Ruins of Ark Polaris

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Ruins of Ark Polaris

Ruins of Ark Polaris

Added in 7 November 2018
Total area
Features Ride rails
Hazards Water

The Ruins of Ark Polaris is a Salmon Run exclusive online multiplayer stage in Splatoon 2. It was made available at The Shoal with the release of Version 4.2.0 on 7 November 2018.


The sky on the stage is perpetually darker than other Salmon Run stages. While other Salmon Run stages take place during the early parts of the sunset during their normal waves, Ruins of Ark Polaris takes place at late dusk.

The background features the tail of the titular space shuttle, which was later revealed in the Alterna Logs in Return of the Mammalians to have been a colony ship originally intended to find a new world for humanity to inhabit. An accident near the edge of the solar system forced it to return to Earth, and without enough fuel to make a safe landing it remained in orbit for ten thousand years before crashing, killing all of its crew and cryopreserved life forms except for the experimental subject Bear No. 3. The Ark Polaris has worn-out text reading "PRIVATE PROPERTY" in English, as well as featuring giant letters spelling "ICA". There's a city in the background with many buildings that are still active. In night waves, the lights in the buildings turn off.

Some walls on the stage feature signs reading "Active Bear Area" in English. Bear tracks can be seen on the ground at low tide.


Ruins of Ark Polaris features an elevated platform in the center with three ramps leading to the ground. The central platform has two ride rails that both encircle half of the top platform. Two of the ramps provide an additional level in-between the lower level and the top platform. The third ramp leads down to a sandbar behind the structure. During low tide, the water recedes to reveal a shoreline with a central area and outer sandbar ring separated by a crescent of water.

Notable locations

  • Tower: The main feature of the stage is its immense verticality. The basket is located at the topmost of the tower with three ramp paths leading up. There are also inkable walls to make climbing easier.
  • Lower Ride Rails: Five ride rails are located on the lower portions of the map. Three on the front side of the map and three on the back side, all these rails will act as quick and easy ways to take players, even those in lifesavers, back to the basket.
  • Upper Ride Rails: On the top of the map, there are two ride rails on opposing sides of the area, they both circle the top of the map and can be chained together.
  • Rear Beach: There is a small beach at the back of the tower.
  • Lowtide Sandbar: During low tide, this sandbar will be revealed. It is an open area with a horseshoe-shaped pool of water. The basket will be located at the center with ride rails leading in and outwards.


  • During high tide, the water will rise leaving only the top level and the pathways below it, rending the lower ride rails inaccessible. Salmonids will spawn from one of three paths.
  • During low tide, the water recedes to reveal a shoreline with a central area and outer sandbar ring separated by a crescent of water. The central area contains the basket and has ride rails leading to the outer ring. The outer ring also has ride rails leading to the center. There are paths of shallow water in the crescent that divides the inner and outer area that the Salmonid can cross at will.

Also, the Grizzco boat is within one DU of the sandbar and coming up close with it allows the player to hear the beginning music clip.



  • The "Active Bear Area" signs depict a larger bear (Ursa Major) on the sign above and a smaller bear on the sign below (Ursa Minor).
    • The bear warning signs are a reference to Mr. Grizz and the other bears who were brought onto the ship.
  • With the exception of Splatfest Tees for Splatfests that promote real-world brands, this stage features one of the few in-game appearances of any written English language.
  • This stage marks the second appearance of ride rails in a multiplayer stage after Railway Chillin' and the first appearance in a regular stage.
  • Using the specials Sting Ray, Inkjet, and Splashdown while on the ride rail results in the player dropping off. Using Sting Ray and Inkjet prevent the player from getting on the ride rails.


"Ark" may be a reference to the biblical story of Noah's Ark, with the Ark Polaris similarly being a ship intended to carry and preserve Earth's species during an apocalypse involving heavy flooding. Polaris is the name of a star in the constellation Ursa Minor.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 朽ちた箱舟 ポラリス
Kuchita Hakobune Porarisu
Decayed Ark Polaris
Netherlands Dutch Raketrustplaats Rocket resting place
CanadaFrance French Station Polaris Polaris Station
Germany German Arche Polaris Ark Polaris
Italy Italian Arca Polaris Ark Polaris
Russia Russian Бульконурский остов
Bul'konurskiy ostov
A frame of Bulkonur, A pun on Байконур, "Baikonur" (a city in Kazakhstan and home to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the world's first space launch facility) with буль, an onomatopoeia for popping bubbles.
SpainMexico Spanish Lanzadera Polaris Polaris Shuttle
 Internal Shakeride Salmon Ride Rails