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S3 Barreleye Manga Character.png
Species Octoling
Hair color Yellow
Eye color Unknown
Gender Male
Relations Unnamed sister
Location Splatsville
Maximum HP
Other forms
I'm one of the Best 8 of Splatsville!
— Barreleye introducing himself.

Barreleye is a character from the Splatoon manga. He first appeared in Volume 18.


Barreleye is a male Octoling with the "Surfcurl" hairstyle. While his eye color is unknown, his hair color is yellow. Because of the placement of his glasses, it is unknown what type of eyebrows he has. Barreleye wears the Ink-Tinted Goggles, Red Battlecrab Shell, "Baggy sweatpants" leg wear, and Turbo Tabi Red. Barreleye uses the Range Blaster.


Barreleye is portrayed as somewhat air-headed, he does not think before he speaks and often trails off during his sentences. However, his air-headed personality does not mean he is completely stupid, as he can strategize at certain times. Barreleye is also kind-hearted, as he manages to give Braid advice on being more confident.


  • Barreleye does not like the usage of Ocho's Black Labels.
  • He is one of The Best 8 of Splatsville.
  • Goggles often mistakes Barreleye's hair for chocolate cornets, he also mistakes Stripe Helm's hair as chocolate cornets as well.
  • Barreleye's design and appearance are based on "YARRwhal" from Splatoon 3's promotional art.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese デメニギス