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The start of the Anarchy Splatcast.

The Anarchy Splatcast is a live news broadcast tuned into by residents of Splatsville in Splatoon 3. Hosted by Deep Cut, the show provides news regarding the current stages, the current Anarchy Battle mode, as well as Splatfest and Big Run announcements.

It replaces Inkopolis News from the previous Splatoon games. Unlike Inkopolis News, it is possible for players to listen to Anarchy Splatcast in the background using their Sea-Cucumber Phones, allowing them to perform other activities as it plays.

The set of the Splatcast pulls heavy inspiration from traditional Japanese rakugo storytelling sets, which in the past have been popular radio entertainment in Japan, referenced by the Splatcasts' partial radio nature. Rakugo actors perform sitting on a stage, similar to that of Deep Cut, and use props such as the sensu fan Shiver uses. Shiver in particular can be seen tapping her fan on the kendai book rack in front of her, a gesture commonly used in rakugo to add emphasis.



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You'll also see Shiver, Frye, and Big Man hosting the Anarchy Splatcast daily, providing stage info, Splatfest details, and more. And this is new - you'll be able to tune into the Splatcast while moving around Splatsville normally. We love this change. More time for research!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese バンカラジオ
From bankara (Splatlands) + rajio (radio)
Netherlands Dutch Anarchie-Splatcast Anarchy Splatcast
Canada and France French Anarchie Splatcast Anarchy Splatcast
Germany German Anarchie-Splatcast Anarchy Splatcast
Italy Italian Splatcast Anarchia Anarchy Splatcast
Russia Russian Сплаткаст «Анархия»
Splatkast «Anarkhiya»
Splatcast «Anarchy»
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Radio caótica Chaotic Radio
Spain Spanish (NOE) Tintelia en la Onda Splatlands on the (Radio) Wave
South Korea Korean 카오폴리스 라디오
Kaopolliseu Radio
Splatlands Radio