#5 thirsty

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#5 thirsty is a song by Dedf1sh.


The track begins with an intense beat, and there are sound effects that sound like distant echoing clangs. There are also musical sound effects. Then the song goes a key higher. All of this is repeated before we get a new instrumental section with a beat similar to the one heard near the end of Octo Eight-Step. Then the song repeats. This track is generally heard in Octo Expansion stations that operate under a time limit, particularly ones with a focus on destroying objects, such as crates in E10 Cratebuster Station or target crates in D06C01 Radical Rails Station, D07 Targetbuster Station, G05 Bustalicious Station, and H04 Shooter McStation. This includes the crate-filled key storage room in the Abandoned Station, the only level #5 thirsty plays that doesn't have a time-limit.

Other versions

Deepsea Metro Central Station Theme

The stripped-back version is used in Central Station. The repeating, intense chords are removed and metallic percussions can be heard more clearly.

Abandoned Station Theme

This version is identical to the "Central Station" version above, except that the synth melody is removed. This is played in the Abandoned Station before the player enters the storage room containing a key, where it switches to the more intense standard version of #5 thirsty. After obtaining a key and exiting said room, it transitions to the "Central Station" version.


  • This is the only Dedf1sh song that is played outside test levels they are usually played in.
    • It is also one of two songs by Dedf1sh with more than one version, with the other one being #13 shade.


Thirsty means that something is in need of something (usually a drink, but it can be other things). This may be to reflect that the player in the tests needs a certain number of objects, such as balloons.