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A sparrow at Inkopolis Plaza.
Back view.

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Animals are a type of minor creature in the Splatoon series. They are distinguished from other species by the fact that they seem to have undergone little to no changes compared to their ancestors. This is in contrast to intelligent, human-like creatures such as Inklings and Octarians, which have changed dramatically.


Sparrows are a common animal in both Splatoon and Splatoon 2. They appear very similar to Eurasian tree sparrows but are much more round. This may be because of fatness, thick feathers, or simply stylization.

They sit chirping and looking around at various locations, and immediately take off into the air if the player approaches or attempts to ink them. If the player moves a sufficient distance away and has their camera turned away from where the sparrows were, they will return to the same spot and resume chirping.

Callie apparently finds sparrows very cute, she mentions one's appearance near Cuttlefish Cabin in Octo Canyon. This is possibly the only in-game confirmation of them being sparrows compared to other types of birds.


Inkopolis Plaza
  • One sparrow perches on the first small pole to the east of the Arcade Machine.
  • A sparrow sits among the plants at the southern edge of the Plaza.
  • Just south of Judd, a sparrow sits on the ground next to a railing.
  • A pair of sparrows sit on the ground in front of Spyke.
  • A lone sparrow perches above the middle part of the Shooting Range.


Octo Valley



Splatoon 2


A gull at Saltspray Rig.

Gulls are found near bodies of water, gliding in large circles in the air, usually in small groups. They appear to be some type of herring gull.

They do not react to the player's presence, but upon being hit by ink, they flap their wings and squawk. This is mentioned by Callie in regards to Saltspray Rig, stating she feels bad for them when they get inked. On the same stage, Marie remarks that "seagulls are natural predators of squid", but there are no gulls in the series that act aggressively towards Inklings.


Octo Valley

  • A small group of gulls flies around the Inkrail from Area 3 to Area 4.





Butterflies and a sparrow in Inkopolis Plaza.
Two butterflies at Bluefin Depot.

Butterflies are always seen flying about in groups. They can be white or yellow and do not make noise nor react to the player's presence. They are always found near vegetation.

Butterfly groups stay in a fixed area, but the individuals flying around within them are always changing; some disappear and others appear to take their place. The number of butterflies within a group at any given time is also not fixed and can range from one to six depending on the location.


Inkopolis Plaza

  • Many butterflies are found among the plants at the southern edge of the Plaza.

Octo Valley

  • Some butterflies fly around under the western-most tree in Area 2.


  • A small group of butterflies is found at the patch of grass on each of the central areas of Bluefin Depot.


Art of a nudibranch at Museum d'Alfonsino.

While nudibranchs themselves are not present in Splatoon, they are featured in many pieces of art at Museum d'Alfonsino. No two shown are exactly alike, but they share two common features, the first being a pair of large appendages similar to rabbit or dog ears. While real-life nudibranchs do have these (called rhinophores), they are often smaller and almost always thinner, looking more like horns or eyestalks than ears. Their other common feature is their eyes; while real nudibranchs have small, very simple eyes, all nudibranchs depicted in Splatoon have large eyes similar to those of jellyfish. However, both of these traits may be a result of artistic license; the other artwork in the museum is already quite stylized.

One piece of art shows an Inkling-like creature with a nudibranch on a leash, suggesting that they are kept as pets. In Inkopolis Square, there is a missing poster for a nudibranch, similar to the style of a missing pet poster.




Cicadas are not seen, but heard singing in the background. They are present during the day and only at Flounder Heights.

The audio used for cicada songs is similar, if not identical, to that of the Brown Cicada, Walker Cicada, and Robust Cicada from the Animal Crossing series.


Crickets, like cicadas, cannot be seen but are heard singing in the background.



Ducks at snapper canal
Another picture of the ducks

Ducks, likely mallards, appear in Splatoon 2, only at Snapper Canal. On each side of the stage, to the right of the spawn point, eight ducklings can be seen following what appears to be a male adult, indicated by its bright green neck feathers. If the player is close enough, quacking sounds can be heard. The ducks do not react to their presence.


A pigeon at The Reef.
Two pigeons at Inkblot Art Academy

Pigeons, appearing in Splatoon 2, are visually similar to rock doves. They are found sitting or standing in various urban areas, and sometimes look around or peck the ground. Every few seconds, pigeons alternate between having their feathers fluffed up and having them close to their body, making them appear to change in size.

They immediately take off into the air if the player approaches or attempts to ink them. If the player moves a sufficient distance away and has their camera turned away from where the pigeons were, they will return to the same spot.

All pigeons are absent in Octoling Strike as well as the nighttime version of stages used in Splatfests.


  • At Inkblot Art Academy, there is a pair on the ground next to the tree-like sculpture in front of each spawn point.
  • In The Reef, there are two pigeons on the ledge below the spawn point, and two more on the ledge below that.


Turtles are mentioned in Splatoon 2's news dialogue for Ancho-V Games, where Pearl states that employees have a room full of baby turtles to cheer them up, which implies that turtles could be pets.