Back-Alley Cleanup

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Back-Alley Cleanup
˜ Suck It Up ˜
Number 7
Area 2
Sheldon's Request Hero Shot
Items 1 Scroll, 1 Sardinium, 4 Armor
Music Octo Eight-Step
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Back-Alley Cleanup

Back-Alley Cleanup is the seventh mission of Splatoon 2's single player mode Octo Canyon. It uses many Squee-Gs and Industrial Squee-Gs. It is the first level to use Industrial Squee-Gs.

Octo Canyon

The Kettle for this mission is on a platform to the right of Suction-Cup Lookout. To get to it, swim up the platform to the right of the Boss Kettle, and in squid form, use the Dash track. The kettle is on the platform you land on.



Back-Alley Cleanup Stats
Area Enemies Armor Special Weapon Sunken Scroll Sardinium Crust Bucket Ticket
Beginning Area 3x Shielded Twintacle Octotrooper N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 1 1x Octotrooper 1x Armor N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 2 2x Octotroopers, 1x Shielded Octotrooper, 1x Sprinkler 1x Armor N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 3 2x Octotroopers, 1x Octobomber 1x Armor N/A Yes N/A N/A
Checkpoint 4 3x Octotroopers, 1x Octocopter 1x Armor N/A N/A Yes N/A
Checkpoint 5 1x Octotrooper N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Final Checkpoint 6x Shielded Octotroopers, 4x Octotrooper 1x Armor N/A N/A N/A N/A


The player spawns on top of a walkway leading left, and a pit filled with Octarian ink and three Shielded Twintacle Octotroopers below them. Proceeding forward will cause an Industrial Squee-G to break through a set of crates and gives the player an introduction on how they work: they will move to clean up all ink in an area, and can splat enemies. The player is suggested to simply proceed forward via the walkway, but should the player fall into the pit, they can leave via a Gusher back to the walkway, or an inkable wall in the crevice housing the Industrial Squee-G the player can climb up. The end of the island has a Ride rail that brings the player to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1

Ink the wall and climb up it before the Squee-G cleans it. Splat the Octotrooper on top, and attract the Industrial Squee-G on the other side with bombs, preferably the Autobomb, as they do not roll or move. Hop onto it and throw bombs to attract into going to the other side. Hit the ride rail and proceed to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2

Hit the Gusher to get on top. Walk along the path and defeat the Octotroopers and Shielded Octotroopers on the way. Break the sprinkler ahead, let the Squee-G take care of the mess, and head to the launchpad to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3

Bring the Industrial Squee-G ahead and hop on it. Bring it to the other side so as to get onto the platform with the launchpad. If you fall off, climb onto one of the blocks on the sides or in the middle.

Checkpoint 4

Drop off and splat the two Octotroopers. Head to the right, cross the grate, and climb the structure ahead, splatting the Octocopter and Octotrooper ahead. The top of the structure sits a key and a ride rail to get back. Head to the vault ahead to unleash the Industrial Squee-G. Lure it back to the big platform along the thin passage, move around it, and use the gusher to reach the launchpad to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 5

Drop off and get onto the block ahead, to ink and climb up the platform ahead. Splat the Octotrooper and get to the final checkpoint.

Final Checkpoint

Splat the Shielded Octotrooper and break the crates behind it to the right. Grab the key from the crates, unlock the Industrial Squee-G, then either board it or head up the passage on the left and let it scramble with the Shielded Octotroopers and Octotroopers. The player will eventually have to get on the Squee-G to ink and get on the platform with the Zapfish.


Sunken Scroll

Many travelers find themselves in Inkopolis Square at some point in their journey. Youth from far-flung seas gather in this colorful hub of comings, goings, meetings, and farewells.

Location: After Checkpoint 3, get past the Industrial Squee-G, and once you get onto the T-shaped platform with the launchpad, look for an opening on your right. Jump down through the opening and go left to find the crate with the scroll.

Scroll location


Location: After Checkpoint 5, get onto the platform with the key to open the door of the cage of the Squee-G, and ride the inkrail back. Jump at the end of the rail onto the glass platform that holds the Sardinium.

Sardinium location


Back-Alley Cleanup has 4 pieces of armor to collect.

Armor 1 Location: The first piece of armor is on the giant Squee-G after checkpoint 1.

Armor 2 Location: The second piece of armor is on the grate to the right after checkpoint 2.

Armor 3 Location: The third piece of armor is on the giant Squee-G of checkpoint 3.

Armor 4 Location: The fourth piece of armor is in the crate directly to the right of the final checkpoint.

Enemies and Mechanics

First Introduced

Previously Introduced



Marie's Quotes

Something smells fishy...and it's not my breath.
Whuuuuuu?! That's the biggest Squee-G I've ever seen!
Don't let that thing sanitize you!
That giant Squee-G is indestructible. Just try to get past it.
Dead end. Is there any way around this?
Looks like it doesn't notice when you climb on its back. Interesting...
Ya know-there's something about these giant Squee-Gs that's kinda totally adorable.
Don't go falling to your doom, now. I'm pretty invested in you at this point.
Deep-fry those scrubs lickety-splat!
Another huge Squee-G!
Take the high ground!
YEE-HAW! Ride 'em, squidkid!
Hmm... These walls are inkproof, so you can't climb them.
Agent 4, you're my hero.
There's a locked door up ahead.
All right, let's get that door open.
Looks like there's something on the other side of the door.
There's the Zapfish. Just a bit farther.
A key!
Uh... Maybe use the key to open this door here?
Go, my pet, and do my bidding! I was talking to the giant Squee-G.
Nice work, Squee-G. You did OK too, Agent 4. Now go free the Zapfish!

Sheldon's Quotes

Weapon Request:
Ok, take this with you. It'll help me gather some practical battle data.
During the Level:
It's an industrial sized Squee-G! That sucker can clean anything!
Remember-Industrial Squee-Gs react to ink!
You may want to consider feed it a big puddle of bomb ink to keep it occupied.

Netherlands Dutch

Marie's Quotes

  • "Het is hier niet pluis..."
    (Something is not right here...)
  • "WAAAAAAH?! Dat is de grootste Verfschraper die ik ooit heb gezien!"
    (WAAAAAAH?! That is the largest Squee-G I ever have seen!)
  • "Die gigantische Verfschraper is niet kapot te krijgen, dus probeer erlangs te komen."
    (That gigantic Squee-G is indestructible, so try to get past it.)
  • "Laat je niet te grazen nemen!"
    (Don't let you get caught!)
  • "Misschien is er wel een omweg..."
    (Maybe there is a detour...)
  • "Voorzichtig!"
  • "Als je op zijn rug klimt, merkt hij er niks van..."
    (If you climb up his back, he doesn't notice it...)
  • "Ik weet niet waarom, maar ik vind die Verfschrapers toch zo schattig!"
    (I don't know why, but I do think those Squee-G are so cute!)
  • "Kijk uit, val er niet in! Ik ben namelijk best aan je gehecht geraakt."
    (Look out, don't fall into it! Because I have become quite attached to you.)
  • "Die gasten hebben schilden! Maar dat moet geen probleem voor je zijn."
    (Those guys have shields! But that shouldn't be a problem for you.)
  • "Nog zo'n enorme Verfschraper XL!"
    (Another such an enormous Industrial Squee-G!)
  • "Zorg dat je bovenop komt!"
    (Make sure that you get on top!)
  • "Probeer hem met inkt de weg te wijzen."
    (Try to guide it the way with ink.)
  • "Agent 4, je bent mijn held."
    (Agent 4, you are my hero.)
  • "Hmm... Die muren zijn inktwerend, dus je kunt ze niet beklimmen."
    (Hmm... Those walls are ink-resistant, so you can't climb them.)
  • "Daar verderop is er een slot."
    (There is a locked door further on.)
  • "Daar is... iets... aan de andere kant van de deur."
    (There is... something... on the other side of the door.)
  • "Vind de sleutel!"
    (Find a key!)
  • "Laten we dat slot open zien te krijgen."
    (Let's see that we get that locked door open.)
  • "Maak dat je wegkomt!"
    (Get out of there!)
  • "Daar is de voltvis. Je bent er bijna."
    (There is the Zapfish. You are almost there.)
  • "Daar is de sleutel!"
    (There is the key!)
  • "Een sleutel... Moeten we daar die deur mee openen?"
    (A key... Are we suppose to open the door with that.)
  • "Ga, lieverd, en doe wat ik wil! (Ik heb het tegen de enorme Verfschraper.)[sic]"
    (Go, sweatheart, and do what I want! (I am talking to the enormous Squee-G.))
  • "Wat een klim. De voltvis is net even verderop."
    (What a climb. That Zapfish is just a little further on.)
After beating the mission for the first time:
  • "Als je van wapen wilt wisselen, druk dan op ."
    (If you want to switch weapons, then press .)

Krabbert's Quotes

Order van Krabbert:
  • "Gebruik dit wapen maar snel, dan kan ik de gegevens ervan analyseren!"
    (Use this weapon quickly, then I can analyze the data of it!)
Mission quotes:
  • "Dat is een Verfschraper XL! Die maakt korte metten met alle inkt!"
    (That is a Industrial Squee-G! That one makes short work of all ink!)
  • "Verfschrapers reageren op inkt, vergeet dat niet!"
    (Squee-Gs react to ink, don't forget that!)
  • "Je zou een bom kunnen gebruiken om een grote inktplas voor hem te maken!"
    (You could use a bomb to make a large ink puddle for it!)


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 大掃除だよ裏通り #

Ōsōji Dayo Uradōri #
Puro ga Oshieru Kirei Jutsu
It's a General Cleaning at Back-Alley:
Cleanup Techniques the Pro Teaches
Netherlands Dutch Schoon schip maken Make a clean sweep
Canada French (NOA) - Le grand nettoyage -
Tout doit disparaître
- The big clean -
Everything must disappear
France French (NOE) - Réseau routier -
Le grand nettoyage
- Road network -
The great cleaning
Germany German Mega-Putz in der Seitengasse Mega-cleaning in the back alley
Italy Italian Tutela dell'ambiente:
gli zelanti scolorator!
Environmental protection:
the zealous Squee-G's![a]
Russia Russian Закоулки осьмотауна
«Большая зачистка»

Zakoulki os'motauna
«Bol'shaya zachistka»
The crannies of octotown
"The great cleaning"
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Callejón entintado
˜Limpieza industrial˜
Inked up alley
˜Industrial cleaning˜
Spain Spanish (NOE) Raspatintas desbocados Runaway Squee-G's[b]

Translation notes

  1. Scolorator is the Italian name for "Squee-G"
  2. Raspatinta is the Spanish (NoE) name for "Squee-G"