance French Arme Weapon
Germany German Waffe Weapon
Italy Italian Arma Weapon
Russia Russian Оружие
SpainMexico Spanish Arma Weapon
China Chinese 武器[2]
South Korea Korean 무기
Poland Polish Broń Weapon

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