.52 Gal

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.52 Gal
.52 Gal HQ.png
Type Main, Shooter
Level Unlocked 5
Base Damage 52
50 / 100
70 / 100
Fire Rate
30 / 100
Sub Weapon Weapon Sub Splash Wall.png Splash Wall
Special Weapon Weapon Special Killer Wail.png Killer Wail
Special Depletion Specdep icon.png Medium

The .52 Gal is a Shooter in Splatoon. It is a slow but powerful weapon with decent range.


The .52 Gal comes in a set with the Splash Wall and Killer Wail. Each shot uses a large amount of ink, so it packs a serious punch. Since it has a low rate of fire, careful aiming is required in order to hit opponents.

A high-powered Weapon that pumps out a lot of ink with each shot. It doesn't take many shots to splat an opponent, which is a good thing given its rather slow rate of fire.
— In-Game Description(NA)
A high-powered weapon that pumps out a lot of ink with each shot. Doesn't take many shots to splat an opponent, which is a good thing given the rather slow rate of fire.
— In-Game Description(EU/OC)
This is the .52 Gal shooter. Each shot uses a LOT of ink, so it packs a serious punch. It has a low rate of fire, but if you aim carefully you can splat your foes before they know what hit ‘em.
Sheldon's Introduction
The Main Weapon .52 Gal is a Shooter with an extra-large nozzle for shooting massive quantities of ink.

So it's powerful, but not so great at rapid fire. If you get in trouble, throw up a Splash Wall and retreat!

The Killer Wail can be used offensively or defensively, so it's good for fighters who can read the flow of battle!.


Sheldon's Introduction
The .52 Gal is a heavy hitter with an extra large nozzle for shooting massive amounts of ink!

It's powerful, but pretty slow. If you find yourself in trouble, throw up a Splash Wall and retreat!

The Killer Wail can be used offensively or defensively, so it's good for fighters who can read the flow of battle!




The .52 Gal excels at offensive game modes like Splat Zones- it only takes two shots from this weapon to splat opponents, making it a great choice for offensively minded players. Consider using a Damage Up ability in place of Ink Saver to help break an enemy's Defense Up buff, or use Special Charge Up to compensate for the weapon's low rate of fire.
— Splatoon Prima Guide

Update history


  • Special gauge loss: 50% → up to 60%

Recommended Abilities

The faster ink fills in the ink tank when in squid form, the quicker the .52 Gal can shoot and use a Splash Wall.

Damage Up helps with falloff damage, if your first shot lands when your opponent is not quite within the weapon's effective range, ensuring a two shot kill regardless.

Because of the .52 Gal's slower strafing speed and rate of fire, it can be useful to swim in between shots instead of firing continuously. Swim Speed Up will allow you to do this faster and not get splatted while swimming.

As a short range weapon, players will generally find themselves in enemy ink in engagements. The Ink Resistance Up ability allows players to continue to be mobile and to survive more fights without taking as much damage from enemy ink.

Cold Blooded is an ability that shortens the duration of position-tracking to 50% of normal tracking time. As a mobile weapon, Cold Blooded is immensely useful for the .52 Gal, enhancing its sneakiness, enabling more mobility, preventing chargers to quickly splat players, facilitating ambushes and preventing enemy ambushes.


  • The .52 Gal's name may be a reference to its base damage per shot of 52. The .96 Gal's damage per shot is not 96, however.
  • The .52 Gal was originally called the "5.2 Gallon" came with the Inkstrike instead of the Killer Wail. This can be seen in an image from before Splatoon's release.


Similar weapons

Name Origin

.52 Gal is short for .52 Gallon. "Gal" is also a play on Cal, short form of Caliber, a term commonly used when describing the diameter of bullets for fire-arms.

.52ガロン .52 Garon has the same origin as the English name, but without Gallon shortened to Gal.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese .52ガロン
.52 Garon
.52 Gallon
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Salpicadora 2000 Splasher 2000
FlagFrance.svg French Calibre 2000 Caliber 2000
FlagGermany.svg German .52 Gallon .52 Gallon
FlagItaly.svg Italian Calibro 2000 Caliber 2000

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