Barry C.

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Barry C.
S3 Artbook Barry C.png
Sketch of Barry C., as seen in The Art of Splatoon 3
Hair color
Eye color
Age 41[1]
Gender Male
Location Splatsville
Shop Hotlantis (manager and store owner)
Maximum HP
Other forms
Oh. Hey. You've bought a lot of stuff from this place... Barry had a special message for that. He wanted me to thank you for being such a loyal customer. Then he had this whole bit where I'm supposed to give a "funny" speech and present you with a badge... I'm just gonna give this to you. Way to consume, consumer.

Barry C. is the manager of Splatsville's general store Hotlantis. He is mentioned in Splatoon 3 by Harmony and Sunken Scroll 17. He is known to frequently vanish,[2] which is why he is never seen in the game. Because of this, he left the duty of managing Hotlantis to Harmony, a frequent customer of the shop. Harmony mentions that Barry left instructions for her telling her to give badges to loyal customers and congratulate them for reaching a high level. He has a social media page, as seen in Sunken Scroll 17, in which he announces that he is allowing Harmony to manage Hotlantis.

Barry C. appears to be a barracuda, which is somewhat ironic in that barracudas are predatory fish known for their aggressive behavior, in contrast to Barry's friendly, outgoing personality shown in Sunken Scroll 17 and Harmony's dialogue about him.



The name "Barry C." is derived from "barracuda".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese カマスダ[3]
From kamasu ("barracuda")
Netherlands Dutch Barry K. Similar to English
Germany German Barry Q. Similar to English
Italy Italian Cudabarra Inversion of "barracuda"
Russia Russian Барри
SpainMexico Spanish Diverto
China Chinese (Simplified) 梭田
Suō tián
From 梭鱼 (Barra cuda)