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An 8-ball.

The 8-ball is a mechanic in the Octo Expansion.


The 8-ball is a plastic sphere, made to look like an eight billiard ball. It is a black ball with round pink neon on one side and the number "8" marked on it.

The 8-ball will roll if it is hit by ink, though it can also be moved slightly if the player or an enemy touches it. Additionally, it will roll down slopes automatically. If the player moves it with their ink, it leaves behind a trail of their ink as it rolls and can ink objects such as Inkfurlers. It slows down faster on softer surfaces, such as sponges. If an 8-ball comes into contact with an 8-ball launcher, it is launched in the direction of the launcher. If an 8-ball comes into contact with an 8-ball switch, the switch vanishes and an effect triggers, usually to help the player progress. Most tests in the Octo Expansion that feature 8-balls require the player to guide one to a goal in order to pass. Some tests involve the player controlling more than one 8-ball. If at any time a ball is knocked out of bounds, the test is automatically failed.


8-balls (and other associated objects) appear in the following missions:

Level Use of Ball Other Dedicated Props Stoppers
Extra 8-balls Switch Launcher Bumper Cushion Sponge
A03 B01 Wassup 8-Ball Station Dedicated goal
A08 C03 Bumpin' 8-Ball Station Dedicated goal
B07 Fly 8-Ball Station Movable launchers to hit bumpers
B11 Tubular 8-Ball Station Dedicated goal
C07 Totally 8-Ball Station Clear bumpers to reveal launchpad to standard goal 2
C09 Bodacious 8-Ball Station Dedicated goal
D05 All That 8-Ball Station Billiards-like game to hit switches 2
E04 Heinous 8-Ball Station Dedicated goal
E06 Swass 8-Ball Station Bingo game to make a line of 3 3
B05 G09 Wack 8-Ball Station Dedicated goal

Unreleased multiplayer mode

Unused code in Splatoon 2 suggests that a Ranked Battle mode featuring an 8-ball was in development.[1] This mode would have included an 8-ball at the center of the stage and the players would have had to guide it to the other team's goal.


  • The 8-ball station subtitles are references to the sayings on Magic 8-Balls.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch 8-bal 8-ball
CanadaFrance French Bille 8 Marble 8
Germany German Achterkugel 8-ball
Russia Russian Осьмошар
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Bola 8 8 ball