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This page is about the special weapon from Splatoon 3. For the similarly-named special weapon from Splatoon, see Bubbler. For the similarly-named special weapon from Splatoon 2, see Bubble Blower.

The Big Bubbler[1] is a special weapon in Splatoon 3. It is a temporary spherical barrier that prevents enemy shots from passing through but does not affect the user or their team.


The Big Bubbler consists of three parts: the barrier generator, its launcher, and the barrier itself. The launcher is an Inkling (or Octoling) sized spinning top launcher which changes color to match the user's ink, faces upwards, and has a Squid Beakon-esque contraption of the same color at the top. It has a black ripcord, which is pulled off when the the generator is launched upwards. The generator itself has an hemispherical shape, changes color to match the user's ink, and has a white aerial screw on the top as its propeller. The barrier itself is a big translucent sphere that changes color to match the user's ink with similarly-colored lines going across it.

Splatoon 3

Big Bubbler

Big Bubbler

Category Special
Special points
Special depletion
Fire rate
Charge speed
Ink speed
Requirement Specifications
Base damage
Base duration 12 seconds
Ink consumption
Base range
Rate of fire
Muzzle velocity
Base accuracy
MPU effect
SPU effect
SPU effect
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When used, a barrier generator is spawned at the player’s feet, creating a large, immobile spherical barrier. This barrier protects allies inside it by blocking incoming enemy attacks, but it cannot block opponents from entering it, and does not block enemy attacks fired from the inside, even if they pass from inside to outside the barrier. The barrier also has limited health; blocking shots slowly damages the barrier, shrinking it and reducing its active time.

The barrier detonates most enemy sub weapons on contact, dealing full damage to allied players who aren’t on the inside.

Multiple special weapons ignore the Big Bubbler's barrier.

The Wave Breaker waves ignore the barrier and can damage and locate players within. The Reefslider ignores the barrier, though the explosion doesn't. The Zipcaster, Booyah Bomb, Triple Inkstrike, Killer Wail 5.1, and Ultra Stamp also ignore the barrier. However, the Ultra Stamp can only penetrate if that user uses it while holding . Otherwise, throwing it will not penetrate the barrier. The Ink Vac's Toxic Mist-like effect ignores the barrier as well, but the projectile and explosion do not. Placing a Big Bubbler on top of a Big Bubbler placed by an enemy will instantly destroy their Big Bubbler.

The barrier generator consists of two parts: one that spawns at the player’s feet, which also acts as a Beakon for players to Super Jump to, and another above which sits outside the barrier. If either part is attacked, the barrier takes heavy damage, shrinking and reducing its active time much more than attacking the barrier itself.

If the special is activated beneath a grate or other solid object, the top part of the generator gets stuck on the way up, and the barrier generated will be smaller as a result. This reduces the barrier’s maximum health as well, and can shrink further depending on how small the barrier is.

Underneath very low ceilings, the special gives a "Can’t Use!" prompt and cannot be used. This also occurs if the user is not on solid ground.

If a moving platform (such as the Tower or the spinning platforms in Museum d'Alfonsino) intersects with the bottom barrier device, the barrier is destroyed, ending the Special early. The top device simply phases through moving platforms, and does not destroy the barrier.

If placed on a moving platform, the entire barrier will move along with it. Notably, the barrier will degrade much more quickly than usual if placed on the Tower in Tower Control.


Deploy this device at your feet to shield yourself with a large, spherical barrier. This bubble will block outside ink attacks, but it can't prevent opponents themselves from entering. Damage to the top section or the inner device will cause the barrier to pop more quickly.
— In-game description


Weapons with Big Bubbler in Splatoon 3


Main article: Badge#Special Weapon Wins

Wining a certain number of battles with the Big Bubbler will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Big Bubbler Badges
S3 Badge Big Bubbler 30.png 30 wins with Big Bubbler
S3 Badge Big Bubbler 180.png 180 wins with Big Bubbler
S3 Badge Big Bubbler 1200.png 1,200 wins with Big Bubbler



For competitive tips about the Big Bubbler

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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese グレートバリア
Gurēto baria
Great Barrier
Netherlands Dutch Joekelschild Whopper shield[note 1]
Canada and France French Super bouclier Super shield
Germany German Kugelschild Pro Spherical Shield Pro
Italy Italian Gran bolla scudo Great bubble shield
Russia Russian Шарощит
Sphere shield
Spain Spanish Megaburbuja Megabubble
China Chinese (Simplified) 巨大防护罩
Jùdà fánghù zhào (Mandarin)
Giant Cover
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 巨大防護罩
Jùdà fánghù zhào (Mandarin)
Giant Cover
South Korea Korean 그레이트 배리어
Geureiteu baerieo
Great Barrier
Translate logo.svg Internal SpGreatBarrier[2] Sp for special. GreatBarrier has been localized.

Translation notes

  1. Pun on "koepelschild", a type of shell giant tortoises have.

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