Alterna Space Center Hangar

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01: Alterna Space Center: Entrance
Return of the Mammalians missions
03: Alterna Space Center Lift

Alterna Space Center Hangar
Save Craig Cuttlefish!
Site Alterna Space Center
Fee Power Egg Alternas No Fee
Lives 1
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas None
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas None
Music Hide and Sleek
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Alterna Space Center Hangar
Warning: this is a restricted area. Entry is prohibited. All routes closed while launch sequence initiates. Have a nice day!
O.R.C.A. describing the level

Alterna Space Center Hangar is the second section in the finale leading up to the final boss in Return of the Mammalians.


To pass through this section in the finale, the player will have to clear out several platforms of enemies using a variety of canned specials.


Checkpoint 1

Fairly straightforward, the second section starts off with the player being given a Trizooka to fend off a horde of Octarians. After clearing them out, the player is then given a Wave Breaker for the same purpose, then an Ultra Stamp and a Reefslider. Riding atop an elevating platform will take you to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2

Again, the player is given an Inkstorm to wipe out Octarians. Next up, the player is given a Splashdown, an Ink Vac, and a Triple Inkstrike. In the next area, taking out a lone Octobomber will reward the player with a Crab Tank, and then another one after that.

Final Checkpoint

Just below the player are an Octozeppelin launcher and adjacent platforms. Hopping onto an Octozepplin's wings and riding, avoiding the Octosniper's shots in the process will lead to a floating platform. Just behind the Octosniper is an Inkrail to the next section.

Enemies and Mechanics

First Introduced

Previously Introduced




Agent 1's Quotes

First checkpoint:
Hey, that's a Wave Breaker! Toss that in the middle of a gaggle of Octarians, and watch 'em squirm!
Rising to the top... just like the superstar that you are, Agent 3!
Second checkpoint:
Another elevator... but look what's waiting for us on it. Another Crab Tank!
Final checkpoint:
It can't be a dead end... can it?
Yeah! Take that!

Agent 2's Quotes

First checkpoint:
So much for the area being restricted. Take out the Octarians, and we're in!
Ooo, fun! A Reefslider! Ride that shark into the fray while attacking, and then hit for one last BITE!
Second checkpoint:
Don't forget about Smallfry in times like these. Let your buddy put in some work!
More of 'em ahead. Clear the way with your Crab Tank!
Final checkpoint:
Watch the Octosniper... and your step!

Shiver's Quotes

First checkpoint:
Don't hesitate now, or we'll lose everything! Just listen to our music and stay pumped!
Second checkpoint:
How shocking.

Frye's Quotes

First checkpoint:
They REALLY don't want you to go that way...
Second checkpoint:
YES! That's an Ink Vac. Hold to siphon up the enemy ink, and then send it right back!

Big Man's Quotes

First checkpoint:
Ay! (That was awesome!)
Second checkpoint:
Ay (Keep it up! You've made it so far!)

Names in other languages

Translation needed
Add names in Italian, and Korean. edit
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オルタナ宇宙センター・格納庫

Orutana uchū sentā: kakunōko
Atarime o tasukemashou
Alterna Space Center: Hangar
Save Craig Cuttlefish!
Netherlands Dutch Alterna-ruimtebasis (hangar)
Red Karel Kraak!
Alterna space base (hangar)
Save Craig Cuttlefish!
Canada French (NOA) Centre spatial d'Alterna : hangar
Sauve Anastase MacAlmar!
Alterna Space Center: Hangar
Save Craig Cuttlefish!
France French (NOE) Centre spatial d'Alterna : hangar
Sauve Anastase Macalamar !
Alterna Space Center: Hangar
Save Craig Cuttlefish!
Germany German Raumfahrtzentrum Alterna: Hangar
Rette Karl Kuttelfish!
Alterna Space Center: Hanger
Save Craig Cuttlefish!
Italy Italian Centro spaziale di Alterna: hangar
Salva Sergio Seppia!
Russia Russian Ангар космоцентра Альтерны
Спасите Кальмостара!

Angar kosmotsentra Al'terny
Spasite Kal'mostara!
Alterna space center hangar
Save Cuttlefish!
SpainMexico Spanish Centro espacial de Alterna (hangar)
Rescata a Jerónimo Jibión.
Alterna space center (hangar)
Rescue Craig Cuttlefish.
China Chinese (Simplified) 幻界宇宙中心·仓库

Huànjiè yǔzhòu zhōngxīn·cāngkù
zhěngjiù yúgān.
Alterna space center: Warehouse
Save Cuttlefish.
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 幻界宇宙中心.倉庫
huànjiè yǔjòu jūngshīn tsāngkù
Alterna space center: Warehouse
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