#13 shade

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#13 shade
Artist Dedf1sh
Composer Toru Minegishi
Ryo Nagamatsu
Shiho Fujii
Game Splatoon 2 (Octo Expansion only)
Heard in
Splatoon 2
A05 Fake Plastic Station (non-vocal)
D10 Labyrinth Station
F10 Cubular Station
G03 House Party Station
I04 Can't Touch This Station
Album Octotune
Track list no. 17 (Octotune Disc 1)
Genre Electronic
BPM 69
Length 3:22 (Octotune)
Audio file
Non-Vocal Version:
The correct title of this article is #13 shade. The substitution of the # symbol with the "fullwidth" # symbol is due to technical restrictions.

#13 shade is a song by Dedf1sh.


#13 shade is a song that is heard during D10 Labyrinth Station, F10 Cubular Station, G03 House Party Station, and I04 Can't Touch This Station in the Octo Expansion, which tend to take place in tight, narrow environments. The song is a mysterious-sounding lo-fi track that begins with a simple intro, consisting of a very low pitched bass synthesizer drone with some percussion before the introduction of some (presumably) Octoling vocals, and then transitions back to the same composition as the intro, now with the addition of some background production. The song was first heard as a snippet during the Catalog Mix released in the run-up to the release of the Octo Expansion, being the second song played in the video.

Other versions

#13 shade (Fake Plastic Station)

Heard only in A05 Fake Plastic Station, this version is mostly the same as the main version, however, the vocals have been removed.


  • #13 shade is one of two songs in the Octo Expansion by Dedf1sh with more than one version, with the other one being #5 thirsty.
    • The non-vocal version is heard only in the first station of the Octo Expansion, and could, therefore, be seen as the tutorial music, continuing the trend of Splatoon tutorials having a different version of an existing song playing.


Shade may refer to areas where light does not reach, or (in slang) subtle, snarky insults. The former definition refers to this song being played in stations with enclosed environments (besides I04 Can't Touch This Station), while the latter may refer to the snarky tone of the vocals heard in the song.