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Area 2 from above

Area 2 is the second area of Octo Valley in Splatoon. Agent 3 unlocks this area after completing all missions in Area 1 and completing The Mighty Octostomp!, in which access is gained through an Inkrail. It has six standard Kettles, one Boss Kettle.


  • Mission #4: Gusher Gauntlet
    • Location: In the far right corner of the area, on top of a platform.
  • Mission #6: Propeller-Lift Playground
    • Location: Turn left and walk toward the middle and largest pillar, the kettle is on top.
  • Mission #7: Spreader Splatfest
    • Location: Can be found in the Southern east of the area on a small tower.
  • Mission #8: Octoling Invasion
    • Location: Located on the highest tower on the Western north corner of the area.
  • Mission #9: Unidentified Flying Object
    • Location: Can be found by inking a wall near the left side and then jumping one platform to the one where the kettle is.
  • Mission B2: The Dreaded Octonozzle!
    • Location: The Boss Kettle is located on a cylindrical platform in the center of the area, and the player must ink a path up the side.



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