Beaker's Depot

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Beaker's Depot

Beaker's Depot is the third section of Octo Canyon of Splatoon 2. The area holds 5 Kettles and one boss kettle. The area also holds some mechanics, such as Ride rails, Propellers, Grapplinks, and moving platforms. The only obstacle that are against Agent 4 are Sprinklers.


  • Mission #10: Octoseeker Shakedown
    • Location: Aboard the Ride Rail and head left. There are a set of moving platforms. Get on the Moving platform that is vertical, and wait to get on the platform moving horizontal. There is a sprinkler on the horizontal moving platform, but doesn't have to be broken. Once of the horizontal platform, there are 3 more sprinklers on a path. Get rid of all the sprinklers and move on the path. Once at the end of the path, the kettle is there at the dead end of the path.
  • Mission #11: The Floating Garden
    • Location: When the player first arrives at sector 3, ignore the ride rail and the propeller and there is some area on the left side. There is a skill used to reach this area. There is a horizontal Grate behind the vertical grate, so to reach this kettle, plant some ink, swim and make the jump. Once past the vertical grate, get out of squid form to make sure that Agent 4 doesn't die.
  • Mission #12: Octo-Resort Spring
    • Location: Once after the first ride rail, head right to a propeller, and climb up a small wall. After the climb, break the armored Crate and it'll hold another ride rail. Once the Ride Rail is activated, a secondary ride rail will activate as well. Once of the second Ride-Rail, be sure to go into squid form to get through the grate. If not, Agent 4 will become idle while on the ride rail, and then hop off of the ride rail.
  • Mission #13: Dancing Floors
    • Location: Once at first arrival to Sector 3, take the propeller on the right. The alternative way to reach this kettle is to throw sub and hope to find the kettle. But the real way to find the kettle is that while on the propeller, be sure to find a Grapplink in between one of the towers-like platforms. It's best to use a Hero Charger.
  • Mission #14: Parking Garage
    • Location: Use the same way as to access the kettle for Mission 10, but instead of continuing the path, there is a grapplink that can be seen. Shoot at the grapplink, and walk on the grate. There is a kettle at the end of that path.
  • Mission #15: Octoling Assault
    • Location: Once after the first ride rail, head right, use the propeller, and climb up the small wall. Head right, and there is another small wall to climb with a short path. Be aware that there is a sprinkler attempting to guard the kettle and some of the ink from the sprinkler can hit the wall to get on for this kettle. Throw a Splat Bomb or Autobomb and make sure it is between the grates. Once it detonates, the sprinkler will be destroyed.
  • Mission 3B: The Octostomp Returns
    • Location: After the first ride rail, shoot at the Grapplink in front and activate the ride rail. Make sure to use the Hero Charger and charge it at one of the 2 Grapplinks. Agent 4 will now be on the boss kettle area.



At the entry of this sector, go on the propeller and shoot at the grapplink. Find a way to get on the tower-like platforms. Once founded, there is a small crate that holds the Sardinium.

Sunken Scroll

There is a balloon in the gap of Mission 10. Pop the balloon to continue the search of the Scroll. The next set of balloons are near the ride rail which leads Agent 4 back to the entry. The third balloon is on the path of the ride rail. Get on the ride rail to reach the balloon. The same is with the fourth balloon, but it is continuing the ride rail path. The fifth Balloon goes back to the foyer of the sector. The sixth balloons comes in 3, but they separate quickly. The seventh balloon is at the propeller to reach missions 12 and 15. The Last balloon is now in a hiding place, there is a small crate and an armored crate.

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Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Medusamagazijn Jellyfish warehouse[note 1]
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) Bastion Branchies
FlagGermany.svg German Schnabel-Depot
FlagItaly.svg Italian Bastione Branchia
FlagRussia.svg Russian Стройбаза «Красный Клюв»
Stroybaza «Krasnyy Klyub»
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Bastión Branquia

Translation notes

  1. A "Medusa" is the term of non-polyp form of cnidarians.

Octo Canyon missions