#9 party

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#9 party
Artist Dedf1sh
Composer Toru Minegishi
Ryo Nagamatsu
Shiho Fuji
Game Splatoon 2 (Octo Expansion only)
Heard in
Splatoon 2
B12 Brute Rollup Station
B13 Phat Splatz Station
C04 Move It Move It Station
C10 McFly Station
E05 Hypercolor Station
F06 Duh-Oh Station
G02 Hasta La Vista Station
I08 Radio Station
Squid Beatz 2
Album Octotune
Track list no. 13 (Octotune Disc 1)
56 (Squid Beatz 2)
Genre Electronic
BPM 132
Length 1:35
Audio file
The correct title of this article is #9 party. The substitution of the # symbol with the "fullwidth" # symbol is due to technical restrictions.

#9 party is a song by Dedf1sh.


Throughout the song, there is a repetitive beat structure. In the beginning, two of the four (three but the first part of the first sound effect is repeated) main 'sound effects' are heard before they are repeated with the other two playing to a beat and tune. This is repeated before it changes to a slightly different tune with the 'sound effects'. This is repeated with a slightly different ending before it changes to a new section with three vocals and a bit of instrumental before the song repeats. A constant guitar riff is heard throughout most of the piece. It is generally heard in stations where the goal is to either defeat all the enemies, or to dodge numerous enemy attacks. The exception is the more traverse-focused E05 Hypercolor Station.


  • This song only plays in Deepsea Metro stations where the lines do not overlap.


This song plays in levels where Agent 8 must defeat or dodge enemies. Party refers to the gathering of Agent 8 and the large amounts of Sanitized Octarians, just like the Rendezvous in Octoling Rendezvous.