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Far be it from me to complain, but don't you think Barnacle & Dime is overly vast?
— Shiver
Totally. Not even you could shop the whole thing in one day.
— Frye

Barnacle & Dime is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 3. It is located inside a supercenter mall. It is also one of the stages that can have Tricolor Turf Wars. It was reworked on 30 May 2024.


The spawn region is fairly wide with another drop down as the main spawn region. To the far right is a path that goes over an uninkable and then leads to some high ground allowing poking to the middle of the stage. Going straight leads to another drop going to a pit with a block allowing access to the spawn. The middle of the stage features a slightly lower area to the left as another way to enter the middle of the stage. Going straight leads to slightly higher ground with some forms of cover. The center of the stage features some uninkable blocks around the edges and an inkable diagonal box in the very center.

Ranked Battle Terrain

In Ranked Battles, specifications for the terrain or placement of objects are different between the modes; these changes create new paths or new objects to take cover behind.

Splat Zones

The Splat Zone is located in the center of the stage. The stage is unchanged.

Tower Control

The Tower starts in the center of the stage, replacing the blocks normally there. From there, it goes left onto the raised area and then straight before turning left again onto the opponents raised area then straight to the goal. The raised areas on the right of the spawn have been shrunk, only going halfway as far and the ground next to the uninkable is around the same level as the uninkable. An Inkrail has been added at the very end of this area.

In Splatoon 3, checkpoints have been added:
Checkpoint Location Timer (Seconds) Progress Amount
Before After Total
1 The first checkpoint is located slightly left from the tower's starting position. 7.5 90 75 15
2 The second checkpoint is located at the top of the opposing team's ramp that enters mid. 6 45 33 12


The Rainmaker is located on the stack of blocks in the middle. The checkpoint is located behind the raised area in the middle, before entering the opponent's base. The stage is most similar to the Tower Control layout, except for adding more cover in spawn and an uninkable staircase allowing another way to the pedestal.

Clam Blitz

The Clam Basket is located on each team's pit with a bump being added. The right side is similar to in Rainmaker but the box and grate is there next to the uninkable. The small pieces of cover is replaced by the Clam Basket and the Sponge from Tower Control is present.

Splatoon 3

Barnacle & Dime

Barnacle & Dime

Added in Sizzle Season 2023 (4.0.0)
Total area 2,274p
Features Inkrails (TC)(RM)(CB)
Hazards Water

Version 4.0.0 to 7.2.0

Barnacle & Dime debuted in Splatoon 3 as part of the Sizzle Season 2023.

Version 8.0.0

The image released on social media announcing changes to Barnacle & Dime.
Last, but not least, Barnacle & Dime has news to share:
"Barnacle & Dime will be closed for renovations from 5/29 5pm PT until our reopen on 5/30 7pm PT, when we'll once again become your premiere oasis for shopping and battling fun."

Barnacle & Dime underwent a major renovation starting with version 8.0.0.

Changes include:

  • A small amount of the right immediate spawn area has been extended and raised.
  • The walls on the left side after the immediate spawn area has been removed, and the grates there has been extended as well.
  • The glass bridge now has been turned into a wooden bridge.
  • The snipe area has been reworked and made wider than before.
  • A new lower area to the left of snipe was added. A grated platform was added from the back of the snipe area to the lower area, connected by a pole.
  • Various ramps and covers have been added throughout the stage.
  • The central structure has been reworked.


Barnacle & Dime was available in the following Splatfests as a Tricolor Turf War stage in Splatoon 3:

Big Run

Barnacle & Dime is the site of the fifth Big Run in Chill Season 2023. Its layout features many additional inkable blocks to provide extra vertical mobility. There are six Gushers on the stage, of which three are active on low tide and two each are active on normal and high tides. Normal and high tides both take place in the middle of the stage with the Egg Basket in the exact middle of the stage, while low tide takes place at Team Alpha's spawn with the Egg Basket on a raised ledge near where players spawn in. The Egg Basket's hitbox is extended downward due to its placement on a tall platform during low tide. All Known Occurrences that can take place during Big Runs may occur.

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to ink under certain obstacles and have it count as turf inked.
  • Fixed an issue in Tower Control mode where players could be pushed by the tower and become stuck inside terrain.
  • Fixed an issue in where some boxes placed on the stage were not displaying on the Turf Map.
  • Changed terrain in all modes to increase routes into the center and options for strategic points.


After 8.0.0



SRL here again! Buckle your Science Seat Belt (patent pending), because we've got tons of info for you. First, check out the new Barnacle & Dime stage in Splatsville! It's an upscale mall with a fancy fountain that doubles as a battleground. Shop, save, and splat all at once!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]
#Splatoon3 takes a trip to the mall when the new Turf War stage, Barnacle & Dime, arrives in Sizzle Season 2023.
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[2]
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  • Barnacle & Dime is one of Deep Cut's sponsors.[3]
  • When there is one minute left in Turf War, the fountains at the distance will light up and shoot out more water.
  • Off to the distance, clothing that has yet to be added to the game can be seen on promotional cutouts of cephalopods outside of a store.
  • The bathrooms can be translated into "Dansei, Genderless, and Josei", which means "Male, Genderless, and Female".
  • When near the alpha spawn it is possible to hear the various versions of Dripping with Style.
    • However, this is muted during online matches, so this can only be heard in recon.
  • During a Big Run, the glass dome on the ceiling of the building is partially broken.


"Barnacle & Dime" is a pun on 'barnacle', a type of aquatic arthropod, and 'nickel and dime', which means charging a large amount of money over time by way of many small payments.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タラポートショッピングパーク
Tarapōto shoppingu pāku
Tara-port [a] Shopping Park
Netherlands Dutch Winkelcentrum Poon & Zeehaan Shopping Center Sea Robin & Tub Gurnard[b]
CanadaFrance French Halles de Port-merlu Port Hake Market
Germany German Talerfisch & Pock Silvertip Tetra & Pock, "Taler" is also the name of ancient German coins
Italy Italian Empolporio Portmanteau of emporio ("emporium") and polpo ("octopus")
Russia Russian УсоногТорг
Barnacle Market
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Unicentro Carite Carite Unicenter
Spain Spanish (NOE) Centro Comercial Fletán Fletán Mall
China Chinese (Simplified) 塔拉波特购物公园
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 塔拉波特購物公園
tǎlābōtè gòuwù gōngyuán (Mandarin)
Tara-port Shopping Park
South Korea Korean 대구 포트 쇼핑 파크
daegu poteu syoping pakeu
Pacific cod port Shopping Park
 Internal Section [4]

Translation notes

  1. From Tara ("cod") and Lalaport
  2. Reference to the former department store Vroom & Dreesmann.