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A replay being watched

Battle replay is a feature introduced in Splatoon 3 that can be accessed via the Lobby Terminal in the lobby. It allows the player to watch a recreation of past battles.


The battle replay feature lets a player view a re-creation of recent battles, with camera tools similar to Spectator View in Splatoon 2 and controls to pause and rewind the battle. The player has the ability to mark points in the recording as "Highlights". Up to five battle replays can be marked as favorite.

Battle replays can be uploaded to the cloud and searched for using the Replay Code feature. Any player can view a replay as long as they have the correct Replay Code. Battle replays can only be played on the version of the game they were created in. This means if the game updates, all previous battle replays will become inaccessible.


Camera Controls

Battle replay's Camera Controls
  • Special-Gauge Values ON/OFF: While holding , pressing toggles the special gauge values. These values are numbers from 0-99 shown on the top of the screen next to a player's icon and signify how close a player is to a full special gauge. If a player's special gauge is full, no number is shown.
  • Autocamera ON/OFF: While holding , pressing toggles the Autocamera. If toggled on, the camera will automatically switch between focusing on a player and the current objective. The player can switch who the Autocamera focuses on by pressing .
  • Top-Down Camera: Allows the player to switch to a top-down view of the replay by pressing and flicking up. Clicking while in this view turns Zoom on or off. If Zoom is on, can be used to move the camera, while can be used to rotate the camera.
  • Player Camera: Allows switching between different players' perspectives. Holding and pressing the buttons switches between Alpha Team players while pressing the buttons switches between Bravo Team players.
    • In Tricolor Turf War battle replays, the diamond switches between Defending Team players. The up and down buttons switch between Attacking Team A players, while the left and right buttons switch between Attacking Team B players.
  • Objective Camera: Allows the player to switch to a view of the current Objective (e.g. Clam Blitz basket, Tower Control tower) by holding and flicking down. Flicking left and right switches between different Objectives, provided the current mode has more than one.
  • Show Map: Pressing shows the map of the current stage.

Memory Controls

Battle replay's Memory Controls
  • Pause/Play: Allows the player to pause or resume the current replay by pressing .
  • View Graph: Shows the player a graph listing all the events of a match by pressing .
  • Fast-Forward: Speeds up the replay by holding + .
  • Nav Bar: Holding shows the navigation bar. The player can flick to move around the navigation bar, and then jump to the new position in the navigation bar with . Clicking returns the player to the current position in the navigation bar.
  • Set Highlight: While the Nav Bar is visible, the player is able to set a Highlight by clicking . A Highlight is a flag on the navigation bar. Up to five Highlights can be set at a time, and the player can quickly navigate between them by flicking .

Miscellaneous Controls

  • Menu: Brings up a menu with , pausing the replay in the process. The menu has 3 buttons: Continue, Start Over and Quit Replay. Continue resumes the replay, Start Over rewinds the replay to the beginning, and Quit Replay exits out of the replay completely.
  • Hide: Allows the player to hide the battle replay interface with .


Here's a closer look at the lobby terminal. You can use it to view recent battle results and even watch replay footage! Hey, you could use this like a sports star - watching film for hours before the big game. Or you could just check out everyone's gear, which sounds more relaxing.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]



  • Players can temporarily modify their lobby and Splatsville ink color by viewing a replay. Upon exiting, the player's ink color matches the ink color in the replay. This does not work during Splatfests and also does not work with Splatfest replays.
  • Matches that have ended prematurely due to disconnections do not get recorded, and therefore do not show up as battle replays.

Names in other languages

Battle replay
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese バトルメモリー
batoru memorī
Battle memory
Netherlands Dutch Herhaling Repeat
CanadaFrance French vidéo de match
Germany German Kampferinnerung
Italy Italian replay
Russia Russian Повтор боя
Povtor boya
Battle replay
SpainMexico Spanish repetición de combate
China Chinese (Simplified) 对战记忆
duìzhàn jìyì
Battle memory
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 對戰記憶
duìzhàn jìyì (Mandarin)
deoi3 zin3 gei3 jik1 (Cantonese)
Battle memory
South Korea Korean 배틀 메모리
Translate logo.svg Internal BattleMemory[2] -
View Replays
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese メモリープレーヤー
memorī purēyā
Memory Player
Netherlands Dutch Herhalingen
CanadaFrance French Vidéos
Germany German Kampf-erinnerungen
Italy Italian Replay
Russia Russian Повторы
SpainMexico Spanish Repeticiones
China Chinese (Simplified) 记忆播放器
jìyì bòfàng qì
Memory Player
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 記憶播放器
jìyì bòfàng qì (Mandarin)
gei3 jik1 bo3 fong3 hei3 (Cantonese)
Memory Player
South Korea Korean 메모리 플레이어