Akira Tsuneoka

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Akira Tsuneoka
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Full name Akira Tsuneoka
Native name 恒岡章 (つねおか あきら)
Born June 1, 1971
Died February 14, 2023 (aged 51)
Occupation Drummer
Role(s) Drummer for Squid Squad and Front Roe
Instrument(s) Drums
First game Splatoon
Latest game
Splatoon games worked on
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Akira Tsuneoka was a drummer featured in Splatoon's soundtrack. His contributions can be seen in songs by Squid Squad and Front Roe. He was also a founding member of Japanese rock band Hi-STANDARD.

On February 14, 2023, Tsuneoka passed away[1]. He was 51.

Song Credits

As part of Squid Squad

As part of Front Roe