Annaki Polpo-Pic Tee

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The Annaki Polpo-Pic Tee is clothing in Splatoon 2.
It is a 3-star item produced by Annaki Annaki and comes with the primary ability S2 Ability Run Speed Up.png Run Speed Up. It can be purchased from S2 Icon Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe.png Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe for Cash 6,660 or from S2 Icon SplatNet Gear Shop.png SplatNet Gear Shop for Cash 9,990.


The Annaki Polpo-Pic Tee is a white tank top accompanied with a metal-studded blue bracelet. On the front of the top is the Annaki Annaki logo printed in black, adorned with a green glowing effect and overlaid by a red octopus logo. The name and the appearance make it look as if it was made by cutting the sleeves and collar off of a t-shirt.

Splatoon 2

Annaki Polpo-Pic Tee

Annaki Polpo-Pic Tee

S2 Icon Clothing.png
Brand Annaki Annaki
Ability S2 Ability Run Speed Up.png Run Speed Up
Cost Cash 6,660
SplatNet 2 Cash 9,990
Rarity Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-full.png


The Annaki Polpo-Pic Tee comes with S2 Ability Run Speed Up.png Run Speed Up as a main ability when purchased from shop or ordered from Murch. When purchased from SplatNet 2, it can have any other ability normally available to Clothing. As a 3-star item, the Annaki Polpo-Pic Tee has three additional slots for secondary abilities. Since it is made by the Annaki Annaki brand, it has a higher chance of rolling S2 Ability Main Power Up.png Main Power Up and a lower chance of rolling S2 Ability Special Saver.png Special Saver to fill its secondary ability slots.



Polpo is Italian for octopus and Pic is short for picture.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese アナアキT ポルポピック
Anaaki T Porupo-Pikku
Annaki Tee Polpo-Pic[note 1]
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Annaki-shirt met octologo Annaki shirt with octo logo
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) Débardeur pouple Aroz Annaki octopus tank top[note 2]
FlagGermany.svg German Annaki-Oktoprint-Shirt Annaki octo print shirt
FlagItaly.svg Italian Canotta Annak stampa polpo Annaki octopus print tank top[note 3]
FlagRussia.svg Russian «Тентак» от Панкасиуса
«Tentak» ot Pankasiusa
"Tentak" by Annaki[note 4]
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Camiseta Annak sin mangas Annaki sleeveless tee[note 3]

Translation notes

  1. "アナアキ" / "Anaaki" is the Japanese name of Annaki
  2. "Aroz" is the French name of Annaki
  3. 3.0 3.1 "Annak" is the Italian and Spanish name of Annaki
  4. "Тентак" / "Tentak" is short for "Тентакль" / "Tentakl" (tentacle) | "Панкасиус" / "Pankasiusa" is the Russian name of Annaki

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