#1 progress

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#1 progress
Artist Dedf1sh
Composer Toru Minegishi
Ryo Nagamatsu
Shiho Fuji
Game Splatoon 2 (Octo Expansion only)
Heard in
Splatoon 2
A04 Roll Out Station
C06 Bust 'n' Move Station
E09 Squee-G Funk Station
G10E07 Iceman Station
H01D03 Slap Bracelet Station
I06 All Eyez Station
Album Octotune
Track list no. 9 (Octotune Disc 1)
Genre Electronic
BPM 175
Length 2:39
Audio file
The correct title of this article is #1 progress. The substitution of the # symbol with the "fullwidth" # symbol is due to technical restrictions.

#1 progress is a song by Dedf1sh.


#1 progress features a lot of drum beats at the start before vocals come in. There are two sets of vocals which are repeated twice before a new section of instrumental starts. In the instrumental, the same drum beats which are heard at the start and during the vocals continue to be played. A heavy synthesis bass plays the main melody in the instrumental. A few sound effects which are slightly inaudible are also played before the song repeats. The song can only be heard in the Octo Expansion, and is heard in stations A04 Roll Out Station, C06 Bust 'n' Move Station, E09 Squee-G Funk Station, G10E07 Iceman Station, H01D03 Slap Bracelet Station and I06 All Eyez Station.


The word progress could be linked to the number 1, as the tracks progress and their numbers increase.