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This page is about the upcoming special weapon from Splatoon 3. For the similarly named special weapon from Splatoon, see Bubbler. For the similarly-named special weapon from Splatoon 2, see Bubble Blower.

The Big Bubbler[1] is an upcoming special weapon in Splatoon 3.


The Big Bubbler consists of three parts: the barrier generator, its launcher, and the barrier itself. The launcher is an Inkling (or Octoling) sized spinning top launcher which changes color to match the user's ink, faces upwards, and has a Squid Beakon-esque contraption at the top. It has a black ripcord, which is pulled off when the the generator is launched upwards. The generator itself has an hemispherical shape, changes color to match the user's ink, and has a white aerial screw on the top as its propeller. The barrier itself is a big, blue, translucent sphere with light blue lines.

Splatoon 3

Big Bubbler

Big Bubbler

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When deployed, it creates a temporary, immobile, spherical barrier with the barrier generator at the barrier's top. The barrier itself cannot be penetrated by enemy ink and detonates enemy bombs on contact. The shield shrinks if the generator is hit by enemy ink. It is currently unknown if the Squid Beakon on the launcher is purely aesthetic or can be Super Jumped to. As of the Release Date Revealed trailer, it is a part of the Splat Roller's set.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese グレートバリア
gurēto baria
Great Barrier
Netherlands Dutch Joekelschild Whopper shield[note 1]
France French (NOE) Super bouclier Super shield
Germany German Kugelschild Pro Spherical Shield Pro
Italy Italian Gran bolla scudo Great bubble shield
Russia Russian Шарощит
Sphere shield
Spain Spanish (NOE) Megaburbuja Megabubble
South Korea Korean 그레이트 배리어
geureiteu baerieo
Great Barrier

Translation notes

  1. Pun on "koepelschild", a type of shell giant tortoises have.

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